How to Choose H7 Headlight Bulbs In 2022

Standard halogen or high-end LED – which is the right choice when looking for the best H7 headlight bulb? Experts say that it depends on your requirements!

No matter if you are going for LEDs or halogen bulbs to replace your OEM H7 option, you have to pick the right pair at the end.

I tried to do the research for you with my friends and found bulbs that excel in terms of brightness, longevity, and performance. See below to find the right pick from several halogens and LED reviews according to our experience using them:

List Of H7 Headlight Bulbs

1. OXILAM H7 LED Headlight Bulbs

OXILAM H7 LED Headlight Bulbs

No Addtional Adapter Required, Increase Night Visibility, Perfect Beam Pattern, Over 50,000 Hours Lifespan


  • High longevity; lasts long without having flickering issues, unlike many other LED bulbs.
  • No electrical issues or fault codes due to being Cabus-ready for more than 90% of the vehicles.
  • Cooler operation compared to other LEDs; aviation aluminum and excellent IC system keep the heat in control.
  • The fanless design eliminates the annoying fan buzzing noise you may find in most LEDs.
  • Plug and play; wireless and fanless design leads to a compact bulb that is easier to install.


  • Requires proper beam adjustment since it can be too downwards for some vehicles.

LEDs are harder to install than halogen bulbs. They are bulkier, they have a bigger base for fan and cooling and they have external wiring. However, this Oxilam pair does not have any of those issues! The bulbs are fanless, wireless, and provide plug-and-play easy installation.

The H7 bulbs from Oxilam have a color temperature of 6500K. Therefore, you can expect a pure cool white color that can make driving at night easier. When it comes to lumen output, this pair is necessarily not the brightest.

You can expect more illumination from these bulbs compared to regular halogen but there are other options that can provide more brightness. So, if you are looking for decent pair of LEDs without the brightness that can blind upcoming drivers, go for Oxilam.

Let’s talk about the installation of the Oxilam H7 lights. They are of the same size as regular OEM H7 bulbs. The pair achieves this compactness due to having no external wiring and no requirement for a turbofan.

Therefore, the installation was a breeze for me. Moreover, the bulbs are Canbus-ready. As a result, I did not have to get an external driver to make them work with a newer vehicle model.

What are the cooling methods of the bulbs when they do not feature turbofans? Well, the lights have a quality heat sink with aluminum aviation paired with a smart IC that controls the temperature. Therefore, I expect longer durability.

No matter if you are switching to LEDs for the first time or upgrading to better ones, the Oxilam pair is a great pick in terms of ease of installation, durability, and excellent color.

In terms of beam pattern, the super-thin chips of the bulbs can provide a wider beam. For some vehicles, you can easily adjust the beam if the beam is too downwards.

2. Hikari 2022 HyperStar H7 20000LM Wireless LED Bulbs

Hikari 2022 HyperStar H7 20000LM Wireless LED Bulbs

Super-Focused Light output —— HIKARI Ultra Prime ZES LED (18,000LM)


  • Very minimal glare and dark spots; evenly dispersed beam for proper vision.
  • Brilliant and bright night performance due to the quality Acme-X chips along with 6000K white color temperature.
  • Features a powerful 15,000 RPM turbofan that keeps the bulb unit cool.
  • Canbus-ready; does not cause issues with the internal components of your vehicle.
  • IP68 waterproof rating; provides protection against moisture and dirt build-up and increases longevity.


  • The dust cover may not fit in some vehicles due to its slightly larger size.
  • Installation is a little bit harder than LEDs like Oxilam.

At first glance, these LEDs from Hikari look a little bulky. Therefore, I expected the installation to be a bit harder. Other than that, Hikari LEDs are on the top of the quality chart. This specific 32W pair is expensive and full of excellence.

You can expect the best beam pattern of any LEDs from these. They illuminate the area evenly without causing any glare and dark spots. With proper installation and beam adjustment, I received excellent LED performance from the pair.

Even though these are 32W bulbs, they can provide high brightness that can compete with the likes of Sylvania or Philips.

Hikari bulbs are known to be very durable. This pair in particular is one of their best due to having a powerful turbofan that spins in 15,000 rotations per minute, larger heat sinks, and IP68 waterproof feature. Moreover, Hikari offers free or cheap upgrades if you had your bulbs for a year.

If you can spend a good amount on a pair of high-quality LEDs, the Hyperstar H7 pair from Hikari is excellent. The installation process is a little bit harder than most halogen bulbs. However, if you can put up with the slight complications of the installation, Hikari is more than worth it!

3. LASFIT H7 LED Bulbs 6000K

LASFIT H7 LED Bulbs 6000K

For some Mercedes-Benz/Hyundai vehicles, the factory halogen H7 come with a retainer/adapter which will require a extra adapter to install LED bulbs


  • Exceptional beam pattern due to 1.0 mm thin cheap that can illuminate further and wider than regular LEDs.
  • Provides bright light without glare. The pure white light output makes driving at night easier and safer.
  • The thermal heatsink with copper core and aluminum aviation and the turbofan provide impeccable cooling.


  • Installation is a little harder due to the larger size. The turbofan makes it hard to install the dust cap onto the LED.
  • Requires an H7 resistor since the bulbs are not Canbus-ready.

If the Hikari pair was too expensive and the Oxilam bulbs weren’t bright enough for your requirements, Lasfit can be what you are looking for. Without any sugarcoating, we should mention that these bulbs were the hardest to install on our list.

They have a larger design compared to OEM halogen. Moreover, unlike Oxilam and Hikari bulbs, these are not Canbus-ready. Therefore, I needed an H7 resistor for the bulbs to work properly.

Now that we set aside the installation factor, these bulbs are massive improvements on any OEM halogen. I got high brightness of LEDs without any glare to oncoming traffic. As a result, nighttime driving performance became a lot better as your surrounding seems clearer. Moreover, the bulbs provide a 6000K cool white color that is a massive change from yellow halogens.

The cooling system of this pair is better than many high-end LEDs out there. First, let’s talk about the obvious question. Does the cooling turbofan make noise? It does! However, I could barely hear it when the engine was running at a higher decibel.

The cooling fan, copper-cored aluminum aviation heat sink, and excellent design of the bulbs make them control heat better and allow the LEDs to last longer.

To give an overall conclusion, if you are looking for long-lasting LEDs at somewhat of a decent price range and also can deal with the complicated installation, we can safely recommend Lasfit.

4. AUXITO H7 LED Bulbs 6500K White

AUXITO H7 LED Bulbs 6500K White

If occur error or flicker, please get in touch with company for a decoder to solve it


  • Can provide double the brightness of OEM Sylvania bulbs.
  • Very compact in size, which makes it easier to install them. True plug-and-play.
  • The beam cutoff is brighter than halogen bulbs. Illuminates wider.
  • Does not have flickering issues for most vehicles and the brand provides a free Canbus decoder if your car does not work well with LEDs.


  • Lacks brightness compared to Lasfit or Hikari because of no turbofan cooling.
  • Does not reach a very long distance that other extremely bright headlights can.

Similar to the Auxito bulbs mentioned before, I recommend this pair if your headlight assembly does not have enough space for LEDs with a cooling fan and heat sinks. They are the same size as regular halogen bulbs but with double the brightness, better beam cutoff, and whiter light.

If you’re looking for super-bright LEDs, we would recommend options like Hikari or Lasfit. However, the Auxito H7 pair can be a better choice if you want bulbs that require less power. The brightness is lower than powerful LEDs but still better than OEM halogen bulbs. The best use of the pair can be as fog bulbs.

Since the LEDs are low-powered ones, they do not require a heavy cooling system as most LEDs . That is why Auxito H7 bulbs can remain the same size as OEM options. Nevertheless, aviation aluminum cools down the lights.

Moreover, the IP67 waterproof rating keeps the bulb safe from bad weather conditions and water inside the headlight. As a result, you can expect these bulbs to last for years.

Go for the Auxito pair when you want medium-brightness for regular or fog bulbs. The light emitted from the pair is white with a color temperature of 6000. Moreover, I did not need any adapter for the installation.

5. SYLVANIA H7XV.BP2 XtraVision Halogen Headlight Bulb

SYLVANIA H7XV.BP2 XtraVision Halogen Headlight Bulb

Check SYLVANIA’s Automotive Bulb Replacement Guide to confirm compatibility with your vehicle.


  • Simple and easy installation; true plug-and-play.
  • Provides significantly brighter illumination compared to OEM bulbs.
  • The light goes further and offers more downward vision.
  • No glaring; easier to adjust than a regular LED bulb.


  • Lacks longevity; does not last as long as other Sylvania bulbs.
  • The light coming out is not white; they look the same as regular halogen.

Some people prefer halogen to LEDs when replacing their OEM bulbs. You don’t really need LEDs if you are mostly driving during the day and are okay with yellowish light output. Moreover, LEDs can be very hard to install in most vehicles due to their larger size.

The XtraVision bulbs from Sylvania is one of their cheaper pairs. They perform significantly better than regular OEM halogen bulbs. However, the only setback with the pair is its longevity.

This pair usually doesn’t last as long as other Sylvania or Philips bulbs that are available at a more expensive rate. However, the pair can be better than some LEDs in terms of the beam pattern. Unlike LEDs that require proper adjustment to give somewhat of a decent road vision, you can easily get more downward visibility with this pair.

I was able to expect a significantly more light output compared to regular stock bulbs from the Sylvania pair. If you are trying to go for halogen bulbs, Sylvania is always a good pick. However, we do have to mention the fact that other Sylvania bulbs performed a lot better in our tests.  

6. Philips X-treme Vision +130% Headlight Bulbs

Philips X-treme Vision Headlight Bulbs

Original Philips Item, imported from Europe. X-treme vision series do not have the COA authenticity code


  • Illuminates the road with slightly whiter light compared to halogen.
  • Just plug and twist; very easy installation took us less than five minutes.
  • One of the most budget-friendly H7 pairs available in the market.
  • Does not produce glare, unlike HID or LED bulbs.
  • The light distributes evenly without the existence of hot spots.


  • Not as white as LED bulbs.
  • Brighter than regular halogen bulbs but not too bright to significantly improve the performance.

Compared to the Sylvania XtraVision bulbs, this pair from Philips have better longevity while providing similar light output. Moreover, the X-treme Vision bulbs provide a slightly whiter beam compared to regular halogen.

Even though it isn’t as white as 5000K to 6000K color temperature LEDs, its slight whiteness increases the night driving performance. As a result, if you want halogen bulbs to replace your old H7 light, we can highly recommend X-treme Vision from Philips.

The beam pattern of the bulbs is considerably better than regular halogen bulbs. They light up 140 feet longer than OEM stock options. Moreover, the sides of the road are illuminated better. As a result, you get a better reaction time while driving.

When it comes to brightness, the pair is brighter than regular halogen. However, if you are seeking very high lumen output, we recommend LEDs like Lasfit or Hikari.

X-treme Vision bulbs are recommended if you are searching for quality halogen bulbs at an affordable price. Philips halogens can compete with the likes of Sylvania in terms of quality. Moreover, you can trust Philips’ longevity more than other brands!

On top of everything, you can enjoy the increase in brightness and whiteness over regular stock bulbs from the pair.

7. HELLA H7 Standard Halogen Bulb

HELLA H7 Standard Halogen Bulb

Best lighting performance and an increased visibility and comfort on the road compared to basic bulbs


  • Cheap yet quality alternative to more expensive brands like Sylvania.
  • Provides an excellent beam pattern and the light isn’t as yellow as regular halogen.
  • More than 115% brighter than regular halogen bulbs.
  • Easy to install; true plug-and-play.


  • Causes Canbus issues with vehicles like Mercedes Sprinter.
  • Not as bright as options like Philips or Sylvania.

Halogen bulbs from well-known and popular brands like Philips or Sylvania are good but they often exceed the budget of many people who need a quick replacement. If you don’t want to spend too much money replacing your bulbs with halogen ones, you can pick the Hella standard bulb after considering specific factors.

It is the cheapest option out there with quality that can compete with well-known brands. However, is it going to be good for your vehicles? Let’s consider some factors!

Will you get the brightness of high-end halogen brands from the Hella bulb? The answer is no. However, the brightness is still better than most halogen bulbs that come installed in your vehicle.

On top of that, it has an excellent beam pattern like quality OEM halogens. The color isn’t as warm as OEM stock options and night driving seems to be easier with the bulb.

The price to durability ratio is admirable for Hella. The bulb, even though available at an insanely low price, lasts you longer than some bulbs from Sylvania even! In other words, you will not be disappointed with the longevity. Starting from the installation to the use of the bulb, it seems to be underpriced.

If you are looking for high brightness, LEDs or halogens like Philips or Sylvania are better choices. However, if you can be content with similar brightness as regular OEM halogens, we can recommend this option from Hella.

8. Fahren H7 LED Headlight Bulbs

Fahren H7 LED Headlight Bulbs

Super Bright, Perfect Beam Pattern, Plug and Play, CanBUS Ready, Adjustable Beam


  • Easy to install as high beams for most modern vehicles.
  • Broad light pattern; lights up wider and longer area providing better vision.
  • Better performance in rain; the light does not scatter like other LEDs and does not cause glare to oncoming traffic.
  • The turbofan that keeps the bulb cool does not make noise.


  • May require a retainer clip to install into some vehicles.
  • Some models of Ford, Dodge, Lexus, Ram, etc., may require an extra Canbus decoder for the bulbs to work properly.

Fahren, according to our expert, manufactures some of the better LEDs available in the market at a decent price range. This 60W pair from them is a great pick if you want LED bulbs to replace your OEM stock lights.

Firstly, let’s talk about the issues you may face or some users have reported before we point out the reasons to get Fahren.

This pair won’t be as easy to install as the Oxilam bulbs due to turbofan, the external wire, and heat sinks. They are a little bigger than OEM halogens. Moreover, a few models of vehicles may require a Canbus decoder for the bulbs. Now, let’s mention the reason why you will like this pair.

These are 60W bulbs, which means you will be getting more brightness than regular LEDs. Moreover, the beam pattern is excellent with minimal adjustment as the bulbs illuminate wider and longer areas. The white 6500K color temperature is a great improvement over halogen as you will finally be able to see objects clearer at night.

Last but not the least, the excellent heat sink and silent turbofan pairing with IP68 waterproof feature make the pair long-lasting.

They can last four or five times longer than Sylvania or Philips bulbs due to such protective measures. If you are looking for LEDs and can deal with slightly complicated installation, you can get the Fahren’s 60W pair.

9. Hikari VisionPlus H7 LED Bulbs

Hikari VisionPlus H7 LED Bulbs

15000LM, 30W TOP XHP50.2 LED Equivalent to 100W Ordinary LED, High Lumens LED Conversion Kit


  • Flawless installation; the dust cover fits and the installation is plug-and-play for most vehicles.
  • Built-in Canbus; you don’t have to worry about getting error signals or flickering when installing in modern vehicles.
  • Outputs a focused beam that spreads evenly; no dark spots or hot spots.
  • Provides high brightness even in reflector housings.
  • Easily adjustable; you can project the beam more downwards to make sure the brightness does not blind others.


  • Connecting the plug seems to be hard in some vehicles.

As we have said before, if you can spend a little extra on LED bulbs, you should get Hikari. This 30W pair is a great replacement for any bulb no matter if you had halogen or LED installed previously. For most vehicles, installing the pair is easy unlike the HyperStar H7 options from Hikari.

Having built-in Canbus, you will not be getting error messages or flickering issues from the bulbs. In some vehicles, the installation can be a bit harder but it is worth the trouble.

The performance of the bulbs is significantly better than most halogen and even most LEDs. You get a bright and white beam from the pair that spreads evenly while also being focused. As a result, you can experience the premium features of the bulb.

HyperStar bulbs have excellent heat links that are slightly larger than other LEDs. As a result, they work better to disperse heat. A turbofan works tirelessly to cool down the bulb while not being too loud. You will not hear it at all when the engine is running.

Overall, Hikari is always a great pick as LEDs. If you can spend a little bit more, purchasing this pair will be a good investment. They last long due to proper cooling, excellent construction, and IP68 waterproof rating.

10. Voltage Automotive H7 Halogen Headlight Bulb

Voltage Automotive H7 Halogen Headlight Bulb

Standard OE replacement bulb, original manufacturer equivalent easy to install, efficient and great value 


  • One of the cheapest pairs available at decent quality.
  • It’s not very yellow. The light is gentle on the eyes and improves nighttime driving.
  • Installation is simple and painless.


  • When compared to manufacturers like Sylvania or Philipps, it lacks brightness.

The Voltage Automotive H7 pair is so cheap that you’d think they’d last no more than a month. Two pairs of these bulbs might be less expensive than a single Sylvania or Philips bulb. The bulbs can endure a few months’ worths of bright Sylvania lights under some settings!

The brand is so confident in the long-term performance of these bulbs that it provides a one-year warranty! When it comes to headlight bulbs, warranties are not uncommon. However, when the bulbs are so cheap, you don’t expect much more from the business.

The excellent filament manufactured of SCHOTT glass, melt-proof base, and scratch-proof cap are our best guesses for the bulbs’ long life.

Users remarked that they were brighter than their OEM options in terms of brightness. That is also confirmed by our experiments! These, on the other hand, do not produce the same amount of lumens as Sylvania or Philips. Nonetheless, when comparing pricing, we’d put these lights ahead of any Sylvania lights.

We recommend Voltage Automotive if you are satisfied with the brightness of your OEM bulbs and want a low-cost pair that will last a long time. The light is yellow in hue, but not as much as standard bulbs. If you want a high level of brightness, we recommend Sylvania or Philips lights or LED choices.

Buying Guide

The best way to find the right H7 headlight bulb for your car is to compare high-quality and well-reviewed brands with each other. We did the job for you in our reviews. However, it’ll be excellent if you can consider the following factors yourself before you make your purchase:

H7 Halogen or LED?

Halogen, LED, and HID – these three types of bulbs are available with H7 compatibility. We do not recommend HID because of legality issues with it. Then which one you should pick between LED and halogen?


If you are looking for easier installation and cheaper prices, halogen is the right choice. They have a smaller size, which makes installation easier. You can expect a plug-and-play installation with almost every halogen bulb in the market.

However, there are a few common issues with most halogen bulbs no matter how good the brand is. Firstly, you can’t expect a halogen bulb to last you very long.

Halogens also emit a yellowish light that can cause stress to your eyes. The heat from halogen bulbs can cause damage to the inside of the headlight assembly.


LEDs are newer and better. They provide a whiter beam that is around 5000K to 6500K color temperature. Moreover, proper cooling with LED features makes them last way longer than any halogen bulb. The brightness of LEDs is also greater.

On the downsides of most LEDs, they usually have a bigger body that makes it harder to install them. Moreover, if the LED is not Canbus-ready, it may cause issues when you install them in newer vehicles.


You are usually going to wonder about the ease of installation when purchasing LED bulbs. If you want true plug-and-play installation, look for the following characteristics:

  • See if the bulb is of a similar size as OEM halogen.
  • Make sure the bulb is Canbus-ready.
  • Go for wireless options.

However, we would also suggest putting up with complicated installations for some LEDs since many of them can provide excellent service.

Night Driving Performance

Do you mostly drive during the day or night?

People who drive mostly at night should go for bulbs that are brighter and illuminate a whiter light. Thus, going for LEDs is the best option for night roaming. LED is still great during the day and evening but if you have a low budget, go for halogen bulbs.

Final Note

We would suggest most people go for LEDs as they can last longer, provide brighter and whiter light, and are currently available at more affordable rates. However, halogen can also be a great H7 option if you pick the right one.

Overall, we mostly like Fahren and Oxilam LEDs since they have easier installation and great performance of LEDs. Read through our buying guide if you are still unsure about what to get.

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