How to Choose H3 LED Bulbs In 2022

H3 fog bulbs are not only for winter foggy days. They can significantly improve your night driving. And if you are tired of replacing your halogen fog bulbs, it’s time to switch to LED.

H3 bulbs have a single filament and a PK22S base. However, H3 LEDs have a different design but they provide the right fitting if you had a halogen previously installed.

No matter, if you are first time switching to an H3, LED bulb or want to upgrade, purchasing the best H3 LED bulb requires research. Our experts did the digging for you and found the following top picks that users love!

Best H3 LED Headlight Bulb

1. KaTur H3 Led Headlight Bulbs

KaTur H3 Led Headlight Bulbs

Mini Design, Upgraded CREE Chips, Extremely Bright, 12000 Lumens, Waterproof, All-in-One LED Headlight Conversion Kit


  • Installing the bulbs then adjusting the light beams is easy due to proper adapter placement and easy rotation.
  • The turbofan of the bulb is low profile yet powerful. It provides efficient cooling without too much noise.
  • IP65 waterproof feature makes the bulb safe against rain.


  • On some vehicles, the dust cover did not properly fit. Therefore, you may have to adjust it in rare cases.

The KaTur H3 pair is overall a great option if you are planning to use it as a regular bub, fog light or DRL light. Each bulb can produce 6000 lumens of output, so you can get 12,000LM in total. The pair is significantly brighter than your regular LEDs and three times better than stock bulbs.

Installing the bulbs was an easy process since the adapter could be effortlessly placed. Moreover, unlike a lot of LEDs you find, adjusting the beam properly didn’t take too much effort. The color temperature of the pair is 65000K and we were able to confirm the xenon white color coming from the assemble.

Aluminum aviation and turbofan – these two are the primary cooling methods of the bulbs. The turbofan is small and silent. While fanless LEDs can have no noise but they may lack durability. That is why we prefer the KaTur pair as the turbofan is silent enough to not cause any disturbance during driving.

The bulbs have an IP65 waterproof rating, which makes them safe against low-pressure water damage. Therefore, we recommend them for areas with high humidity where you expect moisture buildup inside your headlight assembly.

You should go for the KaTur LED pair if you are specifically looking for 55W bulbs at an affordable price range. It is designed to fit most vehicles being Canbus ready and having a low-profile design.

2. Auxbeam H3 Led Light Bulbs

Auxbeam H3 Led Light Bulbs

Sealed beam type for any truck or car, 100% Plug N play Design, made with Osram LED Chips and Upgrade polycarbonate lenses.


  • The EMC compatibility of the bulbs makes sure that they do not cause interference with the radio. Moreover, it does not cause issues for the electrical components of your vehicle.
  • The lamp body is made of 6063 aluminum which provides a great aviation quality along with the 12000 RPM turbofan cooling.
  • The driver is built-in. Therefore, it is easier to install without having to set up an external driver.


  • The plastic bulb shields on the 2004 Infiniti QX56 block the bulbs. Therefore, these are not suitable for that model.

If you are tired of getting bulbs that interfere with the radio of your car and other components, this H3 pair from Auxbeam can be the lights you are looking for. Some vehicles have sensitive internal components that often are obstructed by new bulbs. Auxbeam’s EMC technology isolates the car’s electromagnetic waves.

Alongside that unique feature of the bulbs, they are also one of the best according to our tests. Even though they cost a little more than most fog lights you find, the price is justified due to the quality.

The Canbus-ready bulbs feature a 6063 aluminum body for proper temperature control. The super-compact design of the light is achieved by an internal driver instead of an external one.

The installation process of the bulbs is easier than most other options. Such easy installation is the result of the drivers installed internally. The beam can be adjusted 360 degrees. The driver quality is good enough for the bulbs to light up instantly without much delay.

Overall, we recommend the pair if other bulbs that you purchased have caused interference with your vehicle’s electrical components. They are also great for regular features such as high brightness and true white color with 6500K color temperature.

3. Max5 H3 LED Headlight Bulbs

Max5 H3 LED Headlight Bulbs

Equipped with decoder and EMC can work with most cars


  • Features decoder Canbus and EMC that make the pair suitable for most cars without interference. No issues listening to the radio.
  • The installation is plug-and-play.
  • IP67 waterproof rating for resistance against moisture. It increases the lifespan of the bulb.


  • Faint yellow lights on the edges; not pure white.
  • The cutoff is not very defined and the beam is narrow and short.

Max5’s 55W H3 bulbs are brighter than regular stock halogen bulbs. However, when you compare them to options like KaTur, the brightness isn’t as high. The bulbs also do not have a true white color as the edges have faint yellow lights.

However, like fog lights, these qualities are actually not bad! You need yellowish light to cut through fogs easier and a lot of brightness isn’t necessary for such bulbs. However, if you need fog lights specifically for brightness purposes, we recommend going for other options.

You do not need an external decoder for the bulbs, as it is already Canbus-ready and features EMC technology. The installation is plug-and-play for most vehicles and the pair does not cause interference with the radio. No dark spots were seen when we turned on the lights and the beam was evenly spread.

For durability, you have to look at the cooling and waterproof features of the bulbs. For the Max5 pair, it has both aviation aluminum as well as a 12,000 RPM turbofan. Both work together to control the temperature of the bulbs and increase their lifetime. On top of that, the IP67 waterproof rating makes the pair waterproof against the moisture buildup inside of your headlight assembly.

The external driver prevents the bulbs from flickering. Overall, if you are looking for fog lights for the purpose of driving in foggy or snowy areas, you should get something like the Max5 pair or some yellow halogen options from Sylvania.

4. AUXLIGHT H3 LED Fog Light DRL Bulbs


3000 Lumens Extremely Bright Bulbs Replacement for Cars, Trucks, 6000K Xenon White


  • True plug-and-play feature.
  • Illuminates the sides of the road better. You can easily see road signs at night.
  • Lights up more area. 50+ feet in front and 30+ on each side.


  • The plastic bulb shields on the 2004 Infiniti QX56 block the bulbs. Therefore, these are not suitable for that model.
  • Not Canbus-ready and may require a decoder or resistor if your vehicle has a Canbus system.

If you are looking for simple, bright, and working fog bulbs at cheap rates, Auxlight H3 is a great pair. The H3 bulbs come in three different colors ranging from xenon white, ice blue, and golden yellow. We recommend golden yellow ones if you are looking for better performance during foggy nights.

However, if you are installing them only for increasing the brightness of your headlight units, go for the xenon white ones as they pair well with other white LED bulbs.

You can see design differences between the Auxlight pair and options like KaTur, AuxBeam, or Max5. The reason is most fog lights feature a low-profile build like the Auxlight bulbs. They lack a larger base as the bulbs do not have a cooling turbofan. However, aluminum construction can manage heat to a degree.

The low-profile construction makes it easier to install these bulbs. They have a universal H3 socket and the same small size as H3 OEM halogen bulbs. Even though they are small, they do not have issues illuminating the road properly.

They light up more than 50 feet in front of the car and 30 feet on each side of the road. Therefore, you can see road signs and upcoming vehicles better.

If you are looking for cheap LEDs and your vehicle does not have a Canbus system, these bulbs are the best choice available. They are great for trying out LEDs for the first time. However, they lack features compared to the pricier options we mentioned before.

5. BRISHINE H3 LED Fog Light Bulbs

BRISHINE H3 LED Fog Light Bulbs

6000K Xenon White, Extremely Bright 3030 Chips H3 LED Bulbs with Projector for Car Fog Lights With DRL


  • Provides true white color of 6000K temperature. Great to pair with your regular white halogen bulbs.
  • Very easy to install. Took us only 5 minutes to get them both in the headlight assembly.
  • One of the most affordable H3 LED options available.


  • Lacks brightness when compared to 55W options like KaTur.
  • The aluminum material works for heat control but the bulbs do not have a turbofan.

Similar to the Auxlight pair, Brishine H3 bulbs come in three different colors. Therefore, you can pick xenon white ones if you are in need of more brightness at night. If countering foggy roads is your primary goal, we recommend the gold yellow options.

The white bulbs have a 6000K color temperature. As a result, they are great if you already have LED bulbs installed and want fog lights of the same color.

The bulbs do not feature a turbofan. However, the aluminum body cools down more than 30% of the heat of the bulbs. As a result, even though you cannot expect these bulbs to last as long as options like KaTur H3, they can still last a while. Besides using them as fog lights, you can implement the bulbs as DRL lights as well.

One unexpected feature of the bulbs is the IP67 waterproof rating. You wouldn’t expect it from such an affordable pair of bulbs. This feature makes the bulbs last even longer under moisture and dirt.

Compared to options like KaTur, Auxbeam, or Max5, these bulbs are not as bright. Low brightness is due to the low wattage of the pair. However, they are twice as bright as halogen fog options.

If you are looking for a pair of fog or DRL H3 bulbs that are cheap and consume low energy, we recommend going for these.

6. Max5 H3 Led Headlight Bulbs 10000LM

Max5 H3 Led Headlight Bulbs 10000LM

6500K Xenon White Color Plug & Play Led Conversion Kit 360 Degree Adjustable Beam Extremely Bright Led Headlight


  • The aluminum divider between LED circuit boards is much thinner. Therefore, they can easily be set into position just like a halogen bulb.
  • Features aviation aluminum cooling and a fast turbofan. Proper cooling of the bulbs increases their lifetime.
  • Does not require an external driver to work properly.


  • The square cutout is too small, which can make the installation process a little harder than true plug-and-play.
  • Not a suitable option for Lexus GX470 and 2010 Infiniti QX56.

Another Max5 H3 pair and these are one of the best pairs available when it comes to 55W H3 bulbs. Let’s talk about the installation first! For most vehicles, these bulbs are true plug-and-play, which means you can easily install them without any modification in 5-10 minutes.

However, for some cars, the square cutout was too small or the base for the fan was too large. Therefore, it may need modification. If you do not want to get into the hassle of adjusting the bulbs while installing, we recommend going for smaller H3 bulbs like Brishine and Auxlight.

The advertisement for the bulbs states that they are 5 times brighter than regular halogen. We don’t agree. It is 200% brighter but not as much as 5 times! Adjusting the beam is pretty easy. The adjustable locker ring adaptability makes the bulb offer a quality beam pattern.

Max5 pair has a better cooling system than Auxlight and Brishine lights as it features aluminum aviation as well as turbofan cooling. That is why there is a significant base size difference between Max5 and the other two brands.

Overall, we recommend these bulbs if you need more brightness out of your H3 bulbs and require true white xenon lights. However, we do have to mention that there are better 55W options on our list like KaTur that you may want to have a look at.

7. AUXITO H3 LED Fog Light Bulb

AUXITO H3 LED Fog Light Bulb

Amber Yellow CSP Chips, 30W 6000Lumen Extremely Bright, Canbus Error Free, Long Lifespan, Easy to Install


  • The bulbs do not flicker and the brightness spreads evenly.
  • The yellow bulbs are great for providing vision during foggy, rainy, or snowy weather.
  • Bright enough to work as low beam lights.


  • One user reported the presence of dark spots. However, we didn’t experience such issues.
  • Does not fit the 1995 Lexus ES300 Fog Lights very well.

These are the best 30W H3 fog bulbs you can find. We recommend the Auxito H3 pair if you are looking for an energy-efficient option that can work well against foggy weather. The yellow lights are better for actual weather applications.

However, if you are purchasing lights just to increase the brightness, we recommend 55W options or the white pair from Auxito 30W bulbs.

The brightness of these bulbs is significantly higher than stock H3 halogen bulbs but they are not as bright as high beam stock bulbs. The beam pattern is excellent due to 360 degrees of illumination as well as the thin copper board.

A user stated that they could see obvious dark spots. However, we did not have such an issue. We suggest that you take your time with installation for the proper set-up of the lights.

Due to having low energy consumption (30W) and being an LED bulb, these do not require an active fan for cooling. But they do have aluminum aviation so that temperature remains under control. High efficiency and proper cooling of the bulbs give them long durability.

If you are willing to spend more than the price of Brishine or Auxlight bulbs, we recommend Auxito as it is an updated version of those bulbs. Moreover, the installation process is easier due to no Canbus error. The copper plugs included are thicker and ensure better longevity.

8. SNGL H3 LED Fog Light Bulb

SNGL H3 LED Fog Light Bulb

6000k Xenon White Extremely Bright High Power H3 LED Bulbs for DRL or Fog Light Lamp


  • Provides white light with a blue hue. They match xenon or LED bulbs of white color.
  • Does not cause interference with radio signals or the components of the vehicle.
  • Produces a downward beam that focuses more on the road. Does not blind upcoming drivers.


  • A resistor or decoder is needed while installation for cars with built-in Canbus.

The SNGL H3 pair features one of the most low-profile designs. If your car has an older headlight housing that only halogen bulbs can fit but you need LEDs, then the SNGL bulbs can be the solution. The size is similar to small fog halogen bulbs. Therefore, people who are trying out LEDs for the first time can pick this option.

SNGL pair provides a xenon white light with a color temperature of 6000K. The white light has some blue hue to it. Such color makes the pair suitable to be installed alongside other LEDs or xenon lights that are white.

The bulbs do not have a turbofan unlike brands such as KaTur. However, the thermal diffusion and heat resistant design ensures proper cooling. As a result, you can expect a longer life from the bulbs.

We love the beam pattern the bulb provides. When adjusted properly during installation, you get a downward focused beam that illuminates the road properly.

The set is bright enough to replace low beam lights. Speaking of installation, getting the bulbs set up in your headlight assembly is a breeze due to their compact design.

Go for the SNGL pair if you want small LED bulbs that do not make noise because of a turbofan. The bulbs do not cause any radio interference due to the quality IC driver. Overall, the bulb is better than Auxlight or Brishine options but it comes at a price!

9. GLF H3 LED Headlight Bulb

GLF H3 LED Headlight Bulb

High Beam, Low Beam, Halogen Replace Kit, 12000lm 6K, 360° LED CREE Chips


  • Being 8-sided, you do not need to clock them or adjust them in any way. They are ready right after installation.
  • 90W power consumption produces high brightness. These are excellent if you are driving in a road where wildlife roams around.
  • The installation process takes only around 10 minutes. True plug-and-play.


  • Flickering issues can occur in some vehicle models. You will be needing a resistor to fix that issue.
  • The heat dissipation design is not as good as other LEDs.

If you were looking for high brightness from your fog lights, 55W may not cut it. These 90W bulbs from GLF deliver 12000 lumens and can be brighter than some HID bulbs, even!

Such brightness lets you see up to 400 feet ahead. As a result, if you are living in an area where you have to be wary of deer running around, get these bulbs!

8 sides of the bulb contain LED chips. Therefore, the bulb can truly provide 360 degrees of illumination without any blind or dark spots. In addition, since the bulbs consume more power than your regular fog lights, they provide brighter output.

However, such brightness comes at costs. The price of the pair is significantly higher than regular H3 LEDs. Moreover, you need to install them in proper housing so that they do not blind upcoming drivers.

The GLF bulbs are brighter than the 55W bulbs we mentioned before such as KaTur, Auxbeam, etc. Along with the brightness, there are more reasons to go for the GLF. For example, the IP68 waterproof rating of the bulbs means they are waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof. The design of the bulb is very robust, unlike most LEDs you find for H3 sockets.

GLF H3 90W LEDs are a great option if you are willing to spend more for high brightness. Usually, H3 bulbs are made as fog lights and that’s why they lack lumens. However, if your primary headlight is not giving you proper illumination during nights, these can help.

10. Antline Super Bright H3 H3LL LED Bulb

Antline Super Bright H3 H3LL LED Bulb

6000K White Newest Version 3570 CSP-Chips LED Fog Lights DRL Replacement


  • Shows the road and sides better due to an evenly spread light beam and quality beam pattern.
  • 6000K true white color. Matches well with white HID, halogen, or LED bulbs. You can also get other colors.
  • Plug-and-play installation for most vehicles.


  • Lacks brightness. Therefore, the bulbs are only suitable as fog lights.

The H3 bulbs from Antline are available in three different colors – xenon white, ice blue, and golden yellow. While many other H3 LEDs can be used as low beams due to high brightness, these are only recommended as fog or DRL lights.

As stated in the cons, they lack brightness. However, they are a budget pick for someone who is looking for fog lights but does not need extra brightness.

Antline H3’s have quality heat dissipation due to the 6063 aluminum body. However, they do not have a turbofan. It is not an issue at all knowing that they do not consume much power. Moreover, not having a turbofan makes the bulbs silent and compact. It then results in easier installation.

The beam pattern of the bulbs is admirable. Instead of putting the light at a higher angle and blinding other drivers, the illumination stays on the road and the sides of your vehicles. As a result, it can give a proper performance during foggy and rainy weather. You can also see the signs of the roads well.

So, when should you get these bulbs? Antline’s H3 LEDs are recommended if you are okay with fog bulbs that are not so bright. They also come at a very affordable cost. Antline bulbs are brighter than halogen fog lights but not as bright as regular halogen headlight bulbs.

Buying Guide

When you are purchasing H3 LEDs, the primary question is – are you buying them as fog lights or night driving? Or, both? Based on your requirement, the factors you need to focus on may change.

The following are the essential aspects you should look out for when purchasing an H3 bulb:

Color Temperature

The color temperature of around 6000K is great for an LED bulb. And if you are purchasing H3 bulbs for getting more brightness during night driving, we recommend 6000K and 6500K color temperature bulbs.

On the other hand, if you want to use the H3 bulbs for foggy and rainy nights, we recommend getting something with around 3000K color temperature. Yellow light is functionally better than white for fog. 


There are a few different wattage options when it comes to H3 LEDs. The lowest one is 35W. There are more powerful 55W and 80W bulbs. The following table can explain which wattage you should pick based on your requirements:


Best For



High efficiency



Moderate brightness



Moderate to high brightness


Water-Resistant Features

Waterproof ratings like IP67, IP65, or IP68 may just sound insignificant but they hold importance. Rainwater and moisture can get inside your headlight assembly. If the bulb is not protected properly, it is going to face damage and will not last too long.

Moreover, IP rating also determines if the bulbs are dust and dirt-proof or not. Therefore, IP waterproof rating is essential.


One of the well-known facts about LEDs is how long-lasting they are. As a result, since you are switching or choosing LED bulbs, you ought to look for one that can serve you for a long time.

Now, how can you determine a bulb is long-lasting without even using it? Here are a few suggestions our experts gave:

  • Look at the cooling system of the LED bulb. If it has proper heat dissipation methods and turbofan cooling, it will last longer.
  • Try to find out what other genuine customers have said about the bulb’s longevity.
  • Go for well-known and trusted brands like Auxlight, Alla Lighting, Sealight, etc.

Final Note

Before getting the right H3 LED bulb, figure out what kind you need. Read through our buying guide to understand what will be the best option for you.

Throughout our review, we also talked about the price range of the bulbs to help you pick the pair you would be happy with!

Overall, KaTur 55W bulb seems to be a great pick no matter if you are looking for more brightness or effectiveness in foggy weather. There are also brighter options available on this list!

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