How to Choose H11B Headlight Bulbs?

Drivers still prefer halogen as H11B bulbs over LEDs. Halogens are cheaper and easier to install but LEDs last longer and provide more brightness.

Which type of bulb you should go for? More important, what specific bulb is considered the best H11B headlight bulb?

Our experts answer the question here from month-long research on over 29 brands! Moreover, the buying guide can help you make the right purchase.

List of H11B Headlight Bulbs

1. Philips 12363B1 H11B Standard Halogen Replacement Headlight Bulb

Philips 12363B1 H11B Standard Halogen Replacement Headlight Bulb

Always replace in pairs to ensure a symmetric light beam from both bulbs on the road. Headlights dim over time.


  • Quality halogen option that provides decent brightness.
  • No flickering issues that you usually get when you use LED bulbs.
  • Whiter and brighter than OEM halogen options by a considerable amount!
  • Having the same design as stock options, they provide true plug-and-play installation.
  • Does not discolor the housing or the lens with high temperature.


  • Cannot work in housings without reflectors.
  • Not as long-lasting as LED bulbs but more durable than other halogen options.

Philips halogens have always been a favorite amongst car owners. They are cheap but full of quality! This H11B bulb upholds the reputation of the brand by being one of the most popular options. The admiration of this specific item is justified when considering the price to quality ratio.

Unlike many LED bulbs that often have a bulkier design, the 12363B1’s size is the same as the OEM bulbs. Therefore, the installation process is a breeze. Moreover, the bulb does not have any flickering issues. As a result, you do not have to worry about a resistor or driver, unlike LED bulbs.

You can’t expect this bulb to be as bright as powerful LEDs or HIDs. Nevertheless, the brightness isn’t bad at all and significantly better than stock halogens. On top of that, the beam from Philips is whiter. As a result, driving at night with it feels much better as you can see clearer than what you do with an OEM halogen option.

Now, when should you consider getting this bulb? We recommend it if you are looking for a halogen bulb with moderately high brightness from a trusted brand. Even though you can’t expect 30,000 hours of a lifetime from a halogen bulb like this, it still has overall better durability.

2. Voltage Automotive H11B Halogen Headlight Bulb

Voltage Automotive H11B Halogen Headlight Bulb

standard OE H11B replacement bulb, original manufacturer equivalent easy to install, efficient and great value 


  • Even though the pair’s price is considerably low, they have excellent durability.
  • Not too yellow. It’s easy on your eyes and lets you drive better at night.
  • Installation is easy and effortless.


  • Lacks brightness when compared to brands like Sylvania or Philipps.

The H11B pair from Voltage Automotive is so cheap that anyone would think that these bulbs would not last more than a month. Two pairs of these bulbs’ price can amount to a single Sylvania or Philips bulb. In some cases, the pair can last longer than some bright Sylvania bulbs that wear out in a few months! But, durability isn’t everything! How does the pair’s quality compare with leading brands? Keep reading!

When it comes to brightness, users reported that these were brighter than their OEM options. Our tests also confirm that! However, you will not get the same amount of lumen output from these as you get from Sylvania or Philips. Nonetheless, when you compare the prices, we would even rank these higher than some Sylvania lights.

The manufacturers are so confident about the longevity of these bulbs that they provide a 1-year warranty on them! Usually, warranties are not rare for headlight bulbs but when the bulbs come at such an inexpensive price, you don’t expect anything else from the brand. Our guess on the high longevity of the bulbs is the quality filament made of SCHOTT glass, melt-proof base, and scratch-proof cap.

If you are happy with the brightness of your OEM bulbs and want a cheap pair that can also last long, we recommend Voltage Automotive. The color of the light emitted is yellow but not as much as stock bulbs. However, if you are looking for high brightness, we recommend going for Sylvania or Philips lights or LED options.

3. VehiCode H11B LED Headlight Bulb

VehiCode H11B LED Headlight Bulb

All-in-one specially designed to replace H11B halogen light bulb without the need of H11 to H11B cable adapters


  • Very easy to install even though they are LEDs; 15 minutes plug-and-play.
  • Outputs 3600 lumens of brightness. Three or four times brighter than stock bulbs.
  • 6500K color temperature; white light and does not have a bluish tint.
  • Features a mini heat sink that contributes to the low-profile design; the heat sink and a turbofan provide efficient cooling.


  • Has a turbofan for cooling that can cause slight noise when the lights are being used.
  • Not Canbus ready; flickering can occur on vehicles manufactured after 2007 and you may need a resistor.

VehiCode pair’s total wattage is 40, which can result in a pretty decent amount of brightness. The bulbs offer 3600LM, which is more than three times brighter than halogen H11B options.

A lot of people prefer halogen bulbs over LEDs for H11B fitting since LEDs are harder to install. That problem is non-existent on this particular pair due to its smaller size. Its low-profile design is due to the mini heat sink. Therefore, installation is as easy as getting a halogen bulb in!

As we mentioned before, these are significantly brighter than halogen. But what about the color? 6500K color temperature of the bulbs ensures that the light emitted from the bulbs does not have any yellow stripes.

The pure white beam of the VehiCode pair ensures proper vision at night. These bulbs can be better than halogen for people who mostly drive at night.

LEDs are always better than both halogen and HID in terms of longevity. This pair of bulbs include a heat sink and mini turbofan. Together, they can maintain the temperature properly and ensure the durability of the unit. Therefore, you can expect them to last three or four times longer than good halogen bulbs.

If you are looking for a pair of LED H11B lights at a relatively cheaper price than most LEDs, then these are the ones to go for. Keep in mind that these bulbs are not Canbus-ready. Therefore, if you are installing them into modern vehicles, you may need to install a resistor or Canbus decoder. Otherwise, flickering and similar issues can occur.

4. Sylvania H11BSZ.PB2 H11B Silver Star zXe Halogen Headlight Bulb

Sylvania H11BSZ.PB2 H11B Silver Star zXe Halogen Headlight Bulb

Mirror top alloy coating completes the jewel-like appearance of the headlights 


  • Brightness is significantly higher than stock halogen.
  • Even though these are halogen bulbs, they provide a whiter light due to cobalt blue coating and xenon halogen gas.
  • High-quality base material and cap ensure longevity.


  • The price seems to be on the higher side.

Sylvania has been one of the prominent names when it comes to halogen bulbs. Our first impression of this specific pair from the bulb was how expensive the pair is. It is more than double the price of some high-quality bulbs like Philips.

Since Sylvania is a reliable brand that has been providing consistent quality, you can expect excellent performance from this pair as well. In other words, the high price is the only downside we can think of!

Let’s talk about the brightness and the color temperature of the bulbs. Due to the use of xenon halogen gas and having a cobalt blue coating on the filament, the color of the light is surprising whiter than what we would’ve expected!

There are only a few halogen bulbs that can provide such a white beam as the H11B pair from Sylvania. And, as you may have expected, the brightness is significantly higher than stock halogen as well!

Installation, as with most other Sylvania items, is pretty easy. Overall, the bulbs are quite simple but the quality makes them stand out. If you are not hesitant about spending a good amount of money purchasing quality halogen bulbs, then we recommend this pair.

However, you should also consider the fact that LEDs are always better in brightness and whiter color temperature.

5. VEXONEYE H11B LED Headlights Bulbs

VEXONEYE H11B LED Headlights Bulbs

Sealed beam type for any truck or car, 100% Plug N play Design, made with Osram LED Chips and Upgrade polycarbonate lenses.


  • Compared to OEM low beam bulbs, these LEDs are 300% brighter.
  • Installation is fairly easy in most vehicles. The heat sink is only 1.2”.
  • Canbus-ready with EMC tech. Therefore, compatible with most vehicles and has no RF (radio) issues.
  • Aluminum body, cooling fin, and ball bearing work together to keep the temperature at bay.


  • On some vehicles, you need to remove the battery first in order to install the bulbs.

Where VehiCode LEDs lacked, Vexoneye shined! This pair of LEDs do have EMC tech and Canbus-ready features. Therefore, no matter if you are using old or new car models, the bulbs will be working. The features together ensure that these LEDs do not cause issues to other electrical components of the vehicle such as causing radio statics. Moreover, they also prevent flickering, which is a major problem on many LEDs.

One of the unique features of the pair is its base’s smaller diameter. This is due to a smaller heat sink compared to other LEDs. As a result, unlike other LED bulbs, these are not hard to install. Changing the dust-proof cap is not required while getting the bulbs into most vehicle models, new or old.

Vexoneye features quality heat control mechanics that you would expect from a well-designed LED bulb. An aluminum body with a copper substrate conducts heat faster and spreads it evenly.

This process prevents damage. On top of it, the heat sink of the bulbs introduces a larger area of cooling. Lastly, ball-bearing does the job of removing the rest of the heat. Overall, such great heat control increases the longevity of the unit.

If you liked VehiCode LEDs features but wanted Canbus-ready features for a new model of vehicle, we recommend Vexoneye. Compared to VehiCode, Vexoneye is a little bit pricier. However, it is slightly brighter and has more features.

6. Alla Lighting 10000 Lumen CANBUS H11B LED Headlights Bulbs

Alla Lighting 10000 Lumen CANBUS H11B LED Headlights Bulbs

Genuine high power, premium quality and high illumination CREE LED Chips, Newest technology 6063 aviation aluminum heat sink design for longer life span & further light output area. 


  • Very bright. Excellent for off-road driving.
  • Comes with a mini ballast. Therefore, no need to get a new adapter.
  • The CREE LED chips provide high brightness and excellent color temperature of pure white beam.
  • Quality cooling with aviation 6063 aluminum.
  • An IP65 rating makes the pair excellent for off-road ventures.


  • Installation can be time-consuming due to the adapter.
  • Only for off-road use.

If you are looking for a pair of H11B LEDs for off-road conditions then these Alla Lighting bulbs should be the first choice. Keep in mind that this pair is not DOT approved to be used on roads. They are only suitable and legal for off-road driving.

Due to the extreme brightness of the bulbs, they perform the best when you are driving through dark areas without street lights. Moreover, high brightness like this can blind upcoming drivers, which is a reason why you should use them only off-road.

This Alla Lighting pair is Canbus-ready, which means it fits most vehicles. Moreover, the driver is included with the pair so that flickering and most LED-related issues do not occur. On top of that, the entire assembly is waterproof and IP65 rated. As a result, you get weather protection for driving through country and jungle areas.  

Due to the bulky size of the bulbs and the driver, installing them is a little bit harder than options like VehiCode. Make sure to tape up the H11B plug so that it does not get itself loose. With 6063 aluminum aviation and turbofan, the cooling system of the Alla Lighting bulbs is free of flaws.

As we mentioned before, you should go for this pair if you need lights for off-road driving and no regular street bulbs can provide enough brightness. They are on the pricier sides when it comes to H11B bulbs but they work like a charm for specific conditions.

7. DZG H11B Led Headlight Bulbs

DZG H11B Led Headlight Bulbs

Upgrade MINI Design, 6500K Super Brighter, Longer Lifespan, 10 Mins Installation


  • Has a compact size and that is why it is easier to install.
  • IP67 waterproof rating for protection against bad weather.
  • More than three times brighter than halogen bulbs.
  • 6500K color temperature. Excellent white beam.


  • The cutoff is not as sharp as many halogen options.
  • Not as durable as many other LEDs.

The ability to illuminate more than 500 feet in front of the car without blinding any upcoming driver is an extraordinary feature that the 35W pair from DZG can offer. These are LED lights with a low-profile design.

Therefore, installing them is quick and easy and we can definitely call it plug-and-play. As the bulbs can illuminate such a long amount of distance, you can drive your car at night safer and better as your reaction time will improve.

Let’s talk about the brightness and the color of the light emitted by the bulbs. These are bright enough to compete with powerful HID bulbs even though they are 35W options. You can expect pure white beams from the lights due to the 6500K color temperature.

DZG H11B pair aims the light downwards but the cutoff isn’t the best. Moreover, a few of the users were unhappy about the bulbs not lasting over a year. Therefore, there are durability concerns that you should keep in mind before trying to purchase the bulbs. They are also pricier than items like VehiCode.  

Go for this one if you need to illuminate a large length of the road in front of you. Even though VehiCode is a cheaper alternative, the DZG is a brighter pair. Moreover, DZG bulbs have an IP67 weatherproof rating and can be installed in most vehicles without worrying about resistors.

8. NAOEVO 60W 6500K H11B LED Headlight Bulb

NAOEVO 60W 6500K H11B LED Headlight Bulb

Sealed beam type for any truck or car, 100% Plug N play Design, made with Osram LED Chips and Upgrade polycarbonate lenses.


  • High power bulbs result in high brightness. They are one of the brightest pairs of street lights on this list.
  • The back or the bottom of the bulb includes a dust cap that keeps the fan and internal components of the bulb safe.
  • The mounting collar or the bulb can be rotated 360 degrees to adjust the beam of the bulb.


  • Installation takes a little bit of effort.

Looking for a high powerful pair of LEDs? The NAOEVO H11B pair is two 30W bulbs that, in total, offer 60W of power. Therefore, you can expect the light output to be a lot brighter than halogen bulbs.

The bulbs offer 6400 lumens and can illuminate the street better. Moreover, the white color of the light is preferred by many over boring yellowish beams coming from halogen.

For most vehicles, the installation is plug-and-play. It means you do not have to put too much time and effort into getting them into your car.

However, for some specific brands, the installation took a bit of an effort. Due to the adapter for H11B, it can take up more space inside.

The heat dissipation of these bulbs is better than DZG and therefore this pair lasts longer. The heat control system of the bulb includes aluminum heat sinks and a 5-blade turbofan.

You can expect some noise from the fan but it won’t be too loud. However, if the slight fan noises annoy you, you can go for a fanless option or a halogen bulb.

9. Voltage Automotive H11B Headlight Bulb

Voltage Automotive H11B Headlight Bulb

H11 headlight bulb Blue Eagle Series emits 40% more light output on the road to improve driving safety


  • Around 1000 lumens of brightness. More than 30% brighter compared to regular OEM halogens.
  • No dark spot in the middle of the road that you may experience with other halogen bulbs.
  • Provides a good amount of white light if you do not like the 6000K color temperature.
  • A cheaper alternative to more high-end bulbs like Sylvania without losing much quality.


  • The brightness gets limited by the blue coating on the filament.

Another pair from Voltage Automotive costs a fraction of Sylvania bulbs. It is better that we compare this pair with such a well-known brand so that you understand if it is worth buying.

Firstly, you cannot expect these bulbs to be as bright as Sylvania halogen lights. However, they are still impressive considering the bulbs provide more than 30% brightness compared to OEM stock light.

When talking about durability, we have to consider the price to longevity ratio. So, keeping that in mind, the durability of these bulbs can be considered as good as Sylvania. One of the best parts of the Blue Eagle pair is the color temperature.

The color temperature is not as low as many other halogens you find in the shop. Therefore, you can enjoy a whiter beam.

Many of the users have pointed out the fact that these bulbs have an excellent beam pattern that even high-end brands lack. The notorious dark spot in the middle of the road does not exist anymore with the Blue Eagles installed.

Moreover, the haziness of foggy or rainy weather is also not present with these bulbs as they are not too white.

If you are looking for a pair of halogen bulbs but do not want to spend a lot on brands like Philips or Sylvania, go for these. You can use this pair for high beam, low beam, fog light, or driving light. Since they are so cheap, it is better to get a few pairs so that you can replace them whenever needed.

10. VEXONEYE H11B Halogen Headlight Bulb

VEXONEYE H11B Halogen Headlight Bulb

H11B Halogen headlight bulb, filled with 30% xenon which lead to 30% more light output than standard bulbs.


  • Plug and play installation; does not take more than 10 minutes to get them both ready.
  • A little whiter than factory bulbs.
  • Cover a good amount of area and illuminate the road with an even beam pattern.


  • They lack brightness compared to most brands.

This one is probably one of the cheapest 55W pairs of bulbs you can find. If you were looking for a non-bright option that will do the job of lighting up the road and last longer than other halogen bulbs, we recommend this. However, we would also like to point out that at a similar price range, there are better bulbs we have mentioned.

The Vexoneye 55W bulbs lack brightness. However, they provide a whiter light compared to OEM stock bulbs. Such a whiter beam works excellent as fog bulbs. The installation of the bulbs is very easy, unlike LEDs.

Based on the quality and the price, these bulbs are just okay! They are not too great but do the job of replacing your old OEM stock bulbs pretty well. If you were exclusively looking for low-brightness bulbs, these are made just for you.

Buying Guide

Examining specific factors before upgrading to H11B bulbs is crucial. You might have a particular set of requirements, and for that, you need the bulb that falls in your preconceived criteria.

Check out the guide below so that you can get the most value out of your money and find the best H11B bulb.


There are various types of h11b bulbs such as halogen, LED, and HID. Halogen bulb provides you with minimal lighting that is not very bright. Halogen can be great for foggy weather as the brightness is not over the level.

Meanwhile, HID bulbs are very bright. So, this brightness may affect other drivers in the road when they are coming from the opposite side. Ensure that the HID bulb you want to purchase is legally approved or not.

LEDs are a good middle ground between halogen and HIDs. They are bright enough to provide proper vision during night driving while not blinding the upcoming drivers.


One of the most crucial elements you need to make sure of is if the H11B bulb fits in your vehicle or not. Not all the H11B bulbs are the same. For this instance, you need to examine your car manual first; after that, find out the dimension of the bulb your car can support.

Likewise, do that for the H11B bulb as well. Find out its dimension and cross-check it with your car manual. If it matches, you can easily replace your car’s headlight with the h11b bulb. You must check the compatibility; otherwise, the bulb will be too big or too small for your vehicle.


Now let’s come to a crucial detail you must check – durability. In the case of h11b bulbs, the lifespan is measured in hours instead of months or years. You don’t have to feel alarmed by this fact because it’s improbable that you will keep your headlights on all the time.

Even though it is counted by the hour, it is always better to check which bulbs last more because the longer the hours, the lesser you have to worry about replacing them more often.

Final Note

We would suggest going for LEDs even if it can be a bit harder to install. LEDs eliminate the requirement of changing your bulbs too frequently. Moreover, they are brighter and whiter.

If you have a lower budget, there is nothing wrong with picking HIDs. They are cheap and that’s why it is a safe investment to get one of the inexpensive pairs.

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