How to Choose Flush Mount LED Bumper Lights?

Many of us need to drive at night constantly for work or traveling. Clear and bright lighting is what you need on these occasions. While the headlights are your primary source of illumination, flush-mount LED bumper lights assist you in getting an additional glow.

They are installable on the front and rear parts of your vehicle and help view every corner of the street.

Opting for one flush mount LED pod is not an easy task to complete. We were researching and found numerous items that show great promise.

Finally, we successfully made a list of the ten best flush mount LED bumper lights. Each has high durability, flexibility, brightness, and ease of installation. Let’s explore them below.

Best Flush Mount LED PODs

1. NIWAKER POWERSPORTS Flush Mount LED Pods with Amber DRL


60W LED Fog Lights Spot Light Bar Off Road Driving Light Yellow DRL LED Work Light for Truck Pickup ATV UTV


  • Their stainless-steel and aluminum bodies make them capable of surviving for a long period.
  • The lights have impact resistance, IP68 weatherproof level, and impressive heat-dissipation to withstand harsh conditions.
  • Their flush-mount design makes them easy to install. Meanwhile, the black color matches with most vehicles.


  • The price is a lot higher than regular flush mount LED lights. Although, we think the cost is worth it.

If you are looking for a quality fog light flush-mount LED for your vehicle, this item may interest you. The pods come in two and contain wiring harnesses to make them easier to install. It requires 60W to operate and is best suited for pickup, UTV, ATV, or trucks.

Each pod includes four amber DRL lights that work excellently as fog lights. They penetrate through water particles effectively. As we know, warm and yellow lights are the best when driving in the rain, fog, snow, or such weather. You can also use them for spot lights, bar lights, or offroad driving.

For the creation of these pod lights, NIWAKER used carefully selected stainless-steel nuts and nylon harness wire. Their bodies have a dimension of 4.76 inches in length, 3.50 inches in width, and 2.80 inches in height, which doesn’t take much space. You will find an installation guide on the product.

It is possible to switch between white and amber light based on your need. You can use the mode with higher color for better visibility of the road. Meanwhile, the wiring harness features plug-and-play. It also contains protection from water and overheating.

The colors of the white light are 6,000k, and the amber DRL is 3,000k. They work perfectly under -40° to 176° F. They can survive up to a lifespan of 50,000 hours. You will find additional Allen wrenches, washers, nuts, and bolts in the package too.

2. NR NIRIDER Flush Mount LED Pods

NR NIRIDER Flush Mount LED Pods

84W Bumper Lights 5 Inch Spot Beam Driving Lights LED Light Bar Flush LED Work Light Off Road Lights for Truck SUV ATV UTV


  • The bumper lights have a waterproof level of IP68. Additionally, their 603-aluminum body makes them highly heat-resistant. Both the traits add to their longevity of 50,000 hours.
  • They have an operating temperature of -40° to 185° F.
  • The nuts, bolts, and Allen wrench is of stainless steel.


  • Moistures can still form on the lenses.

The LED flush mounting lights from NR NIRIDER are pretty impressive when you look at their extreme beam quality and other features. The set of pods is easy to mount on the front or back bumpers. Aside from bumper lights, they are also usable as work lights, offroad lights, and such.

The product doesn’t come with a harness, and you will need to buy it separately or get it as a bundle with the pods. But the package includes nuts, bolts, an Allen wrench, and a paper model.

If we look at the stats of the bumper lights, their LED bulbs provide a beam at a 30° angle on the road. So, it doesn’t glare and makes the road easier to see. To further prove that, NR NIRIDER gave the lights a color temperature of 6,000k.

The 28PCS Cree chips ensure a smooth operation without wasting any energy. Apparently, every connection of the pods is waterproof of IP68 level.

NR NIRIDER designed their blacked-out circuit so that it both gives the pods a better look and saves their energy. They used multiple Cree LED bulbs for the lighting. Over the bulbs, there is a 5D optic layer to concentrate the beams. It has another layer of waterproof rubber protection. Finally, there is the durable polycarbonate lens. At the back, there is a cooling system that prevents overheating.

The installation is so simple and is doable within three steps. The pods have a long-range of applications. You can mount them on the front or rear of your truck, UV, ATV, Pickup, Boat, or any similar vehicle.

3. Auxbeam Flush Mount LED Pods

Auxbeam Flush Mount LED Pods

All-in-one LED light bar can meet your needs, 24pcs 3030 chips, 6500k White spot beam & 3500k amber flood beam.


  • The lights have six different modes. It is easy to switch among them using the buttons on the wiring harness.
  • The wiring harness has conductive copper and high-quality PVC material that helps it have a smoother yet safer operation.
  • The brand offers a replacement of 1-year and additional help to their customers.


  • It has a really high cost. If you are looking for a budget option, you may avoid this one.

It is totally okay to put your trust in the Flush Mount LED Pods from AUXBEAM, especially when you need a floodlight for your vehicle. The product features two pods, where each has a combo of amber and bright white lights.

There are six lighting modes that you can switch among. Two of them are simple 3,000K and 6,000K lights. Three other modes have an amber flush, white flush, and a mixture of white and amber. The last one is for sending SOS signals. So, you will not need anything else once you buy a set of these pods.

Their diecast aluminum housing has a scratchproof surface and an IP68 waterproof. There are waterproof rubber pads over them for sealing the lights from moisture. Finally, even the lenses have coats of weatherproof. These factors are there to help you drive in extreme weather without damaging the pods.

You get a wiring harness and two extra screws in the package. Use the 10ft harness liquid-resistant fuse to set a safe connection. Let’s not gloss over the memory-mode of the pods. It helps them remember the exact mode of lighting that you used the last time.

The total lumen you will get from the pods is 7,200. They prevent energy-wasting by utilizing 24 pieces of 3030-LED chips. AUXBEAM used a built-in EMC system to hinder the EM waves from the vehicle’s audio or computer from interfering with the pods.

4. OFFROADTOWN Flush Mount LED Pods


Universal fit for 9-30v vehicles and devices, UTV, Trucks, 4×4, Tractors, Trailers, Motorcycle, Offroad, Bus, Van and many more.


  • You can find a step-by-step installation in their product description.
  • The pods contain a fine heat dissipation design with an aluminum body.
  • You get an additional paper model, a 10ft wiring harness, and an Allen wrench.
  • These shockproof pods have a stable beam spot angle of 8° and a fog angle of 90°.


  • The pods don’t come with the required nuts and bolts.
  • Some vehicles may not be compatible with the pods since their wiring harnesses are too short. They are also not that high-quality.
  • Some buyers received defective or used products on their packages. So, be careful about that.

We have touched upon the OFFROAD TOWN brand while researching other lighting products before. Fortunately, they also make high-grade flush mount pods like this one. Other variations of these pods are basically 20 and 40 inches long light bars, which is not what we are looking for here.

The product comes in two pods that take a wattage of 48 and require 12V. It displays a quad-row design.

Here, there are two LED bulbs in each of the four rows. When you use them as your driving light, you can get a solid beam with a high lumen of 4,800 and a color of 6,000K. They are suitable as reverse lights, fog lights, and work lights for their white color temperature.

For a long-lasting service, OFFROAD uses 6063 aluminum for its major housing parts. This factor helps the pods stay cool after running for a long time.

They are installable on basically any vehicle type, including UTV, Tractors, Motorcycle, Bus, and even Boats. It has an IP68 waterproof level to tackle damp or marine weather.

The lights have a survivability of 50,000h. With a dimension of 4.65×3.5×3 inches, they don’t take much space during installation.

5. Nilight 2PCS 42W Flush Mount LED Pods

Nilight 2PCS 42W Flush Mount LED Pods

Excellent Brightness, User-friendly Mounting, High Efficient Performance & Durable


  • They have a long lifespan of over 30,000h.
  • Their lumen is 7,800, and color temperature ranges from 6,000K to 6,500K.
  • You get additional mounting bolts and nuts. There is also a paper model.


  • Moisture and fog can build up on their lenses.

Most people look for a set of flush mount LED bumper lights that come with durable quality, affordable price, and a warranty. You will get them all with the purchase of Nilight Flush Mount LED Pods. The product features a two-year warranty and free shipping by the brand and is available at a pretty low cost.

They are the perfect item to use as your spotlight with an angle of 15° and fog light with 170°. They are also excellent as a backup light, reverse light or work light in your SUV, truck, or jeep.

Their housing contains aluminum that has high heat resistance. So, whether it gets heat from the open sun or internal thermal overload, the housing stays safe. It also has an advanced heat-dissipation system and a weatherproof IP67.

The product includes all the nuts and bolts you need and an Allen wrench. Meanwhile, to sustain energy, the pods have 14 highlight chips. The color temperature is switchable from 6,000K to 6,500K. Their lumen is 7,800 in total.

6. Bunker Indust LED Light Pods

Bunker Indust LED Light Pods

Centered 170° flood LEDs surrounded by dual row 30° spot diodes will offers a perfect focused light


  • They have high brightness of 12,000 lumens in total.
  • The pods feature a combination of spot and fog lights with peak-quality LED.
  • The housing is resistant to vibration and has a black color that doesn’t fade even by UV-rays for a long time.


  • Unlike all our products above, the plastic body for the housing is weaker.

These LED pods on our list are suitable for people who need to drive at night more often than usual. Why is that, you may wonder? They have a lumen of 6,000 each, meaning that the beam will be super bright. There are 6by5 inches and 6by7 inches versions available.

The major feature of the bumper lights is that you can use them as your fog lights and spot lights at the same time. The LED bulbs in the middle have a lesser color temperature to help you drive in rain and fog. Meanwhile, the ones around have a higher color of pure white.

A weatherproof level of IP68 is what keeps them protected from all those dust from the road and rainwater. Each pod has 26 Cree LED that helps output that high bright light without wasting much energy. The two rows of spot LED bulbs have a focused angle of 30°. As for the fog lamps in the middle, their aim is 170°.

You can install and operate the bumper lights if your vehicle can transfer them with a voltage of 9 to 30. They are compatible with any small to large vehicle you may have.

Bunker Indust used plastic for the housing. This plastic has thermal conduction for a cooler operation. But, there is also a large heat sink to do that part.

7. AKD Part Flush Mount LED Lights

AKD Part Flush Mount LED Lights

high quality led pods have lasting original lighting performance through years of using


  • The LED bulbs in the flush mount bumper lights are of top quality.
  • You get the necessary accessories. There are also two paper models in the package for ease of installation.
  • The total lumen of the pods is 8,400. Meanwhile, their color is 6,000K. So, you will be getting a light output that is both bright and white.
  • They have certifications from CE and RoHs.


  • The light output is not as high for the bulbs near the edges.
  • While the manufacturers promise a waterproof level of IP68 on these pods, they don’t seem to have it.

When we talk about an enduring LED Pod set, we mean that the item must have improved heat dissipation and strong housing. The AKD Part Flush Mount LED Pods exactly match that description. They will be your ideal choice when looking for quality spot lights or fog lights. But you can also utilize them as your work light or for other similar purposes.

The product comes with durable nuts, bolts, and an Allen wrench. There are two paper models that help you in installing the pods. You can also check out the available bundles for the pods.

Aluminum housing is what it needs for a cooler operation. It requires only 12 volts and uses 84 watts of energy. AKD Part uses LED bulbs from the Phillips brand to install in the bumper lights. It speaks a lot about the quality of the beam you will be getting.

Thanks to the advanced heat-dissipation and 6063 aluminum parts, the pods can operate from -40° to 185° F. All these factors help the product last for over 50,000 hours.

8. EBEST Flush Mount LED Pods with Wiring Harness

EBEST Flush Mount LED Pods with Wiring Harness

36w LED Work Light Flush LED Light Spot Flood Off Road Driving Fog Lamp for UTV ATV Truck Bumper Pickup Boat


  • Aside from a wiring harness, you also get other accessories.
  • Other than vehicles, you can also use them for lighting your backyard or workshop.
  • The wiring harness is 3 meters long.
  • The pods focus downward and give you a long-distance view of the asphalt and anything around.


  • The lenses are not as waterproof as expected. Tiny water particles can go inside them that need occasional removal and cleaning.

The lighting on your vehicle takes a good amount of energy overall. That is why we were pleased to find the EBEST Flush Mount Pods that work on a really low wattage of 36. You can even go for its other versions with 20 or 40 watts. But the variation we are talking about comes with a wiring harness.

Because of the practical placement of two LEDs in each of the four rows, the pods are what you need as your spot, flood, driving, or offroad lights. They are mountable on literally any land or marine automotive vehicle.

Now, let’s talk about the wiring harness. It works with 12V on direct current for its wiring loom and switch relay. It contains a plug-and-play installation method.

The total length of the wiring harness is 3 meters. It means that you will have no issue related to having short wiring. You can easily turn the pods on and off using the buttons.

These IP68 bumper light pods will emit light of 3,600 lumen each that shines with a color of 6,000K. Their light casts properly on the ground without glaring. The lenses are polycarbonate-built that is easy to provide maintenance.

The housing of the pods has diecast aluminum alloy that helps them run within -49° to 185° F. Their small bodies have a length of 4 inches. It allows you to install them on both front and rear bumpers.

9. AUTOSAVER88 LED Pods Flood Flush Mount

AUTOSAVER88 LED Pods Flood Flush Mount

2400LM Off Road Fog Work Lights Compatible with Motorcycle, Dirt Bike, Trucks, UTV, Boats


  • The alumina housing makes them corrosion and heat resistant.
  • The package contains four pieces of LED bumper lights that you can install anywhere you please.
  • The angle of beams for fog and spot lights will give you a perfect experience.


  • You may need to drill holes to mount the pods.
  • Water can go inside the lights.

If you want two flush mount lights on your front bumper and two on the rear, you definitely need to check this item out. The 4-pieces of AUTOSAVER88 LED Pods are not only a budget option, but they hold the quality as well. You can mount them on literally any vehicle type you have.

Using a wattage of 24, each pod emits a light of 2,400 lumens. They work excellent as fog lights, work lights, reverse lights, or offroad uses. Their black housing has aluminum material that keeps them enduring and resists heat.

You get a 60° angle of fog light on the ground and 30° for spot light for an extensive distance. The heat sinks at the back provide a cooling operation even after prolonged use.

It is completely safe to drive under the rain with these LED pods as they have IP68 waterproof and a warmer light output.

10. Bunker Indust 7” Flush Mount LED Light Pods

Bunker Indust 7” Flush Mount LED Light Pods

4800LM Off Road LED Work Lights Bar Flood Spot Combo Beam Driving Cree Fog LED Bumper Lights for Truck Golf Cart UTV ATV


  • They have a size of 2by7 inches that provide the perfect angle of light on the road.
  • You get a paper model and two screws set in the package.
  • They are pretty lightweight and shake-proof.
  • The black color on the housing doesn’t fade.


  • The light output wattage is a lot lesser than what Bunker Indust promised.
  • The wiring system is very cheaply made.

You may want to get a bumper light with a straight design instead of a square pod. This item from Bunker Indust comes with two 7 inches pods that each provide a brightness of 4,800 lumens.

Because of their unique size, you can use them as your spot light or floodlight. They are also suitable for other places out of vehicles.

It is a combo between fog and spot lights. The amber LED bulbs in the middle provide a yellowish beam, while the two bulbs on each side emit a whiter light of 6,000K.

They have a wider illumination that lets you see the road clearly. For the housing, BUNKER INDUST used plastic material with heat conductivity.

These pods have an IP68 waterproof level, a top-grade heat dissipation system, and over 50,000h of service life. There is a rubber pad cover, which is resistant to water, dust, moisture, and sand. The manufacturers explained the installation process in their product description.

Buying Guide

We cannot compromise when buying any component or tools for our vehicle. As lighting is one of the major parts of an automobile, you must get the best items.

Flush mount LED bumper lights are usually pretty high-quality pods. Many products you find on the market will please you with their quality. 

However, it is still necessary to research several of them in order to get the best. Remember that not all the LED pods actually succeed in providing you with what the manufacturers promised. Check out these points below to find what to investigate during your search.

Size and Design

The size and design of the pods are something that you must check before anything else. It will let you know whether you can actually mount it on your bumpers.

There are pods of various sizes available. Most come with an average length of 4.5”, width of 3.5”, and height of 2”.

At first, decide where you will install the pods. Then determine what size will be the best suited for the area.


Since LED Pods are mostly used to get additional lighting at nighttime, you need to get one with high brightness. Lumen is the unit of measurement for light brightness. We suggest going for a set of pods with a total lumen of over 8,000.

However, don’t confuse brightness with the color temperature of the lights. We will explain that right away.

Warmer and Whiter Light

You need to go for a set of bumper lights that gives you a warm and pure white light output. It is truer when buying the pods to use as fog lights. Yellowish light has a longer wavelength than bluish ones.

This factor helps them penetrate through rain particles and fog better. Blue colors will reflect back to your eyes, making it harder to see in the rain.

Lighting color temperature is measured by Kelvin. We recommend picking pods with a color between 5,000K to 6,000K.

Weather Resistance

It is where the construction material of the LED bumper lights comes into play. An ideal one should have a weatherproof level of IP68 to prevent rainwater and dust from going inside.

You will notice quality pods have rubber covers that act as additional layers. But it is not only about the LED materials.

The housing should have high thermal resistance. Get ones with aluminum bodies. If you live in a place with warmer or harsh weather, these factors are even more important.

Wattage and Power Source

A higher wattage input means that the LED pods will require higher energy to operate. But not all vehicles can maintain that.

Bumper lights that can output a higher brightness even with lower wattage are energy efficient and ones you should prioritize. Meanwhile, you also need Pods compatible with DC and not AC voltage.


Know that LED bumper lights take a bit of space behind your vehicle bumpers to mount. Make sure that your bumpers have that space. Prioritize the ones with additional accessories like screw sets, wiring harnesses, and paper models. You should also check the dimension of the pods. Its wiring harness should feature a plug-and-play method.

Wiring and Harness

LED bumper lights that come with a wiring harness are better. They should be waterproof and made from high-quality materials. Learn about the wiring connection properly to avoid installing them wrongly. Otherwise, it can end up damaging the bulbs.

LED bulbs and Lenses

Polycarbonate is the ideal material for vehicle lighting lenses. The same goes for LED bulbs. It should have a shatter and shock resistance, which will keep them okay on bumpy streets.

Final Note

We agree that it is a big hassle to find the perfect flush mount bumper light. It is more because you need to look out for lots of factors. If you do not feel like spending that time and effort, you can pick any from our list.

After the LED pods arrive, don’t delay testing them. Make sure to contact the manufacturers or seller as soon as you notice any flaws. We suggest buying a pod that contains an additional screw set and paper models. They help greatly when installing the lights.

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