Do I Need a Light Bar on My Jeep?

LED light bars can improve your nighttime driving experience when you are on the countryside or off-road. While they come at a high cost, their low energy waste and long-lastingness make it up for them. You should get LED light bars installed on your Jeep if you are into off-roading!

If we look at it, LED light bars do come with a wide range of utilities. But how much do you need it on a Jeep?

Well, if I be honest, the answer can be yes or no, depending on your jeep usage. You don’t need a heavy-duty light bar when cruising through a city or places with high traffic. But having one during a journey off-road can increase your safety by many-fold. So, usually, it comes down to your intended use.

How Necessary Are Light Bars for Off-Road?

Off-roading is one of the major reasons most of us buy light bars. It is because the terrains can be unpredictable. We need to see further ahead than the high beam or driving light of our Jeep can manage.

So, the spotlight angle of the bars performs that. In that way, we can react quickly to anything so far in the distance. Some light bars also have a broad flood angle, letting us see and scout the surrounding area quicker.

It would also be difficult with the headlights of your Jeep. Off-roading also involves going through shallow water bodies, snowy areas, and harsh weather. Light bars with high waterproof levels can handle such conditions with ease.

How Necessary Are Light Bars for On-Road?

Let me be honest- you don’t really need a light bar while on the highway. Light bars usually generate light with too high a brightness that can easily blind and dazzle anyone on the road. It can lead to accidents and damage to other people’s eyes.

In most urban streets, you already have road lights to let you see in the distance. But even without them, only your Jeep’s headlights will work fine to give you enough visibility. You don’t need to react quickly to any sudden valley or river in front of you when you are on the road.

The Legality of Light Bars on the Road

Most states have strict rules regarding auxiliary lights such as light bars. For instance, California law requires you to put an opaque cover on the bar when on the road.

Delaware rules only want you to keep the bars off. While Connecticut allows four lights to the front, they are only limited to 300 candlepower (3771 lumens)- a lot lower than the output from a single light bar.

Some states allow any light that is DOT approved, and light bars with DOT approval are rare. So, before you take them for your Jeep, check your state laws related to the matter thoroughly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Size Light Bar for Jeep JK?

It is possible to use light bars in several sizes for Jeep Wrangler. I have used 8” to even 52” bars on my Jeep Wrangler JK. Now, if you are going off-road, I suggest at least 20”. For on-road use, don’t go over 12”.

What Size Light Bar for Jeep TJ?

Like JK, there is no limit to the light bar sizes that you can use on a Jeep TJ. If you mount them on the grille or in front of the windshield, you can use smaller to medium-sized ones from 8” to 25”. I often use 40-50” bars on the rooftops.

Should I get a light bar on my Jeep?

Yes, a light bar is a good idea, especially if you go off roading in the dark. This will help you spot potential problems with your vehicle in the dark, and enable you to drive safely at night. It can also be used to warn other drivers of your presence.

Do light bars make a difference?

No, light bars don't make a difference in your Jeep. These lights are mainly meant to increase visibility on the road, and are primarily useful for driving in poor lighting conditions. You should look for LED headlights, which are cheaper, last longer, and provide better visibility.

Final Note

Whether you need a light bar or not on your Jeep depends on your usual route. I don’t suggest using them on the highway, but they are a perfect item for off-roading.

If you are trying to get the right-sized light bar for your Jeep JK or TJ, you can go for any you like. It depends on your preference, the brightness you need, and how much you are willing to spend.

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