Can You Wire a Light Bar to Fog Lights?

Most of us wire our light bar to the low or high beams to let us keep the brights and bars on at the same time. If you have experience wiring in such a setup, you may be wondering whether it is possible to do the same to a fog light.

It is indeed possible to wire a light bar to the fog lights. But there are some catches. You may need to take safety measures as fog light factory circuits are not really meant to conduct high current flow like that. I shall explain this topic in detail below and show you a simple wiring diagram. Hopefully, it can help you complete the project.

The Current Draw and Wattage of LED Light Bars

You need to know the amp draw and power of a light bar before proceeding with the wiring process. In most cases, the energy drain depends on the wattage of the light bar. And there are light bars on the market ranging from below 120W to 800W, depending on the LED number and type.

A light bar with 120W that runs on 12V draws 10amp. The voltage can be a little high on some vehicles, but the overall energy drain stays almost similar. Higher-powered bars, like 240W, can use around 16-20 amp.

Are All Light Bars Suitable to Be Wired to Fog Lights?

Here is the catch. You cannot simply wire any random light bars to your vehicle’s fog lights. It is true that LED lights are efficient and use low electricity, but a bar is a bulky thing. They can draw a high amount of energy, as I mentioned in the previous section.

On the other hand, the wiring and circuitry on your fog light are not capable enough to handle that high energy flow. However, it can still tackle a smaller light bar. Most experts suggest not using light bars over 20” and single row. Otherwise, the harness can melt, and accidents are due.

Other Precautions You Need to Know About

Just because you are using a small light bar doesn’t totally put you out of the risk. As I said earlier, fog light circuits and wire gauges are not enough for the current that light bars need. However, you can trip a relay using the +12V connector that keeps the stock fog lights on.

Then you can wire your light bar to it. Doing so is an easy way to protect your factory circuits from damage. The relay indeed won’t be mandatory in most scenarios, but using it is a high recommendation. Better safe than sorry.

Wiring Diagram to Wire your Bar to the Fog Lights

I have drawn a diagram for your convenience that shows an ideal way to complete the wiring process. I request using it on your project.

wiring process of light bar from fog light

Final Note

You should note that wiring your light bars to the fog lights will keep the LED lights from working when your high and low beams are on. But you can solve this issue by using a tuner. Your headlights and indicators must be on to keep it working.

Also, your fog light circuit may already be connected to a relay from the beginning. In that case, it is not necessary to use another one. You can simply wire the fog light and light bar to the relay, and it will be okay. I tried the same process.

I should warn you again not to use a heavy-duty light bar and only use the smaller ones like 20” or shorter.

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