How to Choose BRZ Tail Lights – Which One You Should?

The taillights of your Subaru BRZ are just as important as the headlights. They all have such wonderful looks that can satisfy anyone.

However, aside from the style, there are many other things that define a great taillight.

Our article contains some of the best BRZ tail lights that experts favor. They specialize in durability, insane lens quality, easy installation, and proper bulb patterns.

We should mention that many of these BRZ taillights also suit some FR-S and Toyota 86 variations. Some of them are also available in various color versions that you can check out.

Go through our buying guide too for additional knowledge of the matter.

My List Of BRZ Tail Lights

1. VLAND BRZ Tail Lights

VLAND BRZ Tail Lights

Fit for Toyota 86 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020,Taill Lamp Assembly Subaru BRZ/Scion FRS 2012-2019


  • It follows the standards of DOT and SAE.
  • It is directly installable on your Subaru BRZ 12-19.
  • Brighter LED lights make your vehicle visible from a long distance.


  • Because of the absence of any manual, the installation can seem tricky.

Vland is a great company in producing headlights or taillights for Subaru BRZ. Their smoked taillights for the BRZ can fit the models from 12-19. Additionally, it is also installable on Scion FR-S 12-19 and Toyota 86 12-20. Aside from smoked, you can also go for its red and black versions.

Like any of their other products, the taillights hold OEM parts that promise to improve the look of your vehicle.

Its turn signal, running, and brake lights are all LED with a brightness much higher than the stock ones. Vland used PMMA, Glass, ABS, and PC as materials for the taillight.

2. EPARTS Smoke Lens Full LED Tail Brake Stop Light Rear Tail Lamps

EPARTS Smoke Lens Full LED Tail Brake Stop Light Rear Tail Lamps

Fits For 2013-2017 Scion FR-S FRS / 2013-2019 Subaru BRZ


  • They provide a really bright light to the rear of your Subaru BRZ.
  • There is no need for wiring. It is just plug-and-play.
  • There are three color variations available.


  • Some bulbs are not present in the product.
  • There is no installation manual.

Our following selection is the ESPARTS Full LED, a taillight pair that you will absolutely love. These smoked housings with smoked lenses can fit all Subaru BRZ from 13-19 and Scion FR-S 13-17. You can also check out the other versions with chrome housing and clear lenses.

The lighting patterns and the LED bulbs make the taillight super bright. As a result, your vehicle’s rear part stays properly visible on your side view mirrors and to other drivers.

You will also get a style boost for your BRZ. The pair can fit the compatible vehicle models directly.

3. JDMSPEED New Tail Lights

JDMSPEED New LED Headlights With Tail Lights

Fits For Subaru BRZ Scion Frs Toyota GT-86 2013-2017


  • It comes with both the headlights and the taillights for both sides.
  • It is possible to join the vehicle’s stoplights with these taillights.
  • Their looks are so attractive.


  • No bulb is included in the package.
  • The price is a bit much for the package with both headlight and taillight.

JDMSPEED New LED is not only just the taillights, but the product also features the headlights. Suitable for Subaru BRZ 13-19, Toyota 86 12-19, and Scion FR-S 13-16, you can also go for the version with just the headlights. The item is full of good quality from every side.

Its taillights feature a clear lens with a red housing. It is a substitution for the stock taillights, and there is a plug-and-play system.

So, install it yourself without expert help needed. The package will contain additional connectors to ease the wiring process. You can combine the rear taillights with your Subaru BRZ stoplights when installing.

4. YUANZHENG Tail Lights Assembly

YUANZHENG Tail Lights Assembly

Compatible with GT86 2012-2019, BRZ 2013-2018, FRS 2012-2016


  • These taillights are in accordance with every DOT and SAE standard.
  • They fit all Subaru BRZ from 13-18, GT86 from 12-18, and Scion FR-S from 12-16.


  • It requires you to rewire the system. You may need a mechanic for the rewiring if you have no experience.

When it comes to sequential LED light turn signal quality, YUANZHENG Tail Lights take the cake. The headlights come with LED bulbs that provide strong and projected beams, making nighttime driving safer than ever.

The focused lenses are clear, while the housing is available in red and smoked. The side marker light and the brake lights are LED too. Meanwhile, its amber lights are positioned sequentially in a way that looks spectacular.

Its hermetical sealing prevents moistures. The taillights require the exact same wiring as the stock ones. In fact, the installation process is exactly similar to the stock lights.

5. Nixon Offroad Led Tail Lights Assembly

Nixon Offroad Led Tail Lights Assembly

for 2013-2016 Scion Fr-s and 2017-2020 Toyota 86, NIXON OFFROAD Taillights Pair for 2013-2020 Subuaru Brz with Led Turn Signal Rear lights


  • The service system from the brand is pretty good.
  • There is no need for drilling, as the taillights fit perfectly.
  • It meets all safety standards.
  • It is available with both clear and smoked housings.


  • The look may not please some people.

The Nixon Offroad Taillight made its way into our list for its high durability, efficiency, and light patterns. The combination of the LED turn signals, brake lights, reverse lights, and running lights, along with sequential amber bulbs, make this a better choice than many other taillights on the market.

Its sealed beams make it resistant to moisture. It is also dustproof and waterproof up to a level of IP67. The ABS plastic for the housing is OEM quality.

On top of that, the whole taillight has a well-designed breather to increase its lifespan. You can fit it on your BRZ 13-20, FR-S 13-16, and Toyota 86 17-20.

6. Morakot Racing LED Tail Lights with Smoked Lens

Morakot Racing LED Tail Lights with Smoked Lens

For 2013-2016 Scion FR-S / 2013-2018 Subaru BRZ /2017-2018 Toyota 86


  • Since it is a direct replacement, a mechanic shouldn’t charge much after installing it.
  • It has a heretofore unseen style and looks.


  • There is no installation manual, and you will most probably need professional help.

If you want a more affordable option that still shows a quality performance, the Morakot Racing LED Tail Lights may please you. The taillights have a unique look that should attract many people. You can replace the stock lights of your BRZ 13-18, FR-S 13-16, or Toyota 86 17-18.

Aside from the chrome housing and the smoked lens colors, the taillight has a white streak. The bulbs are positioned for maximum focus while following legal codes.

The package includes the bulbs inside. We forgot to mention earlier, but every part of these taillights is of OEM quality.

7. T T-ABC New Taillights with Customized Rear Lamp

T T-ABC New Taillights with Customized Rear Lamp

for 2012-2020 Toyota 86 Tail Light Assembly GT86 2013-2020 Subaru BRZ Tail Light


  • The housing has chrome, and the lenses have black-red colors.
  • It is really stable with ABBS, PC, and PMMS housing and PC lenses.
  • You get a user manual in the package.


  • The housing is not as durable as it looks.

If the look and style are your preference, you can check out the new taillights from T T-ABC designed for BRZ 13-20, GT86 13-20, and Toyota 86 12-20.

Thing first thing you may notice is the alignment of the brake light, running light, reverse light, and turn signal lights. Both the red and smoke versions have bright tints to make them more dazzling. The taillights have a 3D startup animation that you will love.

It has a plug-and-play installation. All the bulbs are LED type, and the whole body has an IP67 weatherproof level. Also, there is no worry about legality as it is DOT approved.

8. AJP Distributors Chrome Housing Red Lens Sequential White Tube LED Signal Tail Lights

AJP Distributors Chrome Housing Red Lens Sequential White Tube LED Signal Tail Lights

For Subaru BRZ Toyota 86 FRS 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020


  • The brightness of the taillights can make other drivers easily detect your BRZ under darkness, rain, or fog.
  • The parts are OEM manufacturer-approved.
  • It doesn’t cost much.


  • It doesn’t come with LED bulbs.
  • There isn’t any instruction manual for the installation.

Last but not least, we have the tail lights from AJP Distributor that you can get at an affordable cost. The main housing and the lenses both have red colors. The sequential LED bars do look extraordinary. If you want taillights with a different look, you should go for them. Its parts meet OEM standards.

You can directly install them on your Subaru BRZ 13-20, FR-S 13-16, or Toyota 86 17-20. Now your BRZ will be visible through heavy rain, fog, darkness, or snow with a bright presence. The taillights come with both driver and passenger sides.

9. VLAND LED Tail lights

VLAND LED Tail lights

Compatible with Scion Fr-s 2013-2016 Toyota86/ Subuaru Brz 2013-2020


  • It is a bolt-on direct fitment that can be installed by yourself.
  • The weatherproof level of IP67 will let you drive through harsh environments.


  • There are very few instances when the turn signals flicker.

Vland is a leading company in terms of creating headlights or rear lights for different vehicles. Their 0278A LED Taillights should amaze you with their bright red DRL and amber sequencing of turn signals. There are two other variations with other color options.

Now you can get a high-grade replacement taillight for your Subaru BRZ 13-20 and Scion FR-S and GT86 from 12-16. Like every other product, we tested to find these items to DOT and SAE compliance.

Its turn signals have a switchback design. Vland used ABS plastic for housing and PC for lens materials. Apparently, you can find detailed installation instructions on their product descriptions.

10. VLAND Tail lights Assembly AA-02

VLAND Tail lights Assembly AA-02

Fit for Toyota 86 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020,Taill Lamp assembly Subaru BRZ/Scion FRS 2012-2019


  • You won’t have to worry about dust, water, corrosion, or other environmental hazards with these taillights.
  • Its brightness is really high.
  • You will find a DLX edition harness inside the package, along with a manual.


  • Like some other Vland products that we tested, the plastic parts are not durable enough.

Our final product is also from the reputable brand, Vland. The taillight AA-02 from this company is compatible with your Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S from 12-19 and Toyota 86 from 12-20. Don’t like the color red? Check out its smoked or black versions.

Its combination of totally LED amber sequential turn signals and the bright red DRL will win everyone’s mind.

Meanwhile, the bright light will also keep your BRZ in the visibility of others from a long distance. This PC, PMMA, ABS, and Glass made taillight is DOT approved. You can easily install them, but the manufacturers still recommend professional assistance.

Buying Guide

It can be pretty exciting to plan to replace the old taillights from your Subaru BRZ with a new and stylish one. But if you want to keep that excitement and fun even after buying it, you must pick a perfect one.

Unless it is your first time, searching for a suitable BRZ taillight is not that hard. This buying guide will tell you what to look and look out for.

Whether It Fits your Subaru BRZ

There is literally no reason to check a taillight out if it isn’t for your vehicle model. So, the first thing you should look at in the product description is the compatible cars.

Do not forget to check their time of release too. Some taillights may fit Subaru BRZ only from certain years.

Installation Process

Every expert will advise you to go for a taillight or headlight with plug-and-play functions. There is no reason behind spending a long time behind the installation.

You can install it within 5-10 minutes with plug-and-play. However, if rewiring is necessary, the product should include an instruction manual. Otherwise, you will have to spend some extra sum by hiring a mechanic.

Lens Quality

The next thing to check is the durability and longevity of the lenses. Most taillight and headlight lenses nowadays are manufactured with plastic or polycarbonate. While both are good choices, they must have a weatherproofing level of at least IP67.

Sealed beam lenses are excellent since they don’t allow moistures to form inside. A UV-coating is another bonus point you can look for.

Whether It Improves the Look of Your Subaru BRZ

It is kind of obvious that you want your new taillights to be as stylish, if not more than the stock ones. You can find various color options on the market, like chrome, smoked, clear, or black. Pick the one that you look the best on your BRZ. Black-colored taillight housings often cost more than other ones.


There are many federal laws regarding the lighting of your vehicle’s tail and headlights. For this reason, most states do not allow vehicle lights unless they are DOT or SAE approved. Keep an eye out for that.

Final Note

As you are getting a new pair of taillights for your Subaru BRZ, we suggest you research their installation process. Having this knowledge will also help you in the future.

Anyway, if you are still confused and cannot pick or short out any product, we got your back. Our tests and trials conclude that you should choose either the YUANZHENG Tail Lights or the Vland Taillights.

While the former will win your mind with its excellent focused beams and built quality, the latter has high brightness, durability, and look. Both are totally DOT and SAE compliance too.

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