How to Choose BMW Headlights?

Replacing the stock headlights of your BMW is worth the money and effort regardless of its model. There are many designs and types of headlight housing units available for you on the market.

This factor also makes it harder for you to pick one. You shouldn’t take any random headlight for your BMW. Even reputable brands often fail to provide what you need.

We gathered information about many headlights and made a list of ten of the best BMW headlights. They are highly reliable, worth the cost, enduring, and can turn many heads with their display.

And if you are wondering about how we created this list, we have explained that in the buying guide section.

Headlights For BMW

1. Auto Dynasty Store 3D Dual Blue Crystal LED Turn Signal Projector Headlight Lamps

Auto Dynasty Store 3D Dual Blue Crystal LED Turn Signal Projector Headlight Lamps

Compatible with BMW E90 3-Series 09-12, Driver and Passenger Side, Black Housing


  • Its dual-halo ring eyes with blue light make your vehicle front look the part.
  • The low beam has a projector setup. You can manually adjust the aim.
  • You can find an installation manual in the product description.
  • Auto Dynasty used polycarbonate, clear lenses on the headlights for an enduring impression and better view.


  • The lights may generate adaptive light error codes on your vehicle computer. We suggest you research how to get rid of the codes online or contact your mechanic.

How about a headlight set that focuses on both a spectacular look and a durable build? These projector headlights from Auto Dynasty have two-halo eyes on each with a U pattern. This signature feature is 3D and provides a blue crystal light.

The headlights are suitable for BMW 320i Sedan 2012, 323i 335d Sedan from 09-11, 325i 335i Sedan from 09-12, and 328i Sedan/Wagon from 09-12.

The headlights are pretty easy to install and remove. They utilize halogen-type bulbs. You can use your stock H1 and H7 bulbs for the high and projector low beam.

The amber LED signal lights cover the side portion of the headlights, where anyone can spot it with ease when lit. It’s a direct fit as there are fitment plugs of OEM quality.

As you can adjust the focus of the bulbs, you can make it directly aim downward on the road. The LED resistors have advanced efficiency and proper power distribution.

2. AKKON – For 06-08 BMW E90 3-Series

AKKON - For 06-08 BMW E90 3-Series

Fits 2006-2008 BMW E90 3-Series (Including 328i/330i/335i) 4DR Sedan and 4DR Wagon Model Only


  • The LED Tube design creates a smooth and solid light that looks like tube light. But it is a series of LEDs.
  • It includes LED halos that utilize SMD LED chips for a brighter light.


  • It can be confusing to install. You will need to modify some wiring on the LED and Halo parts. We suggest taking professional help if you don’t have enough experience.

Projector headlights always match the theme of BMW vehicles. Akkon released one epic set of headlights that ensures a great experience and look. You can pick these headlights for your BMW 3-series E90 from 2006 to 2008. The headlights are available in black and smoked housings, while black is costlier in comparison.

These headlights feature a LED halo ring for a better view and display. They turn the attractiveness of the headlights up some notch. You may use an H7 for the low beam and an H1 bulb for the high beam.

Make sure that your BMW is a 4-door model. Otherwise, the headlights won’t be compatible. It is also a non-HID one, meaning that it doesn’t fit factory HID housing units.

Akkon used CCFL for the halo ring for smooth illumination. They also give the projector lenses a higher focus. The LED chips of the headlights increase the longevity and ensure quick light-up. You can find DOT and SAE certification labels on the product.

3. VIPMOTOZ LED Halo Ring Black Projector Headlight 

VIPMOTOZ LED Halo Ring Black Projector Headlight

Fit for 2006-2008 BMW E90 E91 3-Series Sedan Wagon Halogen Model, Driver & Passenger Side


  • VIPMOTOZ added a three-layered protection coating that saves the headlight from debris and weather damage.
  • You do not need a mechanic to install them. Plug your vehicle power harness into the headlight, and that’s it.
  • Its projectors control the low beam and high beam patterns with perfection.
  • There is an OLED tube with a 5,000K color temperature.


  • The lenses are made of glass. Most current products to clean, restore, or seal headlight lenses are available for polycarbonate ones.

Do you own a BMW E90 or E91 3-series model? Then the VIPMOTOZ Projector Headlight may be the best option for your vehicle. It is colored with what the manufacturers call infinity black (matte).

Take the item for your E90 or E91 2009-2011. Just make sure that it is a four-door factory halogen model.

Let us talk about the utilities that this set of headlights will offer you. Its unique OLED tube has a color temperature of 5,000K that stays visible even in the fog.

It has a fantastic neon glow. Meanwhile, the LED lights of the headlights are placed in excellent patterns to both offer the best visibility and attractive look.

Its projector uses a globe-projector that cuts the light perfectly for a quality downward visibility. It also provides a long-distance, bright light.

There are both DOT and SAE stamps on the headlights. You will find both high and low beams installed in the housing unit.

4. ACANII – Smoked DRL Tube Full LED Projector Headlights

ACANII - Smoked DRL Tube Full LED Projector Headlights

Fit for 2012-2015 BMW 320i 328i 335i Sedan, Smoked Lens Obstructs Light Output | Off-Road Use Only


  • It has U-pattern LED DRL and amber turn signals.
  • It is so easy to adjust the focus of the headlight.
  • The product comes with high and low beam LED bulbs. You won’t need to buy them separately or use the stock ones.


  • It can be a bit costly for many of us.

Now we have a high-end headlight with a unique display. It is true that having a high cost doesn’t mean a product is of top quality. But these headlights are definitely worth the money with all the features they provide. 

They are compatible with a number of vehicle models that include F30 320i, 328i, and 335i from 2012 to 2015. However, your car must be a factory halogen model and 4-door Sedan to fit the headlights.

This item comes with low beam, high beam, running lights, and turn signal already pre-installed. All of them use LED as their bulbs. The turn signals have a golden hue with a stunning design. Meanwhile, there are LED DRLs surrounding both high and low beams.

You can find both horizontal and vertical adjustors at the back of the headlights. Once installed and lit, the lights can please any automobile lover.

The color ACANII chose for the housing is black. Its plastic lenses are clear for safer nighttime driving. They made the headlights with DOT and SAE compliance.

5. AmeriLite for 2012-2015 BMW F30 3-Series Sedan Crystal LED

AmeriLite for 2012-2015 BMW F30 3-Series Sedan Crystal LED

Fit for 2012-2015 BMW 3-Series F30 Halogen Type Sedon


  • The headlight has a UV coating to block harmful sun rays.
  • Its parking lights use LED bars that can last for a long period.
  • The components of the headlights follow OEM standards.


  • You need to buy a DS1 high beam bulb and a ballast resistor separately to install on the headlight.

The AmeriLite Dual Projector Headlights have almost the same traits as the previous item on our list. But we think this one also deserves a spot. 

The headlight set is installable on F30 from 2012 to 2015. The crystal LED tube looks amazing in the black housing. But you can also go for the chrome one.

The two LED tubes surround the bottom parts of the high and low beams. The headlights use halogen bulbs for high beam, low beam, and LED daytime running light. This DRL, U-lights, and turn signals all have high-quality LED bulbs.

The headlights come with turn signal bulbs. You need to get the high and low beam bulbs separately or use the stock halogen ones.

For the improvement of visibility, AmeriLite designed a projector low-beam. Since the headlights have plug-and-play installation, you won’t need to modify any wiring or contact your mechanics. The product follows all street codes from both the USA and Canada.

6. ACANII LED Halo Black Projector Headlights

ACANII LED Halo Black Projector Headlights

2002-2005 BMW E46 Sedan 3-Series


  • The headlight comes with a high-grade LED halo.
  • The amber turn signal uses a cover that provides a warm and solid light.
  • It has a really affordable cost compared to regular headlights on the market.


  • The absence of an installation manual makes it too confusing to install, even for an experienced person.

If you are a proud owner of a BMW E46 released between 2002 to 2005, then look no further than the ACANII Projector Headlights. It is a budget option where you will get quality LED halo lights and elegantly designed amber signals.

Available in black housing, the headlights come with both driver and passenger sides. They use halogen bulbs to illuminate the road ahead with a bright beam projection.

Its polycarbonate lenses are crystal clear and ensure not to block any light particles. The angle of beams, headlight designs, and colors make it totally street legal.

We should mention that you may avoid this item if your vehicle model is not a factory halogen Sedan or Wagon with four doors.

7. Auto Dynasty Projector Headlight for BMW E60 04-07

Auto Dynasty Projector Headlight for BMW E60 04-07

Compatible with BMW 525i 530i 2004-2007, BMW 545i 2004-2005, BMW 525xi 530xi 550i 2006-2007


  • You shouldn’t have much issue with the installation procedure as it is described in the product manual.
  • They fit BMW 525i and 530i 04-07, 525XI, 530XI, and 550i 06-07, and 545i 04-05 directly.
  • The manufacturers utilized OEM parts to construct the headlight.


  • The product is a bit pricy.
  • While the headlights contain OEM parts, it isn’t an adaptive headlight like the original one.

Next on our list, we have another headlight set from the Auto Dynasty brand. This one is released for BMW E60 5-series models from 2004 to 2007. If you compare the look of your stock headlights with this one, you may prefer this one better.

The headlights include chrome housing with a clear lens, making them safe on a dark road. Its LED turn signal is designed with multiple LED lights placed separately.

Do not forget about the 3D crystal U-lights, as they give the headlights extra elegance when lit.

Auto Dynasty used clear light cover to grant them extra protection against different hazards on the road. The DRL has an amber hue that stretches with a thin line across. Every part of the headlights is of OEM grade. That explains the high price of them.

Since they come with plug-and-play, you can fit them directly on the compatible model. These headlights are only for factory halogen, not vehicles with stock HID design.

Note that you may need to apply some coding to the vehicle computer following the installation.

8. AmeriLite for 99-01 BMW 3 Series E46

AmeriLite for 99-01 BMW 3 Series E46

Fits: 1999-2001 BMW E46 3-Series 2 Door Coupe & Convertible; [Do Not Fit] – Factory Xenon HID Version 


  • It comes with H7 halogen bulbs for high and low beams installed in the housing unit.
  • Its projector low beam has a crisp cut-off and controlled beam focus. You can also adjust the beam based on your need.


  • The LED used on the halo rings is of pretty low quality.
  • The package includes no installation system.

This LED projector Headlight set from AmeriLite has a lot to offer you. It is a perfect suit for people who want to facelift their BMW E46 3-Series from 1999 to 2001. 

However, it only fits the two-door Coupe ones. You can also get the variation for Sedan trim. It isn’t for models with a factory HID setting.

These headlights with black housings feature halo ring lights that circles around the high and low beam bulbs. Speaking of which, both beams use halogen as their light source.

The product comes with these bulbs. Its turn signal has a durable cover that ensures a solid light. The crystal clear lenses make sure that you get a proper light at night.

The headlights have OEM-certified parts throughout its body. Additionally, its manufacturers also achieved OEM certifications.

9. M MIBAHE LED Headlight High Low Beam with DRL LED Headlamp

M MIBAHE LED Headlight High Low Beam with DRL LED Headlamp

Built-in EMC guarantees no flicker issues; IP68 waterproof well sealed cover prevents rains or moisture


  • The Headlight has an E-mark certification that ensures its high-quality and safety level.
  • Its IP68 makes it highly enduring and flexible to harsh weather.
  • It has a moisture-removal system inside.


  • The housing is not that durable.

Now, we cannot gloss over motorcycle headlights, can we? M MIBAHE released an excellent headlight for BMW F800GS, F800GS Adventure, F700GS, and F650GS models. It has a black housing with high-quality LED DRL that extends all the way around the low beam bulbs.

Both its high and low beam has a proper direction of light focus that makes it easy to view both the lanes of a road. Its unique feature is the fog and moisture-removal system.

Detach the breathing valve and keep the lamp on for an hour to get rid of the moisture trapped inside. Meanwhile, its IP68 waterproof level will keep its outer parts from water and dust damage.

M MIBAHE used Cree LED chips to run an efficient operation and die-cast aluminum housing to resist higher heat under the sun. Its plug-and-play and direct fit make the installation so easy.

You can install it on your F650GS 2008-2012, F700GS 2013-2016 and 2018, F800GS 2008-2016 and 2018, and F800GS Adventure 2013-2017. Make sure you take the item for a compatible vehicle.

10. CPOWACE Store LED Headlight For BMW Motorcycle

CPOWACE Store LED Headlight For BMW Motorcycle

Can be used on r1200gs and adventure models which use oil cooling system from 2004 to 2012 years


  • The headlights have a housing with a black bezel. It looks pretty because of the design and patterns of the light.
  • Its color temperature is 6,000K, which provides a pure white light output.
  • It comes with a warranty of 2 years.


  • The light is a bit crooked.

Finally, we have the LED headlight from CPOWACE designed for BMW R1200GS and GS1200 Adventure Oil Cooler from 2004 to 2012. The item has a nice placement for the low beam, high beam, and running light.

Installing the headlight is really effortless. It has a plug-and-play feature, and there is no need for wiring or such modifications. CPOWACE used polycarbonate for the lens. Meanwhile, the housing is long-lasting too. This housing has a bezel of black color.

CPOWACE offers a warranty of two years for the product. You can get an instruction manual in the package. It can help you if you have no experience. Your vehicle must use an oil-cooling system to fit the headlight.

What Factors Define a Perfect BMW Headlight?

Buying one pair of headlight sets for your BMW is a tricky part. You will notice in our list above that none of them come without any flaw.

Your task is to find one that meets certain factors. It will also take a lot lesser time to reduce your target if you know what to look for. That is what we will discuss below.

Check out each of these points and try following them if you want to get the best item. That is unless you have already made your choice from one of the products on our list.

Size and Compatibility

While several BMW models use H7 as its low beam headlight, not all do. Even the same model from different years may need a dissimilar headlight. Product descriptions of headlights should mention their compatible vehicle list. Check if your vehicle model and year are on that list or not.

If there is no such list, you can contact the manufacturers for information or simply look for another headlight. Do not make the mistake of buying the wrong sized headlight for your BMW. It may result in additional hassle and cost from returning it.

Durability and Longevity

We all know that a durable product will last longer. So, how should you find that stable, long-lasting headlight? It is not that hard. You can either look at the materials of the headlight.

Usually, high-quality headlights for BMW or other vehicles come with polycarbonate plastic lenses and ABS housing. But that is not enough.

Any layers of coating and finishes will add more lifespan. You can find ones with UV coatings and shock resistance. It should have at a weatherproof level of IP67 or IP68.

The Look of Your BMW

Imagine how your BMW will look when you install the new pair of headlights on them. Never go for only one side headlight if you care about the style. You can find headlights in different colors. There are housings available in black, chrome, smoke, etc.

The black housing ones are often pricier. You will also find lenses in those colors. Smoked lenses are only for offroad use and are illegal on the street since they dim the light.

Reputable Brands

The brand may play a huge role in your experience with the new BMW headlight. You won’t buy them so often. So, trying out different brands is not an option here. Choosing popular brands is the wise move here. You will also get better customer service in this way.

We don’t mean that all headlights from popular brands are the best or ones from no-name brands are always low-grade, though.

Ending Note

The market is full of headlight housing units of different varieties. It is not always about whether one is of high or low grade. Sometimes, you may even need to choose from several top-grade headlights. In this scenario, either select the one with a color or design that you prefer or go for one with extra features.

We know that getting a new headlight unit for your BMW can be pretty confusing and worrisome. You are not alone. If you really cannot make a choice, you can do the search with the help of your mechanic. After all, the professionals know the ins and outs of the matter.

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