Why Buy Blue Headlight Bulbs – For The Blue Lovers Only

Blue lights coming out of our headlight housing units pleases many of us. They look stunning, attractive, work perfectly as a photoshoot backdrop, and contain a higher color temperature.

There are different blue bulb types out on the market. Some are blue, ice blue, sky blue, and dark blue.

Note that not all bulbs with over 6,500K color are blue lights. For the avoidance of such confusion, I have made a list of ten of the best bulbs on the market after using the leading brands' products ourselves.

I have considered other necessary factors like brightness, longevity, installation, and efficiency. You can find a buying guide afterward with more in-depth details of blue headlight bulbs.

Best Blue Headlights Bulb Reviews

1. Alla Lighting 3200 Lumens Ice Blue H11 LED Fog Lights Bulb

Alla Lighting 3200 Lumens Ice Blue H11 LED Fog Lights Bulb

No beam direction, it is not suggested to be used as the high or low beam headlight.


  • The bulbs fit different stock bulbs, including H8, H11, H16 on American and Japanese vehicles. They can also replace H11LL and H8LL.
  • They provide a blue-colored light with extreme brightness.
  • It provides a 360° spread light output.


  • Even though the advertisement says it is ice blue, the bulbs are actually pure blue. They can be illegal in many places.

Let’s start the list with a pair of bulbs that provide extremely bright blue outputs.

The LED bulbs from Alla Lighting have a blue color that shines with a lumen of 1,600 each. You can use them as the fog lights of your headlight.

Its 8000K color temperature is the reason behind its super blue light. Since it takes only a wattage of 9, you can get a high energy efficiency from them. LED bulbs are almost always much brighter than stock bulbs.

These pair take them to even next level. I should mention that the bulbs are not for high or low beams. They are not projected and spread.

If you want to improve the look of your vehicle and give it a luxurious display, then I highly recommend the item.

The bulbs contain high-quality reflector plates and glass lenses for higher durability. Another special feature they hold is that they are waterproof.

2. Fahren 9007/HB5 LED Headlight Bulbs (Blue)

Fahren 9007/HB5 LED Headlight Bulbs

1,2000RPM turbo cool fan provide super cooling ability, which ensures a longer lifespan up to 5,0000 hours.


  • The lights can last up to 50,000 hours, thanks to the turbofan with 12,000 RPM.
  • It has an aimed beam that doesn’t blind anyone on the road or on other vehicles.
  • You can run it under -45 to 150° F, and it takes only 30W each.


  • The heat-dissipation doesn’t work as promised, shortening its lifespan.

Getting a product from a reputable brand is pretty reliable. The Fahren LED Headlight Bulbs have a brightness of 12,000 lumens in total. It is a direct fit on Dodge Ram 1500 from 2005. The bulbs have a size of 9007/HB5.

This pair of bulbs provide a cool white light. Cool white falls in the blue category in the upper end of the spectrum. As a result, you won’t face any legality issues with the coloring. Their color temperature is 6,500K, which is an ideal amount.

For making it suitable to face rain and debris, the bulbs have a weatherproof level of IP68. There is a 0.6-inches heat sink, which creates proper heat removal.

Fahren ensured a controlled beam pattern that focuses on the road and gives a long-distance view of 200m without glaring at the traffic.

It features a plug-and-play installation, but it required a bit of modification for my car. If you use any model like Dodge or BMW, you may get error codes or flickering. In that case, you will need to install an additional CAN bus decoder.

3. HID-Warehouse HID Xenon Replacement Bulbs

HID-Warehouse HID Xenon Replacement Bulbs

Compatible with 35W & 55W Ballast. Compatible with most aftermarket HID Lights


  • The bulbs have a color temperature of 10,000k.
  • You can select from a huge list of sizes and colors to find your preferred one.
  • You get a warranty of one year from the purchase date.


  • The bulbs are not as blue as HID-Warehouse promise or advertise.

The next bulb comes in an array of different colors and sizes. The HID Xenon bulbs from HID-Warehouse brand are available in nine colors. This link will lead you to the dark blue one.

Meanwhile, while this one is a 9006 bulb, you can choose from a number of sizes. So, whether you want a bulb for your fog light or high-low beams, you can find it.

Before you choose any, you should make sure to have either a 35W or 55W ballast. The bulbs drain only 35W from the power source. They work with both AC and DC ballast. The dark blue variation of them has a color of 10,000k.

The HID bulbs that HID-Warehouse offer has a ten times longer lifespan than the stock halogen lights. Not to mention, they have a waterproof and shockproof build.

All of them feature plug-and-play installation. There is a detailed installation guide in the product description.

4. Xotic Tech 2pcs H8 H9 H11 Ice Blue 8000K LED Bulbs Conversion Kit

Xotic Tech 2pcs H8 H9 H11 Ice Blue 8000K LED Bulbs Conversion Kit

Good for Fog light, Daytime Running Lights


  • The bulbs provide a total brightness of 12,000 lumens.
  • They have a long lifespan of around 30 thousand hours.
  • The bulbs can operate in a temperature range between -40° to 80° F.
  • They have premium chips that can give around twice the light while draining only 40% energy.


  • The installation can be a bit hassle due to the collar design.
  • They are actually cold blue, not ice blue. So, if you want to go for the latter, avoid this one.

If you are in need of a pair of H8, H9, or H11 bulbs for your headlight, check out the Xotic Tech Ice Blue LED Bulbs. These bulbs have an astounding 8,000k color with a wattage requirement of only 50W. Manufacturers advise you to use it only as a daytime running light or fog light of your vehicle.

The brightness of LED bulbs always surpasses that of halogen and HID ones. For example, this pair of bulbs provide a light output of 6,000 lumens each.

As you turn on the lights, you can get an instant light without a second’s delay. It doesn’t trigger any electromagnetic radiation or circuit interface to perform the lighting.

The bulbs have an overall length of 2.99 inches. Its aluminum body gives it a durable impression with high heat resistance. For further heat dissipation, there is an extraordinary heat sink system.

5. Duo Lu Tong H11/H8/H9 Blue LED Headlight Bulbs

Duo Lu Tong H11/H8/H9 Blue LED Headlight Bulbs

H11 led light adpot 6063 aviation aluminum body with thermal conductivity up to 10000RPM powerful turbo cool fan


  • The bulbs have a 10,000-RPM turbo cooling fans and 6063 aviation aluminum parts for ultimate heat removal.
  • You can replace them with a variety of stock bulb sizes. They are also replacements for halogen bulbs.
  • The package contains a complete conversation kit.


  • They don’t fit some vehicle models that the manufacturers say they should.

This bulb will be a perfect option for people who want the brightest headlight lamps out there. The Blue LED bulbs from Duo Lu Tong are installable in place of H8, H9, H11, and H16 stock bulbs. My car looked stunning with a light beam of 14,000 lumens from these.

Its versatility gives it a bonus point. You can install it as your high beam, low beam, or fog light. One of the major problems that headlight bulbs face is their vulnerability to moisture. That’s why the manufacturers made these headlights IP68.

For outputting a blue light, Duo Lu Tong designed it to have a color temperature of 8,000k.

The package isn’t just a pair of LED bulbs, but I also got an entire conversation kit. You can replace your stock halogen bulbs with this one using the easy plug-and-play feature.

These bulbs are more focused on the road than upwards. You can also adjust the aim of the beams to your needs. There will be no dark spots.

6. Mega Racer D2S Bulb 10000K Dark Blue D2S/D2R Xenon HID Bulbs

Mega Racer D2S Bulb 10000K Dark Blue D2S/D2R Xenon HID Bulbs

IP68 Waterproof, Xenon Gas, and High Quality Quartz Glass for added protection


  • They fit vehicles with HID factory setup and D2S, D2R, and D2C bulbs.
  • The bulbs have quartz glass that is durable and can survive against UV-rays for a long time.
  • Its 10,000K color provides a blue output.


  • A dark blue bulb should be 100% blue, but these bulbs have a high whitening.
  • They don’t last long enough for HID bulbs, contradictory to what Mega Racer says.

Whether you have a projector or reflector headlight housing, you can go for the Mega Racer Xenon HID Bulbs. They have a base from metal stents to get higher durability with better practicality. Also, having a waterproof level of IP68 is always a nice thing.

D2S bulbs are for projector headlights, while D2R are for reflector ones. But these HID bulbs fit and replace both sizes.

They drain only 35W from the power source and operate with high efficiency. At a decent cost, it looked like a perfect deal for my high and low-beam bulb replacements.

The usage of Xenon gas makes HID bulbs longer lasting compared to halogen ones. On top, this item has quartz glass for the bulb for a higher shielding level.

I should mention that these headlight bulbs are only for stock HID design. Get them if you want a bright light of 8,000 lumens from your vehicle.

7. FANTELI H4 LED Headlight Bulbs - 300% Super Bright Cool Deep Blue

FANTELI H4 LED Headlight Bulbs, 300% Super Bright Cool Deep Blue

300% Brighter Than Halogen ( Super Cool Deep Blue Color )


  • Its 12,000 RPM fan is proof of its advanced heat dissipation.
  • The bulbs are the perfect fit for almost all vehicles with H4, HB2, and 9003 bulbs.


  • The bulbs are a bit pricey, but they are worth it.

Getting the perfect blue light bulb brings a moment of satisfaction. The FANTELI LED Headlight Bulbs will bring you closer to that scenario.

This pair features a 300% higher brightness than your average headlight bulb. They are an ideal replacement for the H4, Hb2, or 9003 bulbs on your car or bike.

The lumen of the bulbs is a total of 12,000, while they provide a color temperature range of 10,000k to 12,000k. The end result is a deep blue beam from the vehicle. For tackling the energy consumption, FANTELI used LED chips of automotive-grade.

They support the computer system of 99% of vehicles, while some models may need an additional CAN bus decoder to prevent error codes. I was able to replace my LEDs directly with these bulbs using plug-and-play.

8. Auxito LED Headlight Bulbs

Auxito LED Headlight Bulbs

The h11 led headlight bulb uses double sided ZES chips, giving 12,000lm light output per set


  • The bulbs come with a built-in CAN bus and smart IC driver that support most vehicle models. However, some may need an anti-flicker harness.
  • It has a wireless design, where you only have to plug in the connector.
  • It provides 360-degree lighting.


  • As some buyers also noticed, these bulbs are not suitable with projector housing units, where they provide a lesser brightness.

There are chances that you want a bulb with slight blue output instead of intense blue light. In that case, check out the Auxito LED Headlight Bulbs that fit any vehicle with H8, H9, or H11 bulb requirements. Their color is 6,500K, which falls a little towards to blue side of the spectrum and is called the cool white.

I didn't worry about the brightness, as they have 12,000 lumens in total. It is possible because of the ZES chips with dual-sided designs. As a result, you can see better at night than the sock ones.

Meanwhile, I noticed the beam patterns of them are similar to stock halogen ones. You will notice no dark spot or such from them.

Its body has an aviation aluminum construction that resists high heat. Combine that with a high-speed cooling fan and IP65 weatherproof makes it suitable for prolonged use.

9. CARIFEX Compact LED Headlight Bulbs

CARIFEX Compact LED Headlight Bulbs

400% Brighter Than Regular Headlights, Super easy installation, Adjustable Beam Pattern


  • It comes with four pieces of bulbs for the high beam and low beam of your vehicle.
  • The light bulbs save around 70% of energy.
  • You can install them on 99% of the vehicle with suitable headlight sizes within 10 minutes. It has plug-and-play.
  • It provides a wider and spread beam without creating any dark spot.


  • The fans make a noise level of 7-dB that is hard to suppress.
  • It is kind of difficult to install for many people. I suggest contacting any mechanic if you find any issue with the installation.

Again, if you want a headlight with cool-white level blue but didn’t like the previous item, you can check out the CARIFEX Compact bulbs. These LED bulbs come with two pieces for the high beam with 9005/HB3 size and two for the low beam with H11/H9 size.

These bulbs contain improved CSP chips to sustain their 400% higher brightness than regular bulbs. I got a bluish-white output using the 6,000k color. Combining the last two factors, you can have safer driving at night and make it easier for others to see your vehicle.

For a 360-degree view of the road, CARIFEX used array chips designs that prevented any chance of dark spots ahead as well. So, I could even see other lanes and a long distance (200m) without blinding anyone.

Thanks to its small design, you can install it on 99% of vehicle that accepts the sizes.

It drains pretty low energy and saves over 65% (according to the seller).

It is possible to use it for 50,000h of driving time. Harsh weather cannot damage the bulbs that much because of their high weatherproof level.

10. Mega Racer LED Headlight Bulbs 8000K Ice Blue

Mega Racer LED Headlight Bulbs 8000K Ice Blue

3 Color Changing H11/H8/H9/H16 Headlight LED contains Top-Grade 30 Dots LED COB Diodes per side


  • Its CAN bus canceler makes it suitable for 98% of the vehicles without showing any error messages.
  • It lets you change among three colors- diamond white, ice blue, and dark blue.
  • It has a wide range of operating temperatures and IP68 weatherproof level.


  • Some people experience an issue where the two bulbs do not sync as you change their color. Only one changes the color. It doesn’t happen to everyone, though.

How about bulbs that give you various options of colors? That is the signature feature of the Mega Racer LED Headlight Bulbs.

The item comes with a diamond white color with 6,000k by default. However, you can turn it to dark blue with 10,000k by turning the on/off switch once and ice blue with 8,000k by doing it twice.

Being the epitome of versatility, they are suitable as high beam, low beam, and even fog lights of your vehicle. The sizes that they can replace are H8, H9, H11, and H16. As for the brightness, it has a lumen of 8,000. The bulbs output that amount by consuming 50W of energy.

They include CAN bus cancelers to prevent getting any error messages. However, some models need a CAN-bus decoder for it, as my one did.

I noticed that these LED bulbs with quality diodes provide a downward aimed beam and do not glare. Its operating heat of -40° to 220° makes it perfect for any atmospheric temperature.

Browsing for the Blue Headlight Bulbs – What to Look for?

The process of buying new parts for your vehicle feels amazing. None of us want to ruin that excitement by getting the wrong item. If you are planning to buy a new pair of blue bulbs for your vehicle headlights, you should be aware of some points.

Simply getting a random product won’t do. You need to perform your analysis in order to filter out some items. Thus, you can choose one in the end that will actually be worth the purchase.

How Much Blue?

You are getting blue bulbs, that’s true, but is that really going to be okay? For starters, let’s talk about the display. Blue light may feel spectacular from the front, but that doesn’t mean you will like that when behind the steering wheel.

There are two ways that manufacturers increase the blueness of a bulb. Firstly, the higher color temperature usually results in bluer color while lesser are red and warmer. Secondly, they use darker or light tints to control the blueness.

Darker tints have lesser brightness, while lighter ones are brighter. So, while choosing a blue light, you have to make sure that the brightness exceeds 8,000 lumens in total. You likely won’t like a bulb with a darker tint, even if it has an extreme color temperature.


Every state has its laws about vehicle lighting. Some are stricter than others. You must go through these regulations before going for a bulb with a bluer tint.

Cool white is a really light blue and is legal in most places. The same is correct for ice blue. But dark and deep blue are prohibited in many states. Also, make sure that the bulbs do not glare and blind others. That is illegal in all states.

Suitable Position and Size

The bulb must fit the size of your stock headlight bulbs. Some bulbs replace stock halogen and LED, while others are for HID.

Aside from that, see where the bulbs are installable. Some are suitable for low-beam, high-beam, and fog light, all at once. Most vehicles with high and low beams from the same bulbs cannot operate a blue light well.


There are various factors that ensure the durability and longevity of a bulb. Firstly, a LED bulb should have a high-grade heat-dissipation and a fan with a high rotation speed to last a long time.

Meanwhile, bulbs with higher weatherproof levels (IP68) can survive harsh weather. Finally, bulbs with aviation aluminum bodies can tackle higher heat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Blue Bulbs in Headlights Legal?

Blue bulbs that come with the vehicle equipped are legal in most states. But many states have strict rules regarding aftermarket blue bulbs. While cool white and ice blue are legal in most places, you should still check the laws online or ask an expert.

What LED Headlights Look Blue?

LED headlights with a color temperature of 8,000K or more have a blueness of 90% and whiteness of 10%. Bulbs fall to the bluish side after going past 6,000K color. But not all 8,000K ones are blue. It can depend on the manufacturers and tints on the glass.

Is 6000K Too Blue?

6,000K color is cool white and not that blue. It is just slightly towards the blue part from white. Also, if you want to be sure not to face any legality issues, go for this color. It will make your vehicle look lavish and pricy as well.

Why are some headlight bulbs blue?

Blue light is often used as a form of lighting, and it helps the eyes stay alert and focused. But some of these bulbs, like those found in automobiles, tend to emit a blue tint that affects the driver’s vision.

This blue light is also a source of circadian disruption, which affects the body’s natural circadian rhythm and leads to fatigue. Hence, the American Academy of Ophthalmology recommends using bulbs with a color temperature between 3000-4000 K (blue) instead of 5000 K (white).

What are the blue colored headlights called?

The term “blue headlights” refers to the lights mounted on the front of a vehicle. They are usually painted blue, though sometimes they are white or orange.

Are LED headlights blue?

LED headlights usually come in various colors, including amber, white, green, and red. However, since they're LEDs, the color they emit depends on the light source. In case of LED headlights, they often emit a bluish light.

Can I have blue LED headlights?

Yes, you can have blue LED headlights. LED lights are brighter than traditional halogen bulbs, and they don't emit harmful UV rays. But make sure to keep the light at a minimum, and only use it while driving.

Can you get blue halogen bulbs?

Blue halogen bulbs can be found in many electronic devices today. They produce light in a color similar to that of daylight, and are ideal for use in low-light conditions. They come in three different types: halogen bulbs, halogen lights, and fluorescent bulbs. Fluorescent lights are generally more popular and easier to find, but you should take a close look at the brightness and lifespan of each type of bulb to make sure that you're getting the most suitable one for your lighting needs.

Are blue LED headlights better than white?

Blue LEDs are best for visibility. They are safer on the road, especially when driving at night. Also, they are more resistant to weather conditions, and they don't fade after prolonged usage. On the other hand, white headlights offer brighter illumination and better color rendering, which is great for daytime driving.

Are zXe headlights blue?

Yes, ZXe headlights are blue. They are the most popular LED headlight used today. You can find them in numerous car models, including the Tesla Model S and Model X, and Ford F-150. ZXe headlights are also great for enhancing your vehicle's style and performance.

Are blue headlights illegal in New York?

New York law does not prohibit using blue lights on your vehicle. However, if you use blue lights, you must have them equipped with turn signals, and have them visible from both sides of the road. If you fail to do so, you can face fines from the police.

Are blue headlights illegal in California?

California Vehicle Code Section 24007 states that the headlights on a vehicle must be white. So, Yes, blue headlights are illegal in California. 

Are blue headlights legal in Oregon?

In most cases, yes. According to Oregon law, you can drive with blue headlights if they’re compliant with the light requirements. But the headlights must be tinted to block 99% of the blue spectrum to avoid harming drivers’ eyes. If you’re looking for a full-spectrum light, then check out the LED headlamps from Zaxby’s Lighting.

Are blue headlights illegal in Ohio?

Ohio state law mandates that you must have yellow headlights in addition to a blue license plate. If you violate this law, you could face fines up to $1,000. You can consult with a lawyer to check whether your car's headlights are legal.

Do light bulbs produce blue light?

Light bulbs do not produce blue light. They emit a spectrum of white light, but the color depends on the type of bulb you're using. For instance, incandescent bulbs emit a yellowish-orange spectrum, while fluorescent bulbs emit a bluish-green spectrum. LED bulbs emit white light.

Are blue headlights legal in Oklahoma?

Blue headlights are not legal in Oklahoma, as they are considered illegal after sunset and before sunrise. This applies to both standard car headlights and those equipped with LED bulbs. However, you should note that these headlights are mostly meant for night driving, so it’s unlikely that you’ll run into any trouble.

Are ice blue fog lights illegal?

Ice blue fog lights are not illegal, but they’re certainly not allowed on your vehicle. They’re only legal on certain vehicles, such as police cruisers and ambulances. If you’re planning to install these lights, make sure you get permission from the police department and take note of any laws that may prohibit them.

Why are blue LEDs so bright?

Blue LEDs are made from Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) and their maximum luminescence is around 700 nanometres (nm). This is why they're so bright. But their actual luminescence is around 488 nm.

Are blue light bulbs harmful?

No, blue light bulbs are not harmful. They simply emit a lot of energy, which is the primary reason why they are considered harmful. It’s better to use cool white bulbs for better energy savings, and the human eye can distinguish colors better when they are visible. But if you still want to use blue light bulbs, you can always reduce the intensity of the bulb to make sure it doesn't cause any health issues.

Why do blue lights look blurry?

Blue lights may look blurry when viewed from a distance, as these bulbs have a tendency to spread their light over a larger area.


As I mentioned in the buying guide, you must be very careful about the legality issues. In the worst-case scenario, you can get a ticket for using an illegal tint or color of the bulb. Check the laws in your state to be totally safe.

After getting the bulb, I advise checking it properly. Don’t delay the installation. Many leave newly bought bulbs to use later, and then they find out that it has flaws. But at that moment, it gets too late to contact the manufacturers. Hopefully, you can shorten your selection list and find the ideal bulb for your vehicle.

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