Are LED Headlights Legal in PA?

According to Vehicle Code 4310, it is now legal to use LED headlights in PA. However, there are some specific standards for using LED headlights.

Nowadays, automobile manufacturers equip LED in the headlights. They must follow the regulations of the PA lighting standards. Firstly, you must use LED headlights that come from the manufacturers. Otherwise, it is not legal.

Will LED Headlights Pass PA Inspection?

Some of you may be confused about your LED headlights passing the PA inspection. LED headlights will pass the inspection only if it follows the specification given by the legislation of Pennsylvania.

There is a law where you must use the stock headlights from the factory of the car you buy. Never use aftermarket headlights as they are illegal on the roads. But, if the headlight comes from the original vehicle manufacturer, you may replace them as you please.

Aftermarket headlights might not fit the regulations stated by Pennsylvania. some LEDs are too bright. They may look great with your car, but there is a high chance of an accident when you drive it. The bright light may blind the incoming vehicles, so using such LEDs is not recommended.

Moreover, ensure that the color of your Led fits the standard for the inspection. If you are using blue, then there is a risk that your car might not pass the Pennsylvania inspection. You should use white LEDs that give off a bluish vibe.

Another important thing is the size of the headlights. It should not be more than 54 inches or lesser than 24 inches. The following information is essential if you want to replace your headlights. Usually, the LED headlights that come from certified manufacturers follow this standard as it is the same for various other states.

Is It Illegal to Fit Aftermarket LED Headlights?

Firstly, the LED headlights that do not directly come from the manufacturers are called after-market headlights. It’s illegal if they do not follow the standards specified by the legislation. Although, you won’t get pulled over if your headlights fit all the criteria stated by the Vehicle Code. Check the following points to understand whether you can use aftermarket LED headlights.

There are various brands of aftermarket LEDs that have different qualities. It mainly depends on the standard of the headlight. You may get pulled over in Pennsylvania as it has laws restricting the use of LEDs if it does not follow the norm. Hence, you must get a better headlight and install them properly. Otherwise, you will receive a penalty for not following the standards.

If you really want to install LED headlights, you must get one from the most renowned source, legal in Pennsylvania. The prominent sources will provide you with headlights that fit Pennsylvania laws and regulations.

Although, if you are a new vehicle owner, it’s not necessary to purchase a LED headlight. Because most cars now come equipped with a LED headlight. They are prevalent since it lasts longer than the HID. Moreover, the brightness is comparatively more. However, if your car does not have stock LED, you should check the Pennsylvania legislature for aftermarket headlights.

Final Note

We discussed the Pennsylvania legislation regarding the usage of LED headlights. Furthermore, we also covered the ways legally use the headlights.

Recently, most states introduced a new law that allows people to use headlights with LED inside it. However, it must not exceed 150000 candle power, or it must not be lower than 7500. Pennsylvania only allows headlights that come from the factory directly. Likewise, if you want to replace them, you must get them from a reputable source.

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