Are Interior LED Lights Illegal in Illinois?

Illinois laws prohibits any lamp not mentioned in its codes. So, for a lamp type to become legal, it must be addressed. So, let’s find out whether interior LED lights are included in the rules in this state.

Interior LED lights have many advantages. Not only do they look astounding, but they also make the inside of the car more visible. In most cases, the stock interior lights do not come with high intensity lamps. Hence, their lighting colors often turn out to be yellow.

But many of us want bright white LED lights instead. Others want to install LED strips near the paddles and backseat. But all this are doable, only if your state laws allow it.

Are Interior LED Lights Illegal in Illinois

Illinois Vehicle Lighting Laws

Some of the following Illinois vehicle lighting laws may seem off-topic. But regardless, you should still be aware of them. Our main goal is to find the legality of interior LED lights among them.

When to Keep Headlights Lighted

  • From sunset to sunrise.
  • Any time of the day when the light on the road is so low that it limits your visibility to 1,000 feet or below.
  • If you have to use windshield wipers for bad weather conditions.

Color Restrictions

  • Headlights can be white or yellow.
  • No red light to the front is allowed.
  • Flashing lights are only allowed to signal left or right turn or during traffic hazards.

Equipment Restrictions

  • There can be at most one spotlight, which must be properly aimed according to the rules.
  • There must be at least two headlights on vehicles with at least one on each side to the front. Motorcycles can have at least one headlight and not more than two.
  • There must be at least one taillight to the rear.
  • You can install three auxiliary lamps on the vehicle at most. But you must install them within the legal height limit.

If we accumulate the above laws, we can find the allowed lamp types on a vehicle are as follows.

allowed lamp types on a vehicle

Any lamp other than what is mentioned in the laws is prohibited until the law agencies may address it. So, as we can see, the state laws of Illinois do not actually allow interior lamps or underglow lights.

But, of course, the factory interior LEDs are legal. But you must only stick to them. If any interior bulb gets damaged, you must only get a new one from OEM manufacturers and buy the bulbs in the exact size and types as the factory lights.

And since the state law doesn’t allow it anyway, it doesn’t matter whether the federal rules allow it or not. Even if federal law allows anything, you can only use it if your state does the same. I hope that makes everything clear.

What about Off-Roading?

As all the state laws about vehicle lighting above are applicable for on-road use, interior lights are okay to use during off-roading. In that case, you may use LED stripes, bright LED aftermarket lights, and anything else you want. You may also use RGB lights or any color you see fit.

Final Note

Interior LED lights are mostly illegal in Illinois. Only the factory LED lights inside the car are allowed, and so are any replacement ones from OEM manufacturers. It must also be DOT-approved. Illinois law doesn’t allow any type of lamp that it doesn’t mention in the codes. It also includes underglow LEDs, LED light bars, or flush light pods. You can only them for off-roading.

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