Are HID Lights Legal in Texas?

Yes, DOT-approved HID lights are legal in Texas. There is indeed a lot of misunderstanding about HID lights. Many automobile owners in Texas prefer the sleek appearance and stronger brightness that xenon headlights provide and wish to achieve this with their existing halogen system.

In a nutshell, because HID systems are classified as an aftermarket alteration, they are not road legal in Texas unless the color temperature of those HID lightbulbs is above the average range of 6000k.

So, when buying HID lights, be sure to look at the color temperature immediately.

Are 6000k HID Lights Legal in Texas?

Yes, 6000K HID lights are legal in Texas. Trying to make sure your HID lights are extremely qualified is only the first step toward staying legal on the road in Texas. You should also make sure that the new HID lightbulbs have the right color temperature so that the cops of Texas don’t penalize you.

The color temperature of a bulb is an indicator of how bluish or yellowish it looks. The color temperature of lightbulbs with a greater color temperature looks bluer, whereas lightbulbs with a reduced color temperature seem warmer (as in more yellow).

So, the average color temperature that a driver from Texas can use in his HID lightbulbs is exact 6000k which gives cool daylight. More bluish than 6000K isn’t legal in the streets of Texas. 

Bluish color headlights look stunning in the car but as the blue hue doesn’t go further on the streets, other cars coming from the other side won’t be able to notice you which can cause an accident. That’s the reason why HID lights over 6000K aren’t legal in Texas.

Ensure the HID headlight bulbs aren’t over 6000K as a general rule. As a result, bulbs aren’t any longer street legal in most regions along with Texas, therefore verify the color temperature before buying.

Is It Illegal to Fit Aftermarket HID Headlights?

HID lightbulbs may be installed on practically any car using aftermarket HID conversion kits. It isn’t as simple as simply replacing your old lightbulbs with new ones. You can, however, simply install HID lightbulbs on your own with the proper equipment.

Of course, not every aftermarket HID conversion headlight kit is the same. Some might result in you getting pulled over or receiving a penalty in Texas. Because HID lightbulbs are just so brilliant, it’s essential to ensure they’re installed properly.

Straight-ahead HID lightbulbs can dazzle other vehicles, posing a risk to the public and a legal concern in Texas. HID bulbs should be directed towards the road when properly placed, and so many employ reflectors to guarantee that the light is shining down rather than above.

If you really want to utilize the HID aftermarket headlights, make absolutely sure you acquire one from a respected law source so you know it’s legal in Texas.

In some situations, your car may come equipped with HID headlights. It’s becoming increasingly popular, particularly in high-end or luxury automobiles, where HID lightbulbs are now almost the standard.

If you bought a new car with HID lights, you may rest easy knowing that they are legal. If you do have an older car and want to change the lighting, you’ll have to learn something about aftermarket HID headlights and Texas legislation.

Final Note

Here we described the Texas legislation regarding using aftermarket HID lights and its overcoming ways of legalizing using HID lights on streets.

Some states allow HID headlights, however, Texas only allows white or yellow-colored headlight bulbs, which implies that only low-intensity HID headlights are authorized.

“Except authorized differently, the hue of headlights and reflector upon such a car should be as continues to follow:

The light emitted from all headlights as well as the reflected light from a reflector, observable from in front of an automobile, must be yellow or white,” according to Texas transportation legislation.

This law makes it unlawful in Texas to have headlights that produce a blue light (over 6000k).

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