About Us

Hi, I am Ricardo Miller. I and my friends developed this awesome site. machinetackle.com is your go-to site to get solid and evidence-based reviews on headlights and various automotive parts! Starting from LED, halogen, and HID headlights to a range of bulbs, we cover everything here!

Who Are We

We are a group of professional automotive experts and researchers presenting our findings on automotive products like headlights and helping you pick the best ones! Our group consists of members who are experts in market research, automotive professionals who can test and determine the best product from a list of items.

What sets us apart from other reviewers is our team’s experience and skillsets that make them suitable for reviewing automotive parts from a detailed point of view. Instead of being biased and providing mixed judgment on automotive gadgets, our points are made precisely on why a product is better than the rest.

Our Goal

Our purpose is to provide genuine information and advice on why you should or should not get a certain automotive gadget. We do not wish to only rely on the information given by the seller. Instead, doing the research ourselves and conducting various tests, we can provide a neutral opinion and present actual facts that can help people with their purchase.

How Do We Present Information

While presenting the correct information on products, we follow these steps properly:

  • Market Research: Our group of intelligent and talented market researchers helps us get the best recommendation for each type of automotive product. They make their picks by the popularity, reviews, and product information provided by the sellers.
  • User Interview: There are no better ways to find out the good and bad of a product than doing user interviews. By talking to the customers of certain gears directly, we are able to make a detailed description that includes users’ perspectives.
  • Product Testing: Testing products is one of the most important aspects that set us apart from our competition. In our own facility, our experts conduct research and test the specific products we write about and find out which ones are the best!

Why Do You Need MachineTackle.com

Finding the right automotive parts for your vehicle is hard and it has become even more complicated in recent years as more items are currently in the market. When you will make your purchase, you have to make sure the product you are getting is meeting your requirements of being high-quality and long-lasting.

However, doing the research yourself is time-consuming and a tough process. If you find yourself busy with other work and want a trusted source to do the research for you, our site is the answer!

Our reviews consist of:

  • Specific pros and cons of an automotive product.
  • Description with factual information and customer reviews.
  • A buying guide consisting of advice on how to make your own purchase.

We make sure to cover every aspect of the products and compare themselves with each other to provide a better understanding.

Reach Out to Us

We are available all the time to answer your questions and inquiries. Check out this page where you can contact us about your comments!