How to Choose 9004 Headlight Bulb?

Not many vehicles use headlights with the size of 9004. So, if you are looking for a pair of them, you are probably the owner of a Toyota Camry, Tercel, 4Runner, Oldsmobile Silhouette, Chevy Venture, etc. As the headlights are a crucial part of any vehicle, you must choose the perfect one.

The headlights that we reviewed below are some of the best 9004 headlights among many. You can rest assured as they are of high standards. None of them should give you reasons to buy new headlights in a long time. Check out the wiring system of 9004 headlights and its buying guide as well.

List of 9004 Headlight Bulbs

1. SYLVANIA 9004 XtraVision Halogen Headlight Bulb

SYLVANIA 9004 XtraVision Halogen Headlight Bulb

Increased downroad visibility with no added glare. Proprietary filament design to increase performance and ensure durability


  • Features a quality tungsten coil, increasing the lifespan of the bulbs.
  • Increased downroad performance; you do not blind other drivers.


  • The light isn’t very white.

You cannot go wrong with Sylvania. These bulbs are cheap and high-quality, making them one of our top picks. Even though they lack a lot of extra features compared to the Infitary bulbs and aren’t the brightest options on our list, you may pick them for their longevity and quality.

These have better downroad performance compared to OEM halogen bulbs. It means they will show you more of the road while not blinding upcoming drivers. Moreover, the proprietary filament design increases the effectiveness and longevity of them. They are also safe to use and completely legal on the street.

2. Infitary LED Headlight Bulbs 9004 HB1 Conversion Kits High/Low Beam Auto Headlamp

Infitary LED Headlight Bulbs 9004 HB1 Conversion Kits High/Low Beam Auto Headlamp

Dual Beam LED headlight bulbs, each bulb has 3 pcs of high power COB chips made in Taiwan, perfect light pattern without dark spot,6000-6500K white,36w/bulb 8000LM per Pair


  • Contains a high-speed but quiet fan along with aluminum heat sink construction; better cooling than regular halogen options.
  • 6500K color temperature offers excellent white light with increased visibility.
  • 8000LM – one of the brightest bulbs on our list!


  • The prong seems too flimsy.

Among many LED headlights with 9004 size, the Infitary LED 9004 has an astounding 72W power. It means that the headlight can provide a brighter light compared to your average headlights of the same size.

Even being LED lights, this item has a pretty low cost and comes with an extreme whiteness. Utilizing the conversion kit, you can use the headlight as a replacement for many other headlight sizes.

Plug-and-play design with a woven belt for the socket makes for a simple installation. Not to mention, you should get this headlight model if you want ultra-brightness, like 8,000LM.

3. SYLVANIA – 9004 SilverStar Ultra – High Performance Halogen Headlight Bulb

SYLVANIA - 9004 SilverStar Ultra - High Performance Halogen Headlight Bulb

Lights dim over time, replace in pairs for optimal performance


  • Thanks to the Tri-band coating, the headlights are peak choices for downloads.
  • The headlights improve the style of your vehicle.
  • It doesn’t blind the pedestrians and other vehicle drivers.


  • With a lumen of 700, these headlights are not suitable for driving in extreme darkness.

Sylvania bulbs always offer something over the top, and their 9004 Headlight Bulb LED is no exception. Comparing its features with our other Sylvania headlight bulb at the top, we can find them almost the same. Except, the letter is more suitable for downroad while this one is for overall best performance.

But these headlights are still not bad for downroad either. They provide proper whitening to see in a dim environment. To make it legal on the road, manufacturers didn’t increase its glare to a high amount. So, upcoming traffic can see your vehicle clearly.

4. Philips Automotive Lighting – 9004CVB2 9004 CrystalVision Ultra Upgrade Bright White Headlight Bulb

Philips Automotive Lighting - 9004CVB2 9004 CrystalVision Ultra Upgrade Bright White Headlight Bulb

Always replace in pairs to ensure a symmetric light beam from both bulbs on the road. Headlights dim over time.


  • There is a blue coating and blue cap on the bulb, which is the reason for its blue reflection during the day.
  • For a longer lifespan, manufacturers used OEM quality parts.


  • The longevity of this headlight still fails in comparison to most LED lights.

The Philips 9004 CrystalVision was created to make a balance between proper vision and an eye-catching style. Available with a pack of two, these headlights have a wattage of 65, meaning it is only suitable as a replacement for other 9004 bulbs.

Almost identical to Xenon HID, this pair of headlights offer the same light output at an affordable rate.

Because of having a lower wattage than Infitary LED 9004, It has a better chip efficiency. As you can still see pretty long ahead of you, you can react to everything in time.

5. NAOEVO Store 9004 HB1 Hi/Low LED Headlight Bulbs

NAOEVO Store 9004 HB1 Hi/Low LED Headlight Bulbs

Super focused beam and stable light output provides wider and farther lighting range. 300% brighter than Halogen headlights, ensuring your safe drive. 


  • You will get light beams that are longer than average headlights. The beams are also adjustable.
  • It has a high chip efficiency.


  • The headlights aren’t focused enough.

If you want a headlight set that offers perfect white beams yet stays cool most of the time, the NAOEVO 9004 HB1 is suitable for you. The usage of 6400 LM beams prevents the lights from overheating as it is at a balanced rate. For that reason, the headlights stay okay for a long time.

Not to mention, the 60W power requirement saves your energy. A white light of 6,500K is wanted by many of us. Apparently, the cooling system has aluminum protection that ensures a 30% added heat dissipation.

It features a smart heat control. The plug-and-play system should prevent any complexity while setting it up.

6. AUXLIGHT 9004 HB1 High Low Dual Beam LED Headlight Bulbs

AUXLIGHT 9004 HB1 High Low Dual Beam LED Headlight Bulbs

12,000RPM high speed cooling fan, make it up to 50% better cooling compared to those without fans. 


  • You get a high beam of 12,000 LM using only 26W.
  • We get the turbo-fan to thank for the 50% more cooling.


  • Events like flickering or dimming of the light may start to happen after some years.

The AUXLIGHT 9004 HB1 took the brightest title literally and is one of the best and brightest headlights out there. We don’t think you don’t need more brightness than 12,000LM with a 6,500K color temperature. Nothing on the road can hide from your gaze.

This dual-beamed headlight set comes in other sizes too. So you may check them out. We digress; this headlight is a universal fit and surprisingly requires only 26W of power to produce that much bright light.

Even though the light lets you see 200-meters ahead, it stays focused on the road properly compared to the NAOEVO 9004 HB1.

7. LEPPEIN Store 9004/HB1 LED Headlight Bulbs

LEPPEIN Store 9004/HB1 LED Headlight Bulbs

Aviation-grade aluminum and Powerful TurboCool fan ensure optimal heat dissipation, extend their operating life to over 30,000 hrs. 


  • It has advanced cooling, thanks to the boards from thermoelectric separation copper.
  • Because of having the same size as the stock halogen, the plug-and-play installation won’t take time.


  • Because of the placement of the beam focus, they are not suitable for tall vehicles.

Leppein’s S series contains some excellent headlights. The 9004 HB1 version among them provides a 6,000 LM for an internally cool performance. Yet, it is bright enough to top any halogen headlights. You get a pair of front headlights with a conversion kit in the package.

We were pleased to see the 200% more brightness in these headlights that can illuminate up to 150 meters ahead of you. The built-in heat dissipation and IP65 waterproof level allow it to last long. Its body has aviation aluminum 6063 along with a cooling fan that runs quietly.

8. Torchbeam T2 9004 LED Bulbs

Torchbeam T2 9004 LED Bulbs

 About 12,000 lumens, the advanced LED chips of 9004 LED bulb output enough light to give a 400% brightness over stock bulbs, the 6500K daylight optics provide enhanced visibility for safer driving 


  • Your vehicle will be emitting 400% brighter light.
  • Flickering or radio interfaces will be no more after you install these headlights.


  • The headlights don’t properly fit inside the housing for some vehicles that they should fit.

The Torchbeam T2 9004 LED offers just as much light output as the AUXLIGHT 9004 HB1. Both have a lumen of 12,000 and whiteness of 6,500K. Suitable for HB1, they have a lifespan of around 50 thousand hours.

Its cooling fan has an rpm of 10,000, gifting it an extreme heat removal. Manufacturers added an efficient cooling chip to save energy. Meanwhile, the thin-lamp pole design avoids blinding anyone by focusing where it should.

There are no dark spots, and the qualities remain unchanged in every weather condition. Torchbeam headlights are also totally legal on the roads.

9. GE Lighting 9004NH/BP Nighthawk Halogen Automotive Replacement Bulb

GE Lighting 9004NH/BP Nighthawk Halogen Automotive Replacement Bulb

Easy to install in minutes. Replaces standard 9004 high/low beam bulb. Just plug them in and go.


  • So bright, even for a halogen light.
  • The white and long light beams make it easier to traverse in dark areas.


  • The bulbs are outlived by most other headlights on this list.

There are many low-cost headlights on this list, but the GE Lighting 9004NH/BP2 Nighthawk bulbs are one of the most affordable ones. Now it will be possible to get such a bright light from a halogen headlight.

You will get a 50% higher brightness than your stock headlight, along with a longer beam. So, it will be easy to react to upcoming traffics. With the combination of refined gas and robust filament, GE 9004 headlight bulbs are also whiter.

You get both high and low beams. As there is a plug-and-play system, the installation should be over in a minute.

10. Philips 9004 Standard Halogen Replacement Headlight Bulb

Philips 9004 Standard Halogen Replacement Headlight Bulb

Always replace in pairs to ensure a symmetric light beam from both bulbs on the road. Headlights dim over time.


  • Features a combo of 2,300LM and 3,100K, which is high for a halogen bulb.
  • This quality OEM product goes according to DOT rules.


  • The headlight can wiggle around slightly in the housing and doesn’t fit tightly.

9004 Standard Halogen from Philips is another one of their headlight items like the previous one. But this one is available for 59 other sizes with the same qualities. Available within the sum of lunch money, this headlight fits 9004 housings perfectly without any problem.

As the headlight is an OEM product, it ensures quality performance. You can stay totally safe as it focuses the light on the road to give excellent visibility and follows DOT standards.

Philips standard 9004 halogen headlight bulbs offer 3,100K color temperature. For a halogen bulb to give 2,300 LM is surprising.

Buyer’s Guide

As we always say, buying new headlights for your vehicles without enough researches is not ideal and may cost you more than you want.

When purchasing a vehicle headlight of a particular size, the aspects one should check are almost the same for similar-sized headlights. Below, we added some points to help you find a top-tier 9004 headlight bulb LED, HID, or Halogen.

Approved or Not

Every nation has set rules regarding traffic. The best thing is to check them first and make sure that the headlight you are checking out goes according to your state laws. You may need to look for headlights within a certain lumen range. There are also different rules for HID and LED lights.

Types of Headlight

Decide what headlight type you want to go for based on your usage and requirement. Halogen lights have a low lumen, yellowish color, and don’t last long. But they cost so low compared to the other two.

HID lights offer better visibility at night, thanks to their high lumen and whiter light. They can also last for over 7000 hours. But it is not easy to install one on your vehicle.

LED headlights last for around 50,000 hours and offer a high lumen. They feature both high and low beams. You can find them with low to extreme white colors, with their installation being so simple. But they are pretty costly.

Lens Quality and Chip Efficiency

The quality of the lenses of a vehicle’s headlights represents its longevity to a long extent. So, your duty is to get headlights with tempered or such strong glass lenses.

When it comes to LED light, chip efficiency is an important thing. The higher chip efficiency, the more energy your headlights can save. You can measure it by dividing the lumen by the wattage.

Lumen and Color

Firstly, if you want a bright headlight, you should go for ones with high lumens. We should also remind you that LED lights have the highest lumens, and hence, they are the brightest. Halogen lights have a really low brightness and are not suitable for nighttime.

On one hand, too warmish and yellowish colored light is not suitable for night driving. On the other hand, many people don’t like too white light as it causes eyestrain to them. So, you can go for headlights with a color temperature of 6000K, which is a balanced amount.

9004 Headlight Bulb Wiring

Wiring a 9004 headlight bulb is almost the same as 9007. It is just that the positions of the ports are different, so one must be careful where to insert the wires. The three ports, ground, low beam, and high beam, are for three wires.

If you hold the socket like in the picture, the ground port will be at the left. Insert the black or brown wire in it. The middle port is for low beam and is for the wire with white or red color. Now you may connect the blue wire to the high beam port, which should be to the right.

If you happen to confuse them and attach wrongly, you can always remove the socket prongs using a flat-head screwdriver.

9004 headlight bulb wiring

Final Note

While you are excited about your new vehicle headlight set, it is easy to mistakenly get the wrong set. So, we advise you to check carefully. It is okay to see both positive and negative reviews, but you shouldn’t take the negative ones too seriously.

If you are short on time, we have two top picks for you. Go for either the Infitary LED 9004 or Sylvania Headlight Bulbs 9004. Both offer a balanced lumen. While the letter isn’t that white, it lets you safely go through downroads. Meanwhile, Infitary LED 9004 features an amazing cooling design. You can pick any of these without any worry.

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