How To Choose 880 LED Fog Light Bulbs?

Fog lights are a vital part of vehicle lighting for their application in fog and rain. They must be leveled at a lower position with a proper focus angle. It is so to let them be visible by other people on the road in a dense mist or rain. 880 is a fog light bulb size that many vehicles use. It is one of the two types of H27 bulbs, and the other one is 881.

As automotive enthusiasts, my friends and I have tested many 880 LED lights on the market. Our experience, knowledge, and experiments on them allowed us to list the ten best 880 LED fog light bulbs. We also prepared a buying guide to share some of our knowledge with our dear readers.

My Choice Of 880 LED Fog Light Bulbs

1. AUXLIGHT 880 LED Fog Light DRL Bulbs

AUXLIGHT 880 LED Fog Light DRL Bulbs

Fit for for Cars, Trucks, Golden Yellow


  • The light bulbs generate a 180° beam for spread visibility.
  • The aviation aluminum ensures better heat dissipation. Also, the IC drivers help keep the current unchanging.
  • Their bases are universal fit, allowing us to test them on many vehicles.


  • The brightness of the bulbs was so lower than my expectations and what the manufacturers promised.
  • Our tests conclude that its waterproof level is not purely IP68.

The first fog lights we tested were the AUXLIGHT 880 LED Fog Light DRL Bulbs, which also proved to be the best. This pair of bulbs can be used as a replacement for other sizes, including 892, 899, 885, etc. We received a near 180° spread light angle from them.

The color temperature you get from them is a golden yellow shade. But there is a Xenon white version too. Another variation is the Ice Blue color, which I highly suggest avoiding as that color is terrible for fog lights.

If you inspect the bulbs, you will find two 3570 LED chips inside. These chips can produce a brightness of the extreme type. But the actual brightness of each bulb was not even close to 1,500LM (from what they advertised). But it is brighter than stock halogen bulbs.

In order to prevent high energy consumption and damaging the product, AUXLIGHT added a built-in IC driver to each item. It helps keep the current stable. There is aluminum mold in each bulb that keeps their temperature under control. Meanwhile, while the brand promised an IP68, it didn’t seem more than IP67 from our tests.

Their bases have universal sizes that allowed us to replace other sized fog bulbs like 899 or 890. They feature a plug-and-play for easy installation. However, some vehicles may require a CAN-BUS system to prevent error codes or flickers.

2. Calais Extremely Bright 880 LED Fog Light Bulb – Best Build Quality with IP68 and COB Chips

Calais Extremely Bright 880 LED Fog Light Bulb

Fits: 889, 892, 893, PG13, PGJ13, 880, 890, 862, 884, 885, 894, 898, 899 etc.


  • The light bulb offers a crisp light output of 3,000K and nearly 2,000 lumens.
  • They have high thermal and water resistance (IP68).
  • It is so easy to install. Use the plug-and-play system.
  • Because of using COB chips, these bulbs have better thermal control.


  • Their light beams don’t reach that far into the distance.

The 880 LED fog light bulb set from Calais also comes with a 3,000K color temperature, making them suitable for rain and fog. With COB chips at their core, these bulbs are total replacements for 880, 890, 892, 893, and some other sizes.

Don’t let its name deceive you. The bulbs are bright alright, but calling it extreme would be an exaggeration as we have seen brighter options. But what made us like the items was their build quality.

The bulbs have a proper IP68 level that can effectively tackle rainwater. My friend tested their heat-dissipation by operating it for a long time, and the result satisfied us. Their aircraft-grade aluminum allowed it to cool faster.

One of my friends with a European vehicle needed a CAN-BUS system as otherwise, it was showing error codes on his vehicle computer. It didn’t happen to any other vehicle models we own, though. These bulbs have plug-and-play bases, so no worries on that part.

3. LUYED Super Bright 3014 78-EX Chipsets Fog Lights

LUYED Super Bright 3014 78-EX Chipsets Fog Lights

Fits: 889, 892, 893, PG13, PGJ13, 880, 890, 862, 884, 885, 894, 898, 899


  • The fog lights have a low price and cost low energy.
  • They provide a crisp 6,000K light with a constant electric input for circuit protection.
  • Their projectors allowed me to see a long-distance ahead of my vehicle.


  • The actual lumen output is around 600 lumens for each bulb.

If you want to have something that offers excellent qualities at a low cost, then the LUYED  Super Bright LED bulbs should be your go-to. We used them to replace various stock bulb sizes like 880, 886, 892, 893, etc. Our tests concluded that they are one of the most well-built fog light bulbs we have seen in a long time.

So, why did we claim it, you may wonder? For starters, these bulbs utilized 3014 78-EX chipsets. While it is unique to this brand, they work wonders in providing a clean light with a constant current.

It also keeps the light cooler and consumers lower energy. The color temperature we got from them was 6,000K. They are also suitable for auxiliary DRL.

Their plug-and-play sockets have no-polarity designs. So, you don’t need to worry about the correct sides when installing them. I loved the projector lens on these bulbs as they gave a beam that reached a long distance.

Aside from the aluminum base, these fog lights have intelligent IC drivers inside to keep the electric current stable. So, they create an overall safe impression.

4. Alla Lighting 899 880 LED Fog Light Bulbs

Alla Lighting 899 880 LED Fog Light Bulbs

Built-in Intelligent IC driver and 6063 aviation aluminum material for best cooling and longer lifespan.


  • The light bulbs offer a yellow color that works more effectively in the rain and fog.
  • They contain a waterproof level of IP67.
  • Their bodies have aluminum construction for higher heat resistance.


  • The light bulbs are not that bright.

We have found quality products from the brand Alla Lighting before. Their 899 880 LED Fog Light Bulbs feature a bright and yellow glow. With a color temperature of 3,000K, this pair of bulbs gave us clean visibility in the rain and fog.

If you compare the bulb to your stock ones, you may find that these ones are a lot yellower. That is why we chose it because a lesser color temperature is better for fog lights.

LED lights generate heat as they operate. So, Alla Lighting used aluminum on the entire body for higher heat conductivity. For faster heat dissipation, there is a dual-sided aluminum board as well.

The 58-pieces of chips they used are modern ETI chips that can produce around 800 to 1000 lumens per bead. So, what are the overall effective lumens of these bulbs combined? It is actually lower than what the manufacturers promised, below 3,000LM.

I also noticed that the LED base has a pretty high thermal resistance. The bulbs have decent waterproofing of IP67 and certifications from CE and RoHS.

The bulbs feature a plug-and-play system that eased up the installation process for me. Not only 880, but they also replace 899 stock fog lights.

5. Alla Lighting 3800lm LED Fog Light Bulbs – Brighter and Whiter Than the Previous Item

Alla Lighting 3800lm LED Fog Light Bulbs

Just plug and play, easy installation. Built-in Intelligent IC driver


  • The bulbs have a color temperature of 6,000K. It will match most headlight beam colors.
  • They have aluminum parts with a durable build quality.
  • Their non-polarity LED drivers keep the electrical flow constant.


  • Some OEM fog lights from specific vehicle models can be equally bright or even brighter than these bulbs.

The Alla Lighting LED Fog Light Bulbs with 6,000K color looks almost similar to its 3,000K counterpart above. However, I have noticed a few differences aside from just their color temperature. For starters, it gives a bit higher brightness.

But the brightness increase is not too high, and one of my friends claimed that the lumens are almost similar to the stock halogen bulbs of his vehicle. All in all, we can confirm that you won’t dislike the light output.

Another thing we noticed is that the beam is a kind of lowered towards the left side as the LEDs are a bit rotated. It is no big deal, but fog lights don’t usually have this as it is more common for headlights.

Anyway, these lights have non-polarity drivers with a voltage between 9-30. Like the previous item, this one also has aviation-grade aluminum parts. You get a 6,000K beam output, which should match most headlight color temperatures.

Aside from these factors, all the other features are equal to the 3,000K variation of the bulb. So, I won’t bother you with those.

6. CIIHON 881 880 LED Fog Light Bulb – Best Versatility for Dual-Color Options

CIIHON 881 880 LED Fog Light Bulb

NOT HEADLIGHT,881 880 led fog light bulbs, super bright for cars, automobile’s lights.


  • The bulbs can change their color from white to yellow.
  • We liked the brightness of their beams.
  • They have pretty excellent survivability in harsh weather.


  • Some people received defective wires in the package as they complained. So, contact the sellers soon if it happens in your case.

Following our list, we added the CIIHON 881 880 LED Fog Light Bulb set. This pair provides its users one of the most versatile services among many other fog lights we have seen. They use 3030 SMD chips for high-quality light output.

By default, the color temperature of the light bulb is 6,000K. However, there is a way to change it to yellow (3,000K). You only need to turn off the light then turn it on within 5 seconds. Delaying more than 5 seconds will give you the white output.

One needed to get LED resistors for one of our vehicles with these bulbs. So, if your car shows error codes on the dashboards with these fog lights, do the same. Anyway, the bulbs are replacements of many sizes and operate on 12-24V. However, we faced issues installing them on an 881 housing, which is ironic considering the product name.

The effective-lumen output we received was around 3,000LM in total. Not a bad deal, as most of our OEM halogen bulbs, were way dimmer.

The items have the same heat-resistance materials as previous products, and they can resist harsh weather conditions well. CIIHON designed their bases to have plug-and-play. Note that these bulbs are non-polarity. But since some vehicle models have their own polarity functions, you may need to change their sides if they fail to change colors.

7. SEALIGHT 880 LED Fog Light Bulbs

SEALIGHT 880 LED Fog Light Bulbs

Start Energy-saving Driving, Over 50000 hours lifespan


  • The light bulbs are highly efficient, saving around 90% of energy.
  • Their brightness is enough for driving during fog and bad weather.
  • The light output from them is denser and without dark spots.
  • Their thin copper plates ensure an instance light-up.


  • The cooling fans of the bulbs caused radio interference on my vehicle.
  • We noticed online that some people received defective lights.

SEALIGHT is a brand we have come across many times because of its all-rounder products. Their 880 LED Fog Light Bulbs offer intense brightness that reaches almost 5,000 lumens. I liked its 360° illumination angle, as it is pretty handy. Its color temperature is 6,000K, also known as Xenon White.

As we used the light on the street, we didn’t notice any dark spots or shadows in there. The brand used CSP LED chips on these items. Now, the advantage of this chip type is providing a denser light output. Meanwhile, there are aluminum body components for heat dissipation without costing much energy.

Its body has thin copper plates of 1.4mm that keep the heat low, and they gave us a quick light upon turning them on. With or without experience, you shouldn’t face any problem installing them. It takes around 3-5 minutes to do it.

Now, SEALIGHT says that these bulbs will last for over 50,000h. We can’t guarantee it, but we believe they should last a long time, considering their resistance to elements with IP67 and stable bodies.

8. Labwork LED Projector Fog Light Bulbs

Labwork LED Projector Fog Light Bulbs

Mini design, Authentic high power & premium quality COB chips & cooper heat sink design for longer life span & further light output area.


  • The fog lights are available at a surprisingly low cost.
  • They are easy to install.
  • Their COB chips helped us have a wider light output to see better at dark and fog.


  • They may not last as long as some pricy fog lights.

Honestly speaking, we were skeptical at first to try the Labwork Projector Fog Lights for their unbelievably low cost. But I am glad that we did, as it turned out one of the best that can compete with many top-tier fog lights.

These light bulbs are projector LEDs, meaning their lights will reach further than regular ones. Their 6,000K color temperature makes the output so white. We got around 1,200 lumens from each of them. Their heat sinks had copper parts, which removed our cause of worry about fast cooling.

The physical appearance of these bulbs is smaller than usual fog lights. Because of its plug-and-play, it won’t take more than 20 minutes to install them like it didn’t for us. Remember that European car of my friend that we mentioned previously? His Dodge Durango needed an error decoder for these fog lights too.

The bulbs are efficient while providing decent performance. They may not light up as fast as the previous items, but you will surely like the result. Their COB chips ensure low heat with a wide light angle.

9. SNGL 880 LED Fog Light Bulb

SNGL 880 LED Fog Light Bulb

Perfect Fog Beam Performance, Optimal Thermal Design


  • The bulbs offer around 3,500 lumens in total. It is bright for a fog light set.
  • SNGL used quality heat dissipation, intelligent IC drivers, and copper circuit boards so that the bulbs last longer and operate better.
  • Their energy consumption is so low.


  • These bulbs have an IP65 waterproof level, not suitable for heavy rain or snow. But fog or wind won’t be any problem.

I suggest checking out the SNGL 880 LED Fog Light Bulbs if you like yellow lights. These light bulbs offer a clean 3,000K illumination that was so bright. Their mini body with golden color fits all sizes in the H27 category.

SNGL specially focused on the output of these bulbs. We loved their downward focus that does not glare, making it even more effective and safer amid foggy weather. There were no dark spots inside the beam pattern, and the light was bright.

When we turned the lights on, there was no radio interference or noises. The custom chips with CSP tech that SNGL uses on the bulbs cause the bright and pleasing output. You may also notice that the bulbs take low energy. The brand promises that they have 99% efficiency, which seems correct.

As we checked their builds, we found a built-in CAN-bus intelligent IC. Their boards are made of copper for better safety. Use their plug-and-play non-polarity bases with 1:1 OEM sizes to install them in a breeze.

Other variations of the bulbs have white and blue colors temperatures. But this one is the best for fog light for its warm illumination.

10. AUXITO 880 LED Fog Light Bulbs

AUXITO 880 LED Fog Light Bulbs

300% Brightness, 30,000 Lifespan, 10-min Fast Installation


  • The fog lights offer a stable brightness of around 5,000 lumens.
  • They have the exact size as a stock halogen, making it easier for everyone to install them.
  • The CSP chips provided us with denser lights on the road.
  • Their hollow heat dissipation design allows quicker heat removal.


  • The waterproof level of the bulbs is lower than ideal.
  • 6,500K color temperature is not that good for fog lights.

Next up, we have the AUXITO LED Fog Lights that pleased us with their brightness and dense light output. Many of our previous products also had these futures, but this one also deserves a spot on the list.

We received around 5,000 lumens in total from the bulbs, which is a lot brighter than the stock halogen fog lights. One negative thing is their cool white output of 6,500K, as it is not ideal for fog lights. Their CSP chips make the light denser without any optical loss.

These lights contain heat sinks with hollows, rare in bulbs like these. It lets the bulbs dissipate heat faster. The cooling fans inside the bulbs do not make noises or interfered with the radio signals. AUXITO used built-in IC drivers for a stable brightness.

Since the bulbs are 1:1 sized as the stock halogen bulbs, we inserted them in the housing with ease. It took around 9-10 minutes to install them because of their plug-and-play systems. Also, you won’t need to think about the right sides because of their non-polarity bodies.

We should mention that we didn’t like their waterproof level of IP65. A fog light should have at least IP67. So, they are suitable for fog and heavy winds, but not rain or snow.

How Did I Choose 880 LED Fog Light Bulbs for the Above List?

Fog lights are not only to give you better visibility but also to let others see your vehicle amidst harsh weather. Since your safety is involved here, you cannot neglect to research to find the best 880 fog light for your vehicle model.

When making our list, our first task is to check if the sets of bulbs meet some criteria. It is true that some often miss one or two qualities, but flaws are inevitable in these types of products. So, let’s show you the factors that define the best 880 LED fog light bulbs.

Color Temperature

The color of the light output matters a lot for your 880 fog lights. Many people tend to go for 6,500K or even higher even when buying a fog light set for their vehicle. But these high colors have short wavelengths, which causes them to reflect on fog and water particles. It limits your visibility and does the opposite of what a fog light is supposed to do.

That is why you need 880 lights with 6,000K or below. 3,000K color is the best here because of their yellow output. Their long wavelengths can easily penetrate fogginess, giving you clear visibility.

The brightness of the 880 Fog Lights

Brightness on a fog light set does not matter as much as the headlights. I avoided the lights below 1,500 lumens per set, as they are too dim.

Meanwhile, it is also unnecessary to go for intense lumen as you don’t need more than 5,000LM from your 880 fog lights. LED lights are already pretty bright, and it should be okay if the items are shinier than your stock ones.


Okay, there are many things I need to say here. Firstly, most automotive LED light bulbs come with an aviation aluminum body. So you don’t need to concern too much about it. But you should check its heat dissipation capability.

The fans should have high speed. Not all of them make noises from their turbo-fans because of the innovative works of their manufacturers.

The bulb must have at least IP67 if you drive in the rain a lot. Otherwise, IP65 may suffice, but I personally don’t like it because of its vulnerability in heavy rain. Finally, check if the manufacturers added a built-in intelligent IC driver and CANbus decoder. They keep the current stable and prevent error codes on some vehicles.

LED Chips

You may have noticed the various names of chips mentioned in our reviews. These are basically LED beads that actually produce the lights. Depending on their manufacturers, they can offer different features.

For example, COB LEDs can give a broad beam output with low heat production. CSP LEDs provide denser lights. SMD chips can shorten the size of the bulbs, making them easier to install. Some manufacturers also create their own chips. You should choose 880 bulbs with chips that can benefit your applications.


Since you are taking the 880 fog light as a replacement, it must have the exact size as the stock halogen bulbs. Otherwise, you may need to apply modifications, which is not something pleasing to do.

The 880 bulbs must contain bases with plug-and-play. It can shorten a potentially lengthy installation process into 10 minutes. You can find bulbs with non-polar designs, which allow you to install each bulb on any side of the vehicle.

Final Note

LED fog lights provide a wide beam that doesn’t reach very far but allows you to see around 100-350-feet area ahead of your vehicle. Now, it is only suitable and ideal to use in a bad climatic situation like fog, rain, or snow when the visibility gets lowered. Otherwise, a running fog light may cause distractions to other drivers.

Note that 880 fog lamps have the same socket as 884,885, 892, 893, and 899 sizes, PG13. However, they use different LED power than each other. So, they are interchangeable in many cases, especially when the bulbs are designed for all of them.

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