How To Choose 50 Inch Light Bars?

Light bars come in many shapes and sizes. The 50” ones among them are on the brightest and longest edge. Their brightness can detail up the entire area, whether you take it for off-roading or for your workplace.

It is understandable that the 50-inch light bars are way more pricey than their short-sized counterparts. Moreover, if you want to explore more than just these ten, you can take help from our buying guide. It elaborates on the factors that define the best 50” light bars.

List of My 50 Inch Light Bars In 2022



Fit for ATV, Van, Motorcycle, SUV, Truck


  • The light bar offers a high energy efficient operation. It provides 28,000 LM with 288W.
  • The heat dissipation system uses 8-pieces of fins with enough spacing to let the heat flow outside.
  • It has a much spread floodlight angle than usual light bars.
  • The diecast aluminum housing has collision resistance. Meanwhile, the brackets are made of iron.


  • If you don’t have experience mounting one, you may find it difficult to mount this light bar. There is no instruction.

We have one of the most impressive light bars to start our list. YITAMOTOR released their 50” LED Light Bar to offer people a cost-effective operation. The bar works with a lesser power input than most ones out there. But you still get a heavy brightness out of it.

You will get a spot and flood combo beam from this long light bar. Because of such broad light, it is ideal for off-roading with pickups, trucks, ATVs, SUVs, 4WD, and even boats.

There is 10 feet wiring harness in the package. As you install the bar with the mounting brackets on the sides, the total length of the setup becomes 52”. Each component of the light bar is durable enough and has IP68 weatherproof level. There are 8-fins in the heat sink with a spacing of 0.51” in-between to ensure faster heat dissipation.

For a focused light of 30°, the brand used 72-pieces of high-quality chips with reflector cups. Meanwhile, there are 24 flood chips for a beam angle of 150°, making it easier to traverse through rain and fog. These lights are placed in a dual-row design, and their output color is 6,000K.

2. AUTOSAVER888 LED Light Bar


Fit for Passenger Car, ATV, SUV, Truck, Pickup Truck


  • The spot angle is 30°, and the floodlight angle is 60°. It creates an excellent light pattern.
  • Aside from the fast cooling, the total heat sink and the housing are adjustable. You can change the beam focus by doing so.
  • AUTOSAVER888 utilized A-class 3030 LED chips and a curved design for bright and broad visibility.


  • Moisture can still form inside if exposed to heavy rain for too long.

AUTOSAVER888 shows praiseworthy feats when it comes to manufacturing automotive lighting products. Their 50” LED light bar contains a curved design to offer a spread light output. For making it even wider, the brand used 4D reflector cups.

The 40,000 lumens output with 400W is a great deal and makes your off-roading times a safer experience. It is possible to mount it on most vehicle types, lawnmower, garage, household, and other workplaces. Because of its IP68 level, it can tackle a high amount of water.

The lenses of the light bar contain a fish eye design that is so much more effective than usual patterns. On top, there are polycarbonate lens covers with total shatter-resistance. Meanwhile, the 304 stainless-steel plates of the bar do not corrode.

AUTOSAVER888 used a sawtooth surface pattern for the heat sink, creating a double-radiation space. It quickens the heat removal. Additionally, this light bar offers a sealed design with a 2cm thickness to block any water particles.

3. DWVO LED Light Bar

DWVO LED Light Bar

Fit for Passenger Car, Motorcycle, ATV, SUV, Truck


  • The triple design of the light bar allows around 45,000 lumens. It can turn night into day.
  • The 360° adjustable mounting bracket has a cast iron body for a stable impression.
  • It is an ideal pick for a fog lamp alternative for off-roading because of the 150° floodlight angle.
  • There is a constant current flow to the light to keep the light brightness unchanged.
  • It comes at a surprisingly low price.


  • Some received a different sized light bar than what they ordered.
  • The advertisement talks about a way higher brightness output than its actual performance.

By using its black housing and triple row design, the light bar from DWVO can win the mind of many. Its heavy-duty and upgraded chipset can make way for a high lumen rating with a power of 720W. If you want a suitable fog light, boat light, or work light, this item is the handiest one.

The LED bar features a slightly curved design for a spread light emission. Its combo beam generates a 30° spot and 150° floodlight angle. Not to mention, the illumination can reach up to 300 meters ahead. It is possible by the improved 360 pieces of LED beads under the lenses.

Speaking of LEDs, DWVO used 3030 bead types for an intense 108,000 lumens. Although we believe it is over-exaggeration, the actual brightness still so high. The current flow on the beads remains constant, preventing the lights from dimming or flickering.

The mounting brackets used here are made of coated iron for higher shock resistance and rust prevention. Meanwhile, the fin spacing of its heat sink is 0.43 inches. These fins are also larger, creating a faster heat flow method.

While the light bar has IP68, there are also waterproof gaskets. So, using it in harsh weather is way safer than regular bars.

4. Nilight – 71015C-A Curved LED Light Bar

Nilight – 71015C-A Curved LED Light Bar

Fit for Passenger Car, Bus, ATV, SUV, UTV, Truck, Tractor, Trailer


  • The lumen of the light is 18,560 with a LED power of 288W.
  • The fast heat dissipation and 6063 diecast aluminum housing enable the light bar to work in extreme temperatures from -40° to 185° F.
  • The bar has high dustproof, waterproof, shockproof, and corrosion resistance.


  • Connecting the bar with the mounting bracket is harder than it should be.

Next up, we have a 50” curved LED bar from the reputable brand, Nilight. While this version does not come with a wiring harness, there is another version with it. In fact, some variations of the light bar are tailored-made for specific vehicle models.

Anyway, the two rows of LEDs do not take much width than 3.1 inches. Its slim design makes it possible to mount on cramped spaces. The top-grade LED chips provide a 6,000K color temperature beam with high light transference.

Since Nilight added silicone strips as sealing and rubber pads, they will protect the bar from water and thermal damage. There is also another cover at the side for total shielding. The light bar is also totally dustproof. Its mounting brackets feature a durable construction that withstands heavy-duty operation on bumpy roads or harsh weather.

Because of the quick heat dissipation, the light bar stays cool enough for a long-lasting service. You can get the necessary beam angle by adjusting the bracket.

5. OedRo LED Light Bar Curved

OedRo LED Light Bar Curved

Compatible for Farm Equipment, Pick Up, Ladder Truck, Cargo Van and more….


  • The light output of the bar is 98,760 lumens, 1,483W, with a color temperature of 6,000K. That is pretty rare to find.
  • OedRo utilized an oxidization tech to suppress and remove the heat from the bar.
  • The light bar provides a quad-row design with an attractive look. It matches the theme of vehicle models.
  • You get an 8.25-inch wiring harness, an Allen wrench, and other mounting hardware in the box.


  • The mounting brackets are not as durable and stable as people want.

Quad-row designs shift light bars from light to heavy-duty. The 50” curved LED light bar from OedRo gives an astounding 1483W output, thanks to its high number of LED chips. And because it is curved, that brightness spreads all across the terrain.

You get a combo of spot and flood beams. It means that it is suitable as a fog light, working light, driving light, and such applications. It is also mountable on pickups, jeeps, 4WDs, UTE, ATVs, etc. There is also a 52” variation if you want something even bigger.

By working on a voltage of 10-30V, the light bar produces 98,760 lumens of brightness with 6,000K. Now, that is something you won’t find easily. Even other quad-row light bars with the same size often fail to generate the same amount. Anyway, because of the 30° spotlight angle, the light also reaches so far ahead.

For a heavy waterproof performance, OedRo used rubber pads (thicker than regular ones) and silica gel strips on each side. Its weatherproof level is IP68.

More brightness usually creates higher heat. That is why the brand had to pay extra attention to the heat dissipation system. The aluminum heat sink of this bar has oxidization techniques for swifter removal of excess heat.

6. Auxbeam 50 Inch LED Light Bar

Auxbeam 50 Inch LED Light Bar

Fit for Trucks, Passenger Cars, Golf Cart, SUVs, ATVs, UTVs, Boats, Cars


  • The light bar is energy efficient.
  • It gives light output that goes in multiple directions by utilizing the 5D lenses.
  • The light bar contains moisture breathers for excess fogginess and condensation removal.


  • It is more spotlight than the flood. So, it is not ideal for fieldwork or workplaces.

Auxbeam always provides epic products to meet their customers’ needs. Their 50” light bar features two rows of LEDs with 5D lenses. It allows the bar to send the light beam in many different directions. The straight bar has a LED power of 288W, emitting a spot-flood combo beam.

If you want to spend a bit more, you can check out the 52” version too. We digress. The product comes with a high-quality wiring harness in it. It is long enough and has an enduring build.

Because of its lenses, even the straight design lets a 120° total beam angle. And its 6,500K light shouldn’t fade even after using the bar for years. Individually, the beam angles are 30° for the spot and 60° for the floodlight.

The waterproof level of the light bar is IP68. It works fine in the rain, snow, or foggy weather. There are moisture breathers to remove any moisture if trapped inside. It also has a cooling system with an effective design.

7. 4WDKING LED Light Bar


Fit for Ford F150 Tacoma Jeep Wrangler


  • The light bar contains an intelligent thermal control system. It also does not interfere with radio signals.
  • It has an IP69K level that blocks water from going inside.
  • The Lexan has resistance to shatter and scratches.
  • The screws that join and seal the light bar are made of 316 stainless steel. It doesn’t rust or corrode.


  • The color temperature of the light bar is a bit towards the blue in the spectrum. It reduces the visibility in the fog a bit.

Following our list, we now have the LED light bar from 4WDKING, which displays a screwless and slim design. The bar is one of your best options for off-roading by a Toyota Tacoma, Jeep Wrangler, or Ford F150.

Like most products on the list, you get a combo beam from the bar. It holds two rows of LEDs with OSRAM chips. In case you didn’t know, OSRAM LED beads are one of the best choices for clean, solid, and constant lighting output.

Since the ingress protection level of the light bar is IP69K, it does not succumb to water particles, moisture, or dust that easily. The material choice for its side cover is aluminum for higher thermal conductivity. There is a Dupont coating on it.

You will get a wattage of 150W that ensures a brightness of near 50,000 lumens. Its heat sink has a ripple pattern on 13 pieces of fins to tackle the heat generated by that heavy-duty operation. Additionally, there are moisture-breathers to evaporate any moisture or condensation from inside if formed.

8. DakRide LED Light Bar Curved

DakRide LED Light Bar Curved

Fit for Passenger Car, Golf Cart, Van, ATV, SUV, UTV, Truck, Tractor, Trailer


  • For a better lighting output, you get a bar and two LED pods in the same package.
  • The wiring harness contains rocker switches, and you can view their wiring diagram to help you mount the lights.
  • The items have shatter and corrosion resistance.


  • It needs additional connectors to connect the wiring harness to the lights.

If you want a quality curved light bar with high brightness, the DakRide LED Light Bar can help you. Its triple row of LEDs can generate around 1032W power output. The other variation has a 52” size in the surprisingly same price range.

But the other notable thing with the light bar is that you get two additional LED pods in the package. The pods are 4 inches in length each and provide 60W of output. Additionally, the wiring harnesses are for all the lighting. They hold rocker switches for easy control.

The bar and pods have aluminum housing coated with powder for high durability and heat conductivity. There is an ingress protection level of 67 on the lights. Their fins have enough space between each other for a quicker heat removal process. It ensures a long-lasting service life.

By using the mounting brackets, you can adjust the beam focus of the bar and the pods. The three rows in the center reach the light so far ahead while the ones at the sides widen the beam angle.

9. Nicoko Straight Offroad LED Light Bar

Nicoko Straight Offroad LED Light Bar

Fit for Passenger Car, Bus, Van, ATV, SUV, UTV, Truck


  • The light bar comes with an RGB halo strip design with ten colors and 72 modes.
  • There is a feature that allows you to set the color based on the music playing on your phone.
  • Because of the IP67 level, the light bar can prevent water and dust from going inside.
  • The bar generates 28,000 lumens and 288W with a default color of 6,000K.


  • You may need a really small-sized wrench to hold the locking nuts to mount the light bar.
  • The colors of the lights do not sync up totally when controlling them using the remote control.

Many of us are a fan of RGB Halo strips. After thinking about it, Nicoko released their Off-road LED Light Bar with the feature in it. This 50” light bar installs with a side-mounted bracket and offers 10-different color options for you.

A total of 72 modes are available to get from the light bar. Whether you want a warm light in the fog or rain, a bluer light, or simply try a combination of colors for off-roading, the light got you covered. It is suitable for ATVs, trucks, SUVs, UTE, boats, etc.

You can control the color of the light using an RF remote control or an app on your android or IOS. Additionally, the app has a mode with a musical feature where the light changes based on the audio playing. By utilizing the memory system, you can get the last light combination you used without setting it up again.

There is an entire diagram to explain the wiring system. The package comes with a free wiring harness to make things convenient. You can get a 30° spotlight and a 60° floodlight beam angle from the bar. It outputs 288W.

10. CO LIGHT Led Light Bar

CO LIGHT Led Light Bar

Fit for Passenger Car, ATV, SUV, Truck


  • Its advanced heat sink designs paired with high thermal conductivity allows it to work between -40° to 185° F.
  • The slim design of the bar is easy to fit in cramped and tiny spaces.
  • Its 6D reflector cups send multi-directional light beams.


  • Condensation can form inside if exposed to rain.

For a perfect slim LED light bar, you can pick the 50” one from DVISUV. Because of its thin body of 2.2-cm, it contains a lower LED number and provides 240W. But the light fits anywhere without taking much space. This variation of the item features white light while the other has a combination of white and yellow colors.

DVISUV made sure that the light that the bar generates reaches far and wide by adding 6D reflector cups. Installing it in front of the windshield is the best way because of its design. The intensity of the light is high and stays unchanged even after prolonged use.

The rear part of the bar has many heat sinks with gaps in-between to create a quick way for the air to bring the heat outside. Aside from the IP68 level, the light bar is vibration-resistant.

Mounting the light bar doesn’t take much effort. You can adjust its angle up to 180° using the mounting brackets. This bracket will keep the entire body firm without any wiggles.

Buying Guide

As you go to the market for a quality 50” LED light bar, you will be bombarded with options. It can get confusing quickly for you, as many of them even seem promising. But whether their advertisements keep their words or are exaggerating is another matter.

Anyway, for the best 50” light bar, you need to spend extra time exploring them. It is no different for other sizes too.

Our advice is to stay careful without being carried away by the hype. This section includes a few points that may help you sort out one perfect 50” bar among many options.

Build Quality

For constructing a perfect 50” light bar, manufacturers should choose 6063 diecast aluminum housing and PC/PMMA lenses. You may often notice rubber covers, shatterproof Lexan, and silica gel strips for additional resistance to water, dust, and heat. Look for durable mounting brackets design that keeps the bar stable.

Keep in mind that a light bar must have a least IP67 level for decent weather resistance. You can also find ones with IP68 and IP69K.

But none of them really guarantee total preventions of condensation build-up inside the lenses. Hence, it is wise not to keep them exposed to heavy rain, carwash, or such situations.

Number of Rows

The light output of the bar often depends on the number of rows. More rows hold more LED beads, providing higher brightness and wattage. On the other hand, it also takes more energy and generates more heat. So, they need a better heat dissipation system.

Meanwhile, the slim light bars with one row fit in tinier spaces. They provide lesser brightness indeed but are also less costly and energy-efficient.

It is also necessary to pick one from straight and curved designs. Curved bars are objectively better with their more broad beam angle and easy-to-fit body. They cost higher, though.

Beam Pattern of the 50” Bar

You also want to check the beam pattern of the light bar to get the desired angle of light. There are three types here, the spotlight, floodlight, and combo. Now, the first type sends the beam as far as possible. The second one is for a wide illumination that helps in fogs or such weather. The combo is as it sounds, giving a combination of both.

If you get the light bar for tracking unknown pathways or anything that needs projected lights, it should have a higher spotlight angle. Meanwhile, a high floodlight angle is suitable for fieldworks, fog and rain, factories, mining, and to light up a large space. Combo beam is more versatile, giving you both at once.


Whether you get a light bar with a side or a bottom mounting bracket may affect your mounting experience. Mounting brackets that stay on the side take more space than 50”.

But they are easier to adjust. Brackets that stay underneath often keep the bar more stable. But they can be harder to mount. It is so because tightening their screws take extra effort.

Look for a long and quality wiring harness, screw set, and installation instruction in the package. It will assist you in the mounting process.

Final Note

If you want a long and bright light bar, 50” ones are a wise choice. But you can also go for two 20” bars to get more versatility on the beam angles. Anyway, never secure your light bar in its place before thoroughly checking it.

We also advise you to cover the light bars with something waterproof when washing your vehicle. Yes, the bars are weatherproof themselves, but car washes or heavy rain can still send water inside.

Even after all the boosts from manufacturers, they still sadly fail to provide a total water resistance on their products in most cases.

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