How to Choose 4×6 LED Headlights In 2022

Best 4×6 LED Headlights

4×6 LEDs are one of the best options for your Chevy K5, K10, RVs, GMCs, etc. As LED headlights do not get heated, can stay waterproof, and have a pretty long lifespan overall, they can be suitable for truck drivers who spend days on the road.

Your vehicle fits 4×6 sizes but you are unsure about which ones to get? We have tested numerous different LEDs on models like Chevy K20, Peterbilt, and Kenworth and found the brightest picks that are excellent when it comes to long-term use.

The Rundown

1) Z-OFFROAD – Best of All (High beam and low beam both with high class polycarbonate lenses, real DOT approved)

2) BICYACO Store 4×6 headlight( 3600Lm/ pcs for High beam, 2800Lm/ pcs for low beam, DOT, SAE Approved, legal on the road)

3) ZJUSDO 4×6 Led Headlights for Trucks(H4 plug, easy installation, 4500lm@High beam, 3000lm@ Low beam, Waterproof )

4) SKTYANTS 4X6 Led Headlight Off Road( 4500 Lumen/High Bean,3000 Lumen/Low Beam, life span is Above 30000Hours)

5) UNI-SHINE 4×6 led headlights with turn signal(6000K high low beam and DRL; 3500K turn signal, 50000 hours above life time, Led type is CREE)

6) Morimoto 4×6 led headlights( 4300LM for high beam, 2400LM for low beam, using H4 Male Input wiring)

7) Aaiwa 4×6 Sealed Beam LED Headlight( 5600LM for high beam, 2500LM for low beam, lifespan above 50,000 hours)

8) SEUYA 4×6 LED Headlight( 4500 LM @High Beam, 3000 LM@Low Beam, can use with Bluetooth app)

9) Partsam 4×6 LED Headlights Conversion Kit(High beam 5600 lumens / Low beam 2500 lumens per Bulb, Up to 50,000 Hours life time)

Our collection of products to test and review

The Best 4×6 LED Headlight Reviews 2021

1. Z-OFFROAD 60W 4×6 Inch LED Headlights DOT Approved

Z OFFROAD 60W 4x6 Inch LED Headlights DOT Approved

Sealed beam type for any truck or car, 100% Plug & play Design, made with Osram LED Chips and Upgrade polycarbonate lenses.

The Z-OFFROAD 4×6 Inch LED Headlights comes with four pieces of LEDs where each offers great quality for their price. These aluminum-built 4×6 Inch LED Headlights are DOT approved and can last for a long time. They are perfectly waterproof, making them suitable for outdoor use.

The usage of polycarbonate made these LED lenses extraordinarily durable. The lens color is clear where the body is black. But you can find a variation with white bodies. These lenses have high heat releasing system. So, they run efficiently.

You can use these lenses through a 50-thousand-hour lifespan. It has a low and high beam mode for different levels of views. The H4 plug and LED chips make it easier to install and set up.

It has an LM of 3600 on high and 2800 on low beam. Also, these lenses have a power of 60W and a temperature range from 6000K to 6500K.


  • You will get four pieces of LED lenses in the package.
  • The lenses are waterproof.
  • They have an advanced heat-dissipation system.
  • The lights have aluminum bodies, which ensures their longevity.


  • The installation process is difficult without any experience.

2. BICYACO Store 60W 4×6 LED Headlights Compatible with Peterbilt Kenworth Freightinger Ford Probe Oldsmobile Cutlass

BICYACO Store 60W 4x6 LED Headlights

Real 60W output, fit for Chevy K5 K10 K20, Motorhome, RV, GMC, Oldsmobile Models with 4 Headlight System

If you want four pieces of LED lights for your truck, the BICYACO 4×6 Inch LED lights will meet your need. With its 60W power, it can give you a quality beam of 2800 Lm on low and 3600 Lm on high. These lenses will provide a wide light, unlike many other LED headlights.

Since running with high power can turn things pretty hot, this LED light pack has an excellent cooling system. Each of them can last life of 5000 hours.

You can install these headlights on your Chevy model K5, K10, and K20. However, the lights also fit on other popular vehicles like RV, GMC, or Motorhome models that accept four headlights.

These headlights are almost similar to the Z-OFFROAD 4×6 Inch LED Headlights. But the BICYACO LED Headlights are usually available at a much affordable price. Other than that, they are mostly identical. The 4×6 LED headlights are also DOT approved.


  • The LED light lenses are polycarbonate, which is pretty durable.
  • These headlights are both water and snowproof, so no worries for any driving in any weather.
  • The cooling system keeps it in top shape for a long time.


  • The lights can get fogs after rain.

3. ZJUSDO 4×6 Led Headlights with White RGB Halo Music Mode Seal Beam


Fits with Chevy/Ford, Buick/Pontiac, Subaru/Volkswagen, Cadillac, Kenworth/Peterbilt/Feightliner, American Motors, Oldsmobile and many more.

We have another LED headlight set with four pieces that can turn your roads bright with high quality. The ZJUSDO 4×6 Headlights comes with HALO music modes. These rectangular lights are a perfect match for truck models, including Monte, Carlo, Peterbilt, Oldsmobile, Kenworth, and Ford.

You need to provide the LED headlights with a 12V connection to run. You can actually change the color of the Halo ring and turn on the music mode using a smartphone Bluetooth connection. Additionally, you can also set timers and set the halo to white.

The lens of these lights is polycarbonate, while the main body is aluminum alloy for added sturdiness yet lightweight. You will find an H4 plug in the package with three pins for low and high beams and negative mode.

Compared to the BICYACO 4×6 Inch LED Headlights, this package offers several features like RGB halo or timer.


  • It offers RGB Halo modes with changeable color rings.
  • It has a music mode and a timer.
  • You can control everything from your mobile.


  • The app for changing the colors often gets buggy.

4. SKTYANTS 4X6 Led Headlight Off Road White Halo DRL Amber Turn Signal Sealed

SKTYANTS 4X6 Led Headlight Off Road White Halo DRL Amber Turn Signal Sealed

Fits with 1982-1992 Chevy Camaro Iroc-Z ; FREIGHTLINER FLD120 112 FLD ; Peterbilt Rectangular Headlights 379 378 357 ; Kenworth T800 T400 T600 W900B W900L Classic.

You can stop your search for the best LED headlight with the SKTYANTS LED Headlight. Unlike the ZJUSDO 4×6 inch LED Headlights, this package of headlights are for off-road vehicles. This factor makes them suitable for many Kenworth, Peterbilt, or Chevy trucks.

To make them suitable for off-road, SKTYANTS made them with polymethyl methacrylate. It’s an extremely hard material for lenses. The LED lights have an IP67 level of waterproof and can stay cool even after running for a long time.

The lights take 20W and 3000LM for low beam, while 30W and 4500 LM for high. You can run it on voltage ranging from 10 to 32V.  The backside is built of diecast aluminum to keep it durable and light.

With all these amazing combinations of features, the lens can survive all conditions for over 30 thousand hours. Its installation process is easier than average LED headlights.


  • The four lenses are suitable for off-road vehicles.
  • It has higher LM levels than average LED headlights.


  • After a month of usage, you can find moisture in one of the lights.

5. UNI-SHINE DOT Approved 4pcs White DRL Amber Turn Signal Rectangular Lamp


Fits with Kenworth T800 T400 T600, Peterbilt 357 378 379, Chevy K5 K10 K20 K30 Blazer S10, Chevy Suburban K1500 K3500, Chevy C70 C4500 P40 P60, Chevy W3500 W4500 W5500, Chevy Camaro RS, S-ilverado V10. Jeep Wrangler, Dodge Challenger, Dodge Charger, Dodge Dart, Ford Galaxie, P-ontiac GTO 

People that seek products with unique features should check out the UNI-SHINE 4×6 LED Headlights. These DOT-approved LED headlights come with a turn signal. That is so convenient when driving on mountain roads. It is a four-piece package, but you can also get one with two pieces for suitable vehicles.

You can install them easily on your Peterbilt or Kenworth models. This pack of LED lights has four modes based on your need. There is the low and high beam as usual. But you can also set them in DRL or amber (warning) mode when necessary.

Its heat dissipation system has a unique feature. It has a breathing hole that increases the passing of heat to get rid of internal water.

These lights run on 15W and 45W on two-beam modes. They are licensed globally. You will get a bright light of 2500LM and 4500LM for a clear view of the road.


  • It has a unique turn signal.
  • It has both DRL and amber mode aside from the regular low and high beams.
  • Its heat dissipation system removes water using the excess heat.
  • It is also compatible with off-road vehicles.


  • The lights have a lower lifespan than many other headlights on this list.

6. Morimoto Sealed4 LED Headlight Housing Replacement

Morimoto Sealed4 LED Headlight Housing Replacement

Universal 4×6, RATED LIFETIME: 10,000 Hours, LOW / HIGH LED: 12x Nichia NCSW170C, LENS MATERIAL: UV-Treated Polycarbonate

Morimoto 4×6 LED headlights are a universal replacement. It means that they will fit any sealed place with a 4×6 size requirement. These are super bright lights, making them suitable on the road or any other field of use. They do not flicker while lit.

This pair of headlights are so easy to install. It has plug and play assembly system, making them usable for pros and novices alike. These DOT-approved clear lenses are of polycarbonate, which is proof of their sturdiness.

They have a really high lifespan of over 10 thousand hours. This is also a lightweight choice for LED headlights. They only weigh less than 3.5 lbs. in total.

The pair of headlights are easier to install compared to the UNI-SHINE 4×6 LED Headlights. They are also lighter. But the letter has a turn signal feature, which is absent in Morimoto LED lights.


  • It is so easy to install. The plug-and-play assembly is understandable by anyone.
  • The headlights come without any error or flicker.
  • They are a universal fit for the 4×6-inch requirement.
  • You can upgrade them with switchback DRLs.


  • The packaging is a bit poor.

7. Aaiwa 4×6 LED Headlight Sealed Beam 45W Headlight Replacement

Aaiwa 4x6 LED Headlight Sealed Beam 45W Headlight Replacement

Fits with H4656/H4651/4651/4652/H4652/H4666/H6545. Also suitable for most of other vehicles, including sedans, light SUVs and trucks, motorcycles,off-road vehicles and fits most classic vehicles from as early as 1955 through 1988: Dodge Challenger Charger Dart, Chevelle Corvette Nova, Galaxie, Oldsmobile Cutlas, Pontiac GTO, Plymouth Barracuda, Road Runnerlight for your vehicle with sealed beam light system.

As a super-powerful pack of LED headlights, the Aaiwa 4×6 LED Headlight is a really cheap option. You can use these 4×6 sealed beam LED headlights on your Peterbilt 379, Kenworth KW900, Chevy K10, K20, and other RV and van models that accept this size.

With a power of 45W, the headlights will offer a color temperature of 6000K. Meanwhile, you can get a high LM of 5600 on the road. That is excellent for a clear view of the road and surroundings. You only need to connect it with 12V to get these services.

The highly durable LED light will withstand every weathered condition and last for over 50 thousand hours. You get the standard H4 plug, allowing you to get both high and low beams of high quality.

The main body has a water removal system, while the heat sink is made of aluminum for lightning protection. Its temperature never exceeds 85°.


  • It has a waterproof level of IP68.
  • It is certified by RoHS and CE.
  • You get a high LM on both low and high beam modes.
  • It lasts for over 50,000 hours of usage.


  • It is actually a floodlight instead of a headlight, which is not DOT approved.

8. SEUYA 4×6 LED Headlights Sealed Beam Headlights with RGB Halo Ring Music Mode

SEUYA 4x6 LED Headlights Sealed Beam Headlights with RGB Halo Ring Music Mode

Universal fit for most of vehicles with 4×6 Headlights, such as: H4651 H4652 H4656 H4666 H6545, Freightliner FLD120 112FLD, Peterbilt Rectangle Headlights 357 378 379, Kenworth T400 T600 T800 W900B W900L, Semi Trucks with 4×6″ sealed beam installation hole.

Are you ready for an epic show of color? The SEUYA 4×6 LED Headlights come with an array of color options that you can pick by using the compatible app. As 4×6 sealed beam LED headlights, the item matches with most vehicle models. That includes Chevy, Kenworth, Oldsmobile, etc.

Connect the LED headlights with your mobile using Bluetooth and control the color of the Halo rings. There is also a music mode. It is compatible with both Android and Apple phones. The headlights run on 12V and have 15 scenes mode.

It is an HD CREE LED, which is better than the LED in Aaiwa 4×6 LED Headlight. Keep in mind that the letter is less costly. SEUYA Headlight’s waterproof level is IP67. The product features a lifespan of more than 50K hours.

The light provides a 50W output and a color temperature of 6000K. You get the necessary plug & play H4 along with detailed instructions for installation.


  • It offers RGB 16 million colors for you to pick.
  • The LED is controllable via both android and apple smartphones.


  • Unfortunately, the app is a bit slow and crashy.

9. Partsam 4×6 LED Headlights Conversion Kit

Partsam 4x6 LED Headlights Conversion Kit

Fits with Freightliner FLD120 FLD132 FLD112; For Peterbilt Rectangular Headlights 379 378 357; For Kenworth KW T800 T400 T600 W900B W900L Classic 120/132 HK, Chevrolet K5 K10 K20 K30 Blazer S10, Chevrolet Suburban K1500 K3500, Chevy C70 C4500 P40 P60, Chevy W3500 W4500 W5500, Chevy Camaro RS, Silverado V10; For camper tractor motorhome RV and all kinds of vans. 

Finally, we have the 4PCS Partsam 4×6 LED Headlights, a top-quality pick on this list. You will definitely take a liking to the 4×6 LED headlights conversion kit. As obvious with its size, the lights will match most popular models like the previous items.

Even though the link leads you to a four-piece version, you can go for a two-piece package. Like how a durable lens should be, these lenses are of polymethyl methacrylate. You only need a 12V electricity connection for these LED lights to run.

The plug-ins are designed to give you a high beam, low beam, and ground mode. Its light will point properly, letting you see other vehicles and vice versa.

At IP67 waterproof level, you can drive during rain without worry. Its chips are so high quality for a clear vision. With its advanced cooling system, it eliminates moisture and heat of the screen. It has a solid aluminum body for extra durability.


  • The installation manual is detailed.
  • Its heat elimination system can rid the light screens of moisture.


  • It is not plug-&-Play as the product promises.

Buying Guide

If you are searching for the best 4×6 LED headlights, you are probably taking it for a vehicle. Know that it is all about looking for different features. You may want more Lumen on the road, but that can also mean that the lights will be less lasting.

Also, some can have an excellent heat dissipation system, but they may not be easy to install. On this buying guide, you can find ways that will help you get the best 4×6 LED headlights.

The Perfect Fit

One thing many may mistake is thinking that if your vehicle headlight has the same size as the LED headlight on the shop, it will definitely match. But that’s not always the case. Even if your vehicle requires a 4×6 headlight, you should still check the compatible vehicle list on the LED light description.

Only get it if you find your vehicle model on that list or the LED is a universal fit. You should also check out its plug type and consult with any professional to understand its compatibility better.

Whether It Is Legal

There are some common laws you should maintain on the road no matter where you are. One of them is related to the usage of the headlight. In that case, your headlight should let you see from 50 to 100-meter road ahead of your vehicle.

However, the light shouldn’t blind others and let them see your car properly. If your LED light is DOT approved, that means it should be legal. Although, the law can vary based on where you live. So, learn about them first before buying a LED headlight for your vehicle. Also, your lights should maintain a certain brightness level.

The Color

You can measure the color of the LED light using Kelvin. As we all know, kelvin is a unit that lets us count absolute zero. Hence, it was used for measuring the color temperature of the LED. Higher kelvin means whiter and brighter light.

These amounts are achieved with the use of semiconductors. There is a famous LED color level at 6000K, which is called the Xenon White. It is pretty bright for some people. So, they may choose a bit lower.

Do not go for the ones with a kelvin below 3500, as they are not perfect for visibility on the road and may be illegal in many places. The lower the kelvin, the warmer and yellowish they get.

Final Note

Using LED headlights on your vehicle can improve your driving experience. Combine that with an RGB halo ring from some LED lights, and it will be a ride to remember. Regarding that, our top pick for you will be the SEUYA 4×6 LED Headlights and the UNI-SHINE 4×6 LED Headlights. The former one has an eye-catching color-changing feature along with music modes.

Meanwhile, the letter comes with a unique moisture removal cooling system and a turn signal system. UNI-SHINE is also good for off-road rides. After lots of tests and trials, we think that these two are the best options one can go for.

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