How To Choose 40 Inch Light Bars?

40” light bars offer a spread and long beam that you cannot get from that of 12, 20, or 30” ones. It gives you a higher brightness and is less pricy than buying two 20” light bars. Meanwhile, they also do not cover too much space compared to the 50 or 52” light bars.

If you want one or multiple light bars for your vehicle, garden, garage, or any place that needs lighting, know that there are many promising items waiting for you.

But they are nestled among many other unworthy products. We have searched ten of the best 40-inch light bars out and made a list for you. Hopefully, this will help.

Best 40 Inch Light Bars

1. 4WDKING LED Light Bar


Fit for Ford F150 Polaris RZR Jeep Wrangler


  • The ripple design made the cooling system a lot faster.
  • Usage of OSRAM chips allowed the light bar to produce a very high-quality beam.
  • It has IP69K weatherproof level on it.
  • The lexans do not break or get scratches.
  • The mounting brackets are made of stainless steel and are rotatable up to 360°. You also get other mounting tools in the box.


  • You will hear whistling and electrical whining noises from the light bar at high speed.

We are starting the list with one of the peak-quality light bars on the market. The 4WDKING LED Light Bar allows a super-wide light that combines spot and flood beams. Aside from the 40-inch version, there are 10-, 20-, 30-, and 50-inch ones available.

The light takes 200W to operate and is suitable for Ford F150 and Jeep Wrangler. But it can also be installed on other truck models.

The light uses OSRAM chips, which are currently one of the best-LED types out there. It provides a crisp, bright, and clean light without dark spots. You get a total lumen of 28,000 from the light bar.

4WDKING went through extra effort to construct the light bar. They made it IP69K, allowing it to withstand intense water jets, car washes, and heavy storms. Its housing and heat sink is totally diecast aluminum for higher thermal conductivity. Ripples create a unique style in the cooling system that made it more effective.

The temperature control has an intelligent system that uses PCBA. It works fine under -40° to 185° F. You will not also experience radio interference while using the light bar. The no-screw design made the installation easier. It is also possible to adjust the beam angle.

2. Niking Auto LED Light Bar

Niking Auto LED Light Bar

Fit for Truck Ford Boat


  • The bar doesn’t take much space and is easy to mount.
  • It has a dual row design with quad row LEDs. You get way more brightness (64,000 lumens) from it than regular light bars of the same size.
  • Niking Auto used Phillips LED chips, which ensure a clear light without dark range.


  • Some people received packages with missing parts.

The 40” light bar from Niking Auto allows one to get a super bright beam using a high wattage of 640W. It is because of the quad row design of the bar. You will find a combo beam between the spot and floodlight from it. It’s a perfect off-roading item that you can use on your truck, ford models, or even boats.

You can check out the other size variations, including 20, 30, 50, and 54 inches. The last two of them are curved designs. Anyway, you get a wiring harness in the package that makes it easier to mount the bar.

The 40×3.3×3.4-inch body shape lets the light take lesser space when you are mounting it. You can also find a screw set and durable brackets in the box. This bracket is adjustable.

The body of the light contains IP68 waterproof level to tackle rainy and snowy weather. It was approved by RoHS and CE to be safe for off-roading.

You can also use it on your boats as water or dampness is not an issue here. Meanwhile, the breather helps the light get rid of moisture. Its heat sink is larger and cools the entire body faster.

3. Terrain Vision Curved Led Light Bar

Terrain Vision Curved Led Light Bar

Fit for Jeep Trucks Polaris ATV UTV Boat


  • The light bar contains a curved design, which allows an even wider light emission.
  • You get two light pods with wiring harnesses in the pack.
  • Terrain Vision used 3030-chips that ensure a better light emission.
  • 5D reflector cups help the light to reflect in more directions than usual light bars.


  • It is more suitable as a floodlight than a spotlight because of its less aimed beam.

Curved light bars look very attractive, and many of us prefer them over straight ones. The LED light bar from Terrain Vision has such a design. While the overall light bar is 42”, it takes only 40” in length due to being curved.

The light bar contains 5D reflector cups that ensure a multi-directional light beam. It takes 240W of power in order to illuminate the ground with a pleasing brightness. It emits a combo beam that spread far and wide into the distance. Terrain Vision used a unique mirror design to get the perfect beam pattern that reaches 150 meters.

Additionally, you get two LED pods of 60W and a wiring harness in the package. The body of the light bar can withstand water and dust up to IP67. Its components hold stainless steel that can resist corrosion and damage. The radial heat sink with the adjustable mounting bracket gives the light bar a safe and secure operation.

You get 24,000 lumens from the light bar and 6,000K color temperature. 3030-chips were enough to get a high-quality LED performance.



Fit for Truck Boat ATV UTV SUV Ford Boat


  • Because of the quad row design, you get a super high brightness of 64,000 lumens.
  • Its IP68 weatherproof level works pretty well in tackling immersion.
  • The installation procedure has plug-and-play, and you can control the beam focus however you want.


  • Broken wiring harness plugs were sent to some people in the package.
  • The light reflectors are not that enduring.

If you want to have a top-grade light bar with durability, performance, and reliability, you can check out the OFFROADTOWN LED light bar. Get it for your truck, SUV, UTV, ATV, pickup, Ford, boats, etc. Because of its large and wide design, it is also suitable for lighting your garage, factory, or sports grounds.

This light bar features a quad row design. Now, four rows of LEDs understandably take a high amount of power. In this case, it is 640W. But you also get an equally high brightness from the bar. Brighten your way ahead with 64,000 lumens and 6,000K Xenon white beam. The spot and flood angles are 8° and 90° in accordance.

By using 6063 aluminum housing and a stable bracket, the light can stay intact and firm in heavy-duty operation and bumpy terrains. You will receive the necessary hardware and wiring harness in the box to help you mount it.

By looking carefully, you can notice the military-breather at the side. It helps to remove fogginess from the inside. Beneath the breather is the bracket adjustor that lets you adjust the bar up to 360°. There is a plug-and-play feature to save your time on the installation process.

5. Rough Country 40 Inch Cree LED Single Row Curved Light Bar

Rough Country 40 Inch Cree LED Single Row Curved Light Bar

Universal Fit


  • The light bar has a modern look with a stylish frame, slim body, and curved design. It ensures a spread light to tackle fog.
  • The CREE LEDs keep the current flow constant.
  • There are moisture breathers to remove fogginess from the inside.
  • The brand backs up the product for 3-years.


  • The brackets they give are not easy to mount on some surfaces.
  • It has a bit high cost.

Next up, we have another single-row light bar. People who want a really slim bar to install in cramped places should definitely check out the item. On top of that, the bar also contains a curved design. You can get a really spread light for that.

Rough Country used CREE LED chips on the bar. If you didn’t know, CREE LEDs are really energy-efficient and offer a better constant current flow. The 16,000 lumens with 200W are something that you will love.

The light bar has an aluminum housing and can be installed on any vehicle or similar places. Its IP67 waterproof level saves it from the water and dust from the weather or carwashes. But moisture build-up process is almost inevitable. That is why the brand added breather techs to decrease the problem.

You will find a wiring harness with a flat-wound design and an on/off switch in the package.



Fit for Golf Cart, ATV, SUV, UTV, Truck, Snowmobile, Pickup Truck, Tractor, Trailer


  • The body of the light bar is very slim, making it so versatile.
  • You get 25,160 lumens, which is more energy-efficient than the last item on our list.
  • The usage of OSRAM chips allowed the light bar to emit a high-quality light.
  • There are small pads in the mounting tools. They suppress the vibration produced by bumpy roads and other ways.


  • The overall body of the light is not that durable.
  • Some people didn’t receive all the necessary plugs.

If you liked the slimness of the previous product but not the curved design, the LIGHTFOX LED light bar may interest you. This one comes with a 200W power consumption and 25,160 LM bright light beams. The light is a single row of LEDs and contains DT connectors.

Thanks to the IP68 waterproof level, the light can tackle heavy rain without much problem. Although, too much exposure to water for a long time may still result in moisture build-up inside. Once installed, the whole body with mounting brackets may take 42.72 inches of space. But it has a 2.36×1.77-inch rear that makes it easier to fit into most places.

The reflector cups make it possible to have a 13° spot beam and 60° flood beam. You can get a combo beam as well. LIGHTFOX added OSRAM LED beads on the bar that ensures a stable light output with high brightness. It also provides a clear and crisp white light of 6,000K.

Aside from the waterproofing, the housing contains rubber sealing. It repels water up to 100%. You can follow the instruction given by the brand in the package to install it. If you want, you can also check out the 8-, 14-, 20-, and 28-inch versions of the bar.

7. SYLVANIA Ultra 40 Inch LED Light Bar

SYLVANIA Ultra 40 Inch LED Light Bar

Fit for Truck, Tractor, Boat, ATV, UTV, SUV


  • It is possible to mount the light bar in any position you desire. The mounting brackets are durable and hold the bar firmly in its spot.
  • You get a long and wide beam, thanks to 84 LEDs for the spot and floodlight.
  • It can stay submerged up to 3 feet for 30 minutes without any malfunction or moisture build-ups.


  • You don’t get any additional wiring harness in the package.
  • The price is a bit high.

If you have browsed through lighting products before, you probably heard of the popular brand Sylvania. Aside from their excellent halogen bulbs, they also release impressive light bars like this Ultra LED one. It is compatible with trucks, ATVs, SUVs, UTV, tractors, boats, and most other vehicle models.

You get a crisp and clear light beam of 15,120 lumens. There are 84 LED beads in the bar, ensuring a long-distance and wide beam output. This bar offers both spot and floodlight angles. But you will need to get an additional wiring harness to use the bar.

One problem that we often face with light bars is their mounting system. That is why Sylvania added more than one method to mount the bar in any place. The brackets are universal and connect with any surface design.

The bar holds a polycarbonate lens that can withstand shock, scratches, and many other hazards. Its water resistance lets it stay underwater up to 3 feet for around half an hour.

8. Teochew LED Light Bar

Teochew 40 Inch LED Light Bar

Fit for Truck SUV ATV UTV Boat Pickup


  • Teochew added an X-shape pattern with the LEDs and got an excellent beam pattern without dark spots.
  • You get a wiring harness with a high-quality 30A fuse, 40A relay, and DT connector.
  • The heat dissipation system contains 9PCS of cooling fins for faster removal of heat.


  • The light measures a little lesser than 40 inches, but that won’t be any problem.

Next up, the Teochew LED Light Bar took a spot on our list because of its extra attention to durability. The bar uses 475W in order to create a high lumen output and white color. You can mount it on your vehicle or garage for ample lighting.

Teochew used powder-coated aluminum for the housing that can withstand collision, shock, water, and dust. Meanwhile, the polycarbonate lenses are stable enough to prevent scratches or such issues. In the package, you will find a black cover that will add more to the protection.

Meanwhile, the nylon wiring harness you get has a 30A fuse and 40A relay. It also has a DT connector for better connection and performance. The whole body has an IP68 waterproof level and RoHS and CE approval.

The X-shape design on the light bar LED pattern creates a beam pattern with a 15° spot and 160° floodlight angle. You can adjust the mounting bracket to change the focus of the light.

9. Rough Country Dual Row Curved Light Bar

Rough Country Dual Row Curved Light Bar

Universal Fit


  • There is a moisture breather to remove moisture from trapping inside.
  • You get an impressive 19,020 lumens from the light bar because of its CREE LEDs. The light doesn’t use that much energy.
  • It contains noise silencers. So, you won’t notice any hums or whistling sounds.


  • The Lexan is not that durable and can crack easily.

If you liked the previous Rough Country light bar but wanted one with more rows, then this one may please you. It contains two rows of LEDs and a durable cover and brackets for a stable setup.

By using advanced CREE LED beads, the light can cast light with 19,020 lumens. It gives you a combo beam of spot and floodlight. The beam angles are 8° for the spotlight and 90° for the flood.

In the package, you can find a wiring harness with an on/off switch. The body of the light contains aluminum housing and an IP67 waterproof level. Its moisture-breather allows you to get rid of any fogginess build-up inside the lenses.

It is possible to adjust the mounting position. Meanwhile, there is a noise silencer that conceals any annoying hum or whistle from the bar.

10. Arsenal 5D Curved Pro LED Light Bar

Arsenal 5D Curved Pro LED Light Bar

Fit for SUV, UTV, Truck


  • Combining the 5D optics technology with its curved design allowed the light to provide a super wide light.
  • It gives 39,000 lumens, one of the brightest on the list.
  • The 17 feet long wiring harness will make the mounting possible on any truck, ATV, SUV, UTV, pickups, tractors, boats, etc. It also contains a 40amp relay and 30amp fuse.


  • The bracket should have been a bit bigger.

Finally, the Arsenal #1 5D Curved Pro LED Light Bar is another excellent light bar worthy on our list. The item provides 228W of power and 39,000 lumens of bright light on the ground. If you love off-roading on dark countryside roads, this one should be your go-to.

You get a high-quality wiring harness in the package with a bar rocker switch. The 5D pro optics design allows the bar to send beams in many different directions to have a spread view. This bar uses CREE LED for an energy-efficient output. The light combines spot and floodlight.

Because of the waterproof level of IP68, the light can stay fine underwater or rain. It contains a curved design for an even wider beam angle. There is a sticker pack in the pack, which looks attractive.

Buying Guide

When buying any lighting product, we tend to look for ones that provide bright and wide lighting. But that is not the only factor that defines a perfect light bar. 40” light bars come with a hefty sum, and you must ensure to get the highest-quality one to make the purchase worth it.

Below, we have added some factors that one must consider while getting a 40” light bar. Some of them are objective, while others depend on your subjective choice. So, let’s have a look.

Shape and Rows

You must decide whether you want to go for a straight or curved design. The straight bars usually are less pricy. Curved designs provide a wider and more spread light output and have more LED. But they also tend to get hotter for having more beads.

Meanwhile, you also need to decide on the number of rows you want on your 40” light bar. There are single, dual, triple, and quad rowed bars available on the market. More rows give brighter and spread light but need better heat dissipation. Slimmer and single-rowed ones are less costly and fit in smaller spaces. All these come down to your preferences.

LED Types

There are many LED manufacturers out there that release different LED bead types. OSRAM and Phillips are famous for their crisp and clear light output without any dark range. They also ensure a constant emission.

CREE LEDs are more energy-efficient. COB chips are usually smaller and make the light bar less costly while giving the same brightness. You should choose 40” light bars with any one of these.


The 40” light bar should have a stable construction for long-lasting performance. Look for ones with aluminum housing, PC or PMMA lens, faster heat sinks, and stainless-steel mounting brackets. It should allow you to adjust the beam angle based on your need.

A least weatherproof level of IP67 is mandatory on a light bar. Avoid the ones that have lower IP. Also, a moisture breather will help remove fogginess from inside the lens.

Beam Pattern

Decide whether you want a spot or floodlight beam from your 40” light bar. You may need not worry about it as most 40” bars come with a combo beam. Pay attention to the spot and flood angles to know how long or wide the light will reach.


40” light bars usually take a decent amount of space on your vehicle. It must come with the necessary mounting hardware in the box. Meanwhile, the mounting bracket should let you install the light with a stable joint that keeps the bar firm. There should also be a wiring harness with a proper fuse and relay. Look for instruction guides for a better understanding of the process.

Final Note

When we say the best light bar, know that it depends on your preference aside from the objective factors. Dual or triple rowed light bars are usually considered better than single rowed ones, but many people do not prefer them for higher heat generation.

So, when you have multiple promising light bars to choose from, get the one that will suit your setup and application.

Also, make sure to check your newly bought light bar right after it arrives. You can be aware of any flaw in the product instantly in this way. Better hurry on that than delaying the checking process till its warranty or guarantee time expires.

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