How To Choose 4 Inch Round LED Fog Lights

Fog lights in your vehicles are separated from the headlights with one crucial purpose, to let you see in the fog and rain. For this matter, many people do not look for bright fog lights. However, it is still necessary.

Most of the time, we face fogs during dawn and midnight. So, having a set of fog lights with high brightness will also help you in the darkness as auxiliary lighting.

But not all of them can guarantee you the utmost safety or a long-lasting service. So, getting the best fog lights here is obligatory.

We have a list of high-quality 4-inch round LED fog lights on today’s article. You can take them for Jeep Wranglers, Dodge Journey, Chrysler 300, AM General Hummer, etc.

Best 4 Inch Round LED Fog Lights

1. Xprite 4 Inch LED Fog Lights

Xprite 4 Inch LED Fog Lights

Compatible with Jeep Wrangler JK Unlimited JKu 2007-2018


  • The CREE chips of the LEDs are durable and provide a constant bright output without dimming.
  • You get 2,800 lumens per light using only 30W.
  • You can adjust the beam angle up and down using a hex key. It is included in the box.
  • The fog lights are installable on many vehicle models. We suggest checking out the compatible vehicle list.


  • You may experience flickering issues and need anti-flickers to stop them.
  • The plastic parts are poorly made and can break down easily upon minor impact.

We are starting the list with a set of fog lights from one of the most popular brands that pleased thousands. The Xprite LED Fog Lights are compatible with Jeep Wrangler JK, Unlimited, and JKU from 2007 to 2018. It is a perfect replacement set for the stock fog lights on the front bumper.

The lights take 60W to create bright beams with high penetrability using CREE chips. CREE chips last pretty long, and their stability of the light output is so constant. You can use the lights for both on-road or off-road. There is an amber version of the item at a slightly higher price for even clearer visibility in foggy weather.

Xprite did an excellent job on the build quality of the lights. Their waterproof level is IP67, which handles heavy rain or snow for a decent time. The sealed housing design prevents water from trapping inside.

Being total OE replacement, there is no need for modification while installing them. Use the plug-and-play feature during the process. They added conversion cables as well.

2. Auxbeam 4 Inch 90W LED Amber Fog Lights

Auxbeam 4 Inch 90W LED Amber Fog Lights

Fit for Truck Pickup SUV ATV UTV 4×4 Jeep Wrangler


  • The 5,700K color temperature lets you have clear visibility in the rain and fog.
  • They only take 40W of power for 5,000 lumens.
  • Shatterproof and scratchproof lenses will last a long time.
  • Their EMC design prevents the LEDs from obstructing waves from radios and the vehicle computer.


  • Because of the slightly lower IP level, you may notice fogs inside after some months of use.
  • Some people didn’t get the wiring harnesses in the package.

If you want to have a choice between the amber and white variations for your fog lights, you can check out the Auxbeam LED Fog lights. The two pieces 4 inches round fog lights feature 3535 LED chips that provide a clearer and long-distance beam than regular ones.

Installable on UTV, ATV, SUV, trucks, pickups, etc., these lights are suitable as driving lights, work lights, and off-roading. The lights have a combo beam that focuses with straight and spread angles. With only a total of 80W, the lights provide 5,000 lumens in total. Their color is 5,700K, which lets them penetrate through rainwater effectively.

You get a LUX rating of one per 660 feet from the LED lights. The overall angle of the beam is 130°, which illuminates most of the road ahead. You can adjust the mounting bracket based on your need.

While the housing is made of 6063 aluminum, the nuts and such accessories are stainless steel constructed. Meanwhile, the light lenses resist shattering and scratches. Their waterproof level is IP67, letting you drive in dusty off-road or in rainy weather.

You can install the lights using their plug-and-play system. It fits directly to vehicles with 4” size requirements. So, the installment will be a breeze.

3. Galvor LED Fog Lights

Galvor LED Fog Lights

Fit for 07-18 Jeep Wrangler JK JKU | TJ LJ White Halo Ring


  • The combination of the aluminum housing, polycarbonate lenses, and toughened glass parts made the LED fog lights so long-lasting.
  • They use only 30W to produce 1,600 lumens each.
  • There are LED Halos that can change to turn signal with amber shade.
  • You can find conversion adapter 9005/9006 to H16 in the box.


  • The halos are more dotted than solid, unlike their looks in the pictures.
  • They do not function well for off-roading as the lights cannot tackle bumps.

If you are a fan of halo rings DRL, the Galvor LED fog lights may please you. The pair of 4” round LED lights are also available without DRL. When switching to turn signals, the halo changes color to amber. The lights are totally DOT and SAE certified, and you can find their stamps on the lights.

While providing two times brighter than halogen lights, these fog lights consume comparatively low energy. They are the perfect replacement for Dodge Journey 09-13, Dodge Charger 11-13, Chrysler PT Cruiser 06-10, Land Rover Defender 90 &110, and many more popular vehicle models.

Unlike many fog lights on the market, these ones feature breathing holes at the rear that can remove any moisture trapped inside. It is honestly more reliable than the ones that promise no fogginess to build up inside the lenses. The heat sinks have enough spaces between two ribs that let more heat get out quicker.

Because of the 5D lenses, the light can travel in multiple directions, causing a wider beam pattern. The lights have an ingress protection level of 67, keeping them intact in the rain, snow, and dust. They also perform fine under -40° to 80° F. You can get a color temperature of 6,000K to 6,500K from them.

4. YCHOW-TECH LED Amber Fog Lights

YCHOW-TECH LED Amber Fog Lights

Fit for Truck Pickup SUV ATV UTV


  • You can choose from the white and amber colors for the fog lights.
  • The design of the reflector cups is 3D that concentrates most light rays. It increases the overall brightness.
  • The heat dissipation system has a larger size that cools the entire light quicker.
  • You can install them with an easy plug-and-play system.


  • While the product description says that they use 90W, the actual rating is 80W in total.
  • Maybe it is just the product we received, but the amber version provided a yellower color.

The LED fog lights from YCHOW-TECH come with an 80W power consumption for an amber output. Amber color performs better in the rain than white. But if you still prefer white, the version is waiting for you. These two pieces of lights are installable as fog lights on SUV, UTV, ATV, 4×4, etc.

There are high-quality LEDs with careful placement inside the aviation-grade aluminum housing. YCHOW-TECH used 3535 LED chips on the item, one of the best flip chip technologies by Samsung. With its help, the lights can produce 9,000 lumens.

You can see during fog clearly with the 5,700K color temperature of the lights. Meanwhile, the white version has 6,500K. They feature a combo light beam that combines spot and flood angles.

Since the fog lights need to be in the rain so much, they contain an IP68 waterproof level. Their lenses are totally sealed to avoid any water particles. The heat sinks are also extra big for a better cooling system.

5. BSTLIGHTS LED Fog Lights for Trucks

BSTLIGHTS LED Fog Lights for Trucks

Fit for Truck ATV UTV SUV


  • You can control the mounting brackets how you want it up to 45°.
  • The usage of silicone for the wiring allows them to last longer than average wires.
  • Their heat dissipation has multiple layers that ensure better cooling.


  • They are not replacements for stock fog lights of your vehicle.

People who want to have dual colors from the same fog lights can check out the BSTLIGHTS LED Lights. These 4 inches round lights can run on a wide voltage range from 10 to 80 volts and consume 144W power for super high brightness.

Whether you want to drive with them in the rain or off-road in dusty terrains, they will withstand everything.

BSTLIGHTS used aluminum alloys of high heat conductivity for better heat removal. For quickening the heat dissipation, there is an oxidization system on the surface. There is also the waterproof level of IP67 to tackle rainwater and dirt.

You can adjust the mounting bracket to 45° to get a different beam angle. But in default, it focuses on the road. It allows you to have a suitable light angle no matter where you mount the fog lights. The product descriptions contain an installation process.

6. OVOTOR LED Fog Lights


Compatible with Jeep Wrangler JK Dodge Chrysler


  • The fog lights drain really low energy, using the infamous Phillips LED chips.
  • It comes with a plug-and-play design with yellow DRL wire.
  • The lights feature a unique design that got popular in 2019.
  • The lumen output is 2,000 each, higher than average fog lights.


  • The halo DRL is not that durable and long-lasting.
  • Moisture can form inside the lenses.

Here, we have one of the most energy-efficient LED fog lights on the market that utilizes only 20W for their operation. The OVOTOR LED Fog Lights are offer attractive LED halo DRL with a unique fish eye design that gives your vehicle a different look. These versatile lights work with Dodge, Jeep Wrangler, and Chrysler of various years of release.

You may wonder how they managed to perform a feat of such low energy consumption. It was thanks to the Phillips LED chips that they used on the fog lights. The same reason is why the light output is so crisp and clear. You can adjust the beam angle upward or downward by positioning the housing.

The lights contain aluminum housing and a polycarbonate cover for a higher endurance. They send the heat out while resisting shatters and scratches. There is a waterproof level of IP67 on the whole body that runs on 12 to 24V.

7. LEDMIRCY LED Fog Lights


Fit for Passenger Car, Bus, Motorcycle, ATV, SUV, UTV, Truck, Snowmobile


  • The entire bodies are resistant to water, shock, dust, and corrosion.
  • You can control the angle of the beam by adjusting the housing.
  • The lenses are really tough because of the PMMA material and impact resistance.
  • You get two H16 adapter cables in the pack.


  • The brightness is a bit lower than our expectation.

Next up, we have the LED fog lights from LEDMIRCY that you can get for Dodge Journey 09-12, Dodge Magnum 05-08, Jeep Grand Cherokee 11-12, 2-door Jeep Wrangler 07-18, etc. the major attraction of the lights are their LED halo DRLs.

These high-quality 4-inch round lights use CREE LED chips, giving them a better light output at a lower power cost. You can use them for a long time due to their durable bodies of PMMA lenses. These lenses also have a high resistance to collision. Meanwhile, their heat-sinks contain aluminum bodies that survive in high heat. It also helps the lights cool faster and protects the electrical wires.

It is possible to adjust the angle of the entire housing by twisting the handle pin. As a result, you can get the perfect angle that you require. For a quicker installation, there are plug-and-play connections.

The LEDs can work within a temperature range of -40° to 185° F. The lumen rating you get from them is 1,880 each. Meanwhile, the beam color is 6,000K.

8. Xprite CREE LED Fog Lights with Red Halo Ring

Xprite CREE LED Fog Lights with Red Halo Ring

Compatible with 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK Off Road


  • Each fog light provides 2,800 lumens from 30W. It is because of the CREE LED chips.
  • There is a hex key and adapters in the package.
  • The fog lights have DRL halos that can change colors. Pick one from multiple variations.


  • Water and fog can easily go inside that need occasional cleaning.

Many of us love to improve the vehicle’s aesthetics by adding color to the lighting. The Xprite CREE LED Fog Lights come with such halo rings that you can change colors to red. In fact, there are other color variations of blue, green, white, and yellow as well.

You should check them out if you own a Jeep Wrangler JK 07-18. Their DRL angel eyes already look stunning in the white form. But when changed color, the lights look extraordinary. We suggest the red version because of its higher capability to pierce through fog.

These are replacement lights meaning that they can replace your original fog lights. You get 2,800 lumens per light from 30W power. It is quite high indeed. Their color is 6,000K. The CREE chips allow you to get such high lumens at low power.

You can use the hex key added to the package in order to adjust the beam angle. Meanwhile, the installation features plug-and-play. You also get conversion adapters for ease of installment.

The lights feature an all-season body with sealed housing. Their water resistance is IP67 level. All these let the lights last for around 50,000 hours.

9. LITE-WAY 4″ Round Fog Lights

LITE-WAY 4 inch Round Fog Lights

Compatible with 2011-2014 Ford F-150


  • Using CREE LEDs, each light emits 2,600 lumens using only 30W.
  • These fog lights are perfect for Ford F-150 models and match their look.
  • The lights have all-season designs.
  • Their reflector pattern allows them to penetrate darkness and fog with high effectivity.


  • The pin alignment is not firm enough as the stock fog lights. They don’t stay as secure as the factory ones.
  • There is no instruction for the installment. You may need expert helps if you don’t have experience installing them.

Next on our list, we have the 4” round fog lights from LITE-WAY that you can also use as a spotlight. Install them on the front bumper on your Ford F-150 11-14 to replace the stock ones. These LED lights have smoked lenses and black housing. Still, the lights have a 97.3% light transmission rate because of the CREE LED chips.

You get a brightness of 2,600 lumens from each bulb with a 6,000K color. That is an ideal output rating for fog lights. CREE LEDs also consume lesser energy. These fog lights require 30W only to operate.

Not only water, but the lights can withstand snow, fog, dust, and other environmental elements during all seasons. Their ingress protection is 67. Because of their impressive builds, they contain DOT and SAE approvals.

10. Tugwuetlwu LED Fog Lights

Tugwuetlwu LED Fog Lights

Fit For Jeep Wrangler Unlimited JK JKU 2007-2018 TJ LJ


  • These LED fog lights are tailored-made for Jeep Wrangler models 07-18. There is an H11 plug in the box.
  • Their advanced heat-dissipation system contains breathing valves and metal radiators.
  • Their beam pattern is really wide horizontally, which is effective in fog.


  • Some people received defective lights. Contact the seller as soon as possible if it happens.

Lastly, we have the pair of fog lights from Tugwuetlwu that can tackle the harsh off-roading experiences. You can use them to replace your stock fog lights on the front bumpers. While it is the total black housing version, there is another with LED halo DRL and amber turn signals.

The lights are best suited with Jeep Wrangler JK JKU TJ LJ from 07-18. Each of these lights will grant you visibility with 2,800 lumens and 6,000K. So, driving at night or in the mist won’t pose any risk anymore.

Tugwuetlwu used polycarbonate lenses for the fog lights. They chose their own LED chips to provide a cleaner beam with a longer distance. As fog lights need, they ensured that the light output is wide enough.

As for the cooling system, there are breathers to get rid of moisture and metal radiators for faster heat dissipation. These factors prolong the lifespan of the lights. Meanwhile, their waterproof level IP67 lets no water damage.

While the lights are totally plug-and-play, not all models may not fit them. For some JK models after 2010, owners will need additional adapters to turn them plug-and-play.

What Defines the Perfect 4” Round LED Fog Lights?

You may often notice that a LED fog light is looking promising yet receiving heavy backlashes from the customers. Why so, you may wonder. It is because not all products succeed in providing what they worded in the advertisement.

You may need to investigate the proper aspects before deciding on a 4” LED fog light. The last thing you want is to spend lots of money and time behind a lost cause. Here are some factors that define a perfect 4” round LED fog light.

Durability and Build-Quality

LED lights must be more durable to keep their heavy-duty operations ongoing and resist harsh conditions. So, the fog light you are getting should at least have aviation-grade aluminum alloy housing and polycarbonate lenses.

Some use PMMA lenses, which are even more long-lasting. Check if it has resistance to shock, scratches, and collisions to perform better in bumpy off-road.

Waterproof Level

What good fog lights are if they cannot survive rain, fog, or dust? Your LED light must be resistant to all these elements. The unit to measure this resistance is the ingress protection level or IP. IP67 and IP68 are the ideal levels for fog lights.

Any below than that, and the item won’t survive the rain. It is true that even with a high weatherproof level, moisture may still build up inside. That is why having breathing valves on the rear part of the housing helps remove the fogginess.

Color Temperature

Fog lights must have a proper color temperature to have better visibility in the rain. While you may like blue lights, they perform hideously in such weather. White color (5,000K to 6,000K) is the most common color on these fog light products.

But yellowish and amber ones are the most effective to tackle fog. It is so because their long wavelength can penetrate particles better. It lets you have a long beam distance under such weather conditions.


Just because your vehicle accepts 4” round LED fog lights doesn’t mean that it will fit all of them on the market. The one you are buying must have an exact OEM size to prevent any modification needed.

Plug-and-play installment is the best feature to have here. Some vehicle models often need additional adapters to turn the wiring into plug-and-play. Having an installation manual will help you a lot.


You don’t want your fog lights to be too dim. Meanwhile, too much brightness from fog lights is also not legal in many states. So, what is the ideal amount of lumen for LED fog lights? It is from 1,500 lumens to 8,000 lumens.

Beam Pattern

The beam pattern plays a crucial role in the performance of the fog lights. Many 4”, 5”, 7”, etc., round LED fog lights come with the feature of beam adjustment. It allows you to set the beam to the correct angle.

The lights must not blind others and focus on the road. A fog light must be under the headlight level. You want a horizontally wide beam pattern with an angle of 135° and a sharp vertical cutoff. If a set of fog lights does not offer such beam angle, do not bother purchasing them.

Final Note

While rain and fogs are predictable, you may still have to drive during such weather conditions. Having a well-functioning and top-quality fog light set can assist you greatly in these situations. If you want the best, you must spend your time on it and explore many products.

We have a list of reliable 4-inch LED fog lights here. But if you cannot decide which to choose from the ten items, you can use the points from our buying guide to shorten the list and pick one. Hopefully, misty weather won’t hinder you any longer after installing the new set of fog lights.

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