How To Choose 36 Inch Light Bars?

36-inch light bars are the ideal items if you want something more than 32” ones but lesser than the 42”. They can give a bright output and are useable for off-roading and workplaces. Unfortunately, when searching for a top-grade 36” bar, we actually didn’t come across that many promising items.

Still, we sorted out a list containing the best 36-inch light bars you can find on the market. We prioritized aspects like build quality, performance, beam pattern, mounting method, etc.

But if you want to check the market on your own, we suggest going through the buying guide section. It tells you the key factors of a light bar.

Best 36” Light Bars

1. Nilight – 60010C-A 36 Inch 234W Led Light Bar

Nilight - 60010C-A 36 Inch 234W Led Light Bar

Fit for Passenger Car, Bus, Van, ATV, SUV, UTV, Truck, Tractor, Trailer


  • The light bar produces denser light output without optics loss.
  • Its EVA strips and rubber pads can prevent water particles from going into the lenses.
  • The bottom-slip mounting brackets have a steady design with 45° adjustment.


  • Some people received used products or had missing parts.

Nilight has been surprising us with its light bars, no matter the size and shape. Their 60010C-A LED Light Bar is another of their feats showing a bottom slip mounting method. You can get an astounding output from it. It is compatible with Wagons, trucks, vans, pickups, UTV, ATV, camping, etc.

By using top-grade LED chips, the brand was successful in creating a highly dense light with brightness and raw wattage of 234W. Since there are multi-directional reflector cups, the light beam can go in many directions. The efficiency of the light output is high, meaning there is little to no optics loss.

The package includes a set of screws with four bottom-slip mounting brackets. It allows you to firmly secure the light bar on the rooftop or in front of the windshield. You can also use it to rotate the beam focus up to 45°. Nilight used military aluminum for more durability.

Every part of the bar has IP67 weatherproof level. In order to close the gaps between components, there are thick rubber pads and EVA strips. Its heat sink contains 9-pieces of fins with thermal grease for better heat control.

2. BMPUG CREE LED Curved Light Bar

BMPUG CREE LED Curved Light Bar

Fit for Passenger Car, Bus, Motorcycle, ATV, SUV, UTV, Truck


  • You get a high output of lumens and wattage from the light bar.
  • The side-mounting brackets are durable and can let the bar focus towards any angle up to 360°.
  • BMPUG used an effective heat-dissipation design, removing the excess heat without blockages.
  • It uses CREE LEDs, one of the most energy-efficient out there.


  • The lens isn’t that durable and shatterproof.
  • Moisture can still form inside if exposed to so much rain or water.

While providing lower brightness in comparison, slim light bars are able to fit in more places than round or square ones. The LED light bar from BMPUG has a single row of LED beads that can output as high as 180W of raw wattage.

Because of its 3D reflector cups, the light bar can send its light beams in many directions. The ground ahead will get a combo beam of spot and floodlight with it. As a result, it is an ideal option for off-roading, camping, or farming.

It is possible to get a raw lumen of 20,400 LM from the item. The effective lumen is not too far off.

The bar comes with every necessary mounting hardware with brackets that stays on the side. It allows you to adjust the bar up to a 360° angle. The heat dissipation at the rear has no blockage for the heat to flow freely.

This light bar has aluminum housing for higher thermal conductivity and parts with resistance to water, corrosion, dust, and shock. Its lens has a polycarbonate body, allowing more light to pass through it.

3. Xprite 36″ Rear LED Chase Light Bars

Xprite 36" Rear LED Chase Light Bars

Fit for for Jeep, Yamaha, Can-Am Maverick, ATV, UTV


  • It has seven color-changing strobe patterns to use for different applications.
  • You can switch the color strobes using the rocker switch with ease.
  • It is the perfect item for reverse light, turn signal, brake lights, etc.
  • The wiring harness is 15-feet in length.


  • Rain exposure can damage the light bar.

Now, we have a light bar that can win your mind with its colored features. It is not an average colored light bar. Instead, it has six sections with different colors in each. It is perfect for brake light, reverse light, turn signals, and even decoration purposes.

The light bar has other variations with different color combinations. You can choose from block numbers 1-7 to get different color shades for various applications. For example, block # 2 and 5 are suitable for strobe lights, while 3 and 4 are for reverse light.

Xprite used a slotted design on its aluminum housing for higher heat removal and conductivity. There is a PC lens that does not shatter or get scratches. Its housing can also tackle vibrations and corrosion. The bar features a sealed body with an IP65 level. Apparently, it is not suitable for rain but can withstand water jets from any direction.

The mounting bracket of the bar has such a design to fit jeeps, Maverick, UTV, Yamaha, trucks, etc., easily. There is a dual rocker switch to turn the bar on/off and change its color strobes. Its wiring harness is 15-feet in length!

4. Blazer International 111CWL536S 36 Inch LED Single Row Off-Road Light Bar

Blazer International 111CWL536S 36 Inch LED Single Row Off-Road Light Bar

Fit for ATV, SUV, Truck


  • The light bar can work in any weather condition.
  • By using the 36 LEDs, the bar can generate both spot and flood combo. It reaches far and wide.
  • Its polycarbonate lens is more durable than usual.


  • The package often comes with a ruined state.

The 111CWL536S LED Light Bar from the Blazer International brand is an ideal item if you want to off-road on bumpy roads a lot. It is so because of its enduring and heavy-duty mounting brackets of it. This single row bar offers both spot and flood beams.

Its middle parts provide a spot angle that reaches a very far distance. Meanwhile, the flood LEDs at both sides can ensure a spread illumination. The total number of LEDs is 36.

It has an aluminum body that can withstand high heat. By working in 12-24V, the light bar can produce a decent brightness output with a 6,000K color temperature. It is possible to use the bar in any season without damaging it.

Manufacturers also added corrosion resistance to its body. For tackling impacts and shocks, the polycarbonate on the lens is chosen carefully.

5. CO-Light 180W LED Light Bar

CO-Light 180W LED Light Bar

Fit for Passenger Car, Motorcycle, ATV, SUV, UTV, Truck, Trailer


  • The light gives a beam with a 30° spotlight and 150° floodlight.
  • Its 6D reflector cups provide a better light output that spreads more horizontally.
  • It has a low energy consumption rate than regular light bars.
  • There are breathing holes to remove moisture from the inside.


  • The water resistance is not that high. So, it is more suitable for operations that do not involve water.

First of all, we apologize for adding a 37” light bar here. But the size difference is so low that it may not be a big deal. Moreover, the CO-Light LED Light Bar has such qualities that we couldn’t really gloss over it. This item has a single-row design with a unique and attractive design.

You can get a light beam that travels in many directions because of its 6D reflector cups. By using the CREE LEDs, the bar offers an energy-efficient operation. It generates a power output of 180W and 18,000 lumens raw. You get both a spotlight beam of 30° and a floodlight beam of 150° from this light bar.

CO-Light used an advanced radial heat sink fin design for a quicker cooling method. There are unique mounting brackets on the side that lets a 45° beam adjustment. You get all the mounting hardware in the package. This bar takes a total of 38.7” while counting in the bracket.

6. Blazer International CWL536D 36″ LED Double Row Off-Road Light Bar

Blazer International CWL536D 36" LED Double Row Off-Road Light Bar

Fit for ATV, SUV, Truck


  • The light bar has 72 LEDs to provide a long and wide light beam.
  • Its lens is really durable because of the carefully selected polycarbonate material.
  • It has an energy-efficient operation.


  • Many people often receive terrible packaging. The light bar is excellent, though.
  • The water resistance is not high enough.

If the previous light bar from the Blazer International brand interested you, but you want a dual-row design, check out the CWL536D bar. Whether you want a floodlight or spotlight, this item can help you greatly. The bar is suitable mostly for off-roading.

It has a unique shape for the mounting brackets. They allow the light bar to rotate its focus angle. We liked the thick wires it used that withstand harsh conditions and heat.

As you can guess, this one has a total LED of 72. It is twice the previous one, because of its extra row. Connect it to a source of 12-24V and operate it in any season and weather.

Like before, this light bar has a polycarbonate lens with high resistance against shatter, vibration, and scratches. Its aluminum housing has corrosion resistance too. If not exposed to water, the light bar can last for around 30,000 hours.

7. AUXTINGS 36 inch 234W LED Light Bar

AUXTINGS 36 inch 234W LED Light Bar

Work for Trucks SUV ATV


  • The light bar works well to give you a highly spread beam output.
  • Because of its durable mounting hardware, the light bar remains firm on bumpy terrains.
  • The beam has a multi-directional refractional angle. It is a 30° spot and 60° flood.


  • You may notice the lenses turning yellow after a long time.

We actually haven’t heard of the AUXTINGS brand before, but their 36” LED light bar still met our expectations. The bar has a durable bottom-slip design with dual rows of LEDs. It is perfectly mountable on trucks, pickups, ATVs, boats, etc.

This light bar offers a raw wattage of 234W and lumens of 21,600LM from its 78 LED pieces. You can get a combo beam from it that spreads across the terrain and reaches far. AUXTINGS added some durable mounting hardware in the package to keep the bar stable on bumpy areas. They also chose PMMA for the lenses to make them more enduring.

AUXTINGS uses their customized LED chips, which work pretty well. You get a beam that refracts towards many angles.

Its heat dissipation has a bigger design with a radiation style. It can cause the light bar to get rid of excess heat quickly. Its weatherproof level is IP67. So, you can expose it to minor drizzling and immersion for a short amount of time.

The bar has many other size variations for you to check out. So, it is also possible to get two 18-inch light bars, which will make a 36 inch.

8. iJDMTOY Hood Scoop Mount 36-Inch LED Ultra Slim Light Bar

iJDMTOY Hood Scoop Mount 36-Inch LED Ultra Slim Light Bar

Compatible with 2014-2021 Toyota Tundra


  • It looks excellent when you mount the bar inside the hood scope area.
  • The light bar has an energy-efficient operation with a high-quality light beam.
  • Its heat sink can remove heat at a faster rate.


  • The installing process is too much effort.
  • You cannot mount it on vehicles without hood scoop designs.

Next up, we have a light bar that you can mount on the hood scoop of your vehicle. Unfortunately, it cannot be mounted in other places easily. The bar is compatible with Toyota Tacoma 14-21. Aside from the bar, you get wiring harnesses with a rocker switch.

This 36-inch light bar has a super slim design. It is so to let the bar fit in the hood scope. But you may notice some bars in the scope.

According to the iJDMTOY, you need to cut or bend them in order to mount it. While it is a lot of effort, it may be worth it as the bar makes your vehicle so attractive looking.

The heat sink at its rear has a unique design. It has wind resistance and can process a constant and fast heat flow. Its body also has water resistance. Because of the area of its mount, the light bar stays less vulnerable to rain than rooftop-mounted ones.

Since the brand used CREE LEDs on the bar, it can create an energy-efficient operation. It outputs around 108W of power.

9. BMPUG LED Light Bar 36inch CREE LED

BMPUG LED Light Bar 36inch CREE LED

Fir for Passenger Car, Bus, Motorcycle, ATV, SUV, UTV, Truck


  • According to BMPUG, you get a raw lumen of 20,400 with 108W power.
  • The diecast aluminum and PC lens survive for a long time on bumpy roads and with high heat.
  • Its mounting hardware is very enduring, allowing for a steady setup.


  • The light bar doesn’t include any wiring harness or switch. So, you need one separately.

As we have added the previous BMPUG Light Bar, we have noticed that it has another variation with a straight design. People looking for a quality straight light bar with a single row and slim design can check this one.

Similar to the previous one, this light bar provides a raw wattage of 108W via its one row of LEDs. It utilizes its 3D reflector cups to get more directional lights. Because of its style, it is best mounted on the rooftop or in front of the windshield.

Its unique mounting bracket can keep the bar tightly while also changing the focus up to 360°. Because of the hardened mounting hardware, they do not let the bar lose its focus on a bumpy path.

Its super-slim body allows wind to flow without affecting the heat flow. The heat sinks have excellent deep groves that enable a faster heat removal system. This light is said to have a waterproof IP68. Although, we didn’t get that result after testing it in the water.

10. Lightronic 36 Inch CREE LED Light Bar

Lightronic 36 Inch CREE LED Light Bar

Fit for ATV, SUV, UTV, Truck, Tractor


  • You get a wide combo beam from the light bar.
  • It is waterproof, dustproof, shatterproof, and can withstand high heat.
  • It utilizes CREE chips to save energy.
  • You can mount the light bar in two ways. Either use the side-mounting brackets or the bottom-slip setup.


  • The waterproof level fails to block condensation from forming inside.
  • It doesn’t mention the effective outputs anywhere.

Finally, we have a light bar from the Lightronic brand that can provide you with bright visibility of the ground ahead. This light bar has dual rows and provides a raw lumen of 23,400 LM. Its color temperature is 6,000K.

Lightronic designed the light bar to have more floodlight than a spotlight angle. The usage of its CREE LED lessens the energy cost of the bar. It provides a raw LED power of 234W.

It features classic aluminum mounting bracket sets with tight joints. It allows an adjustment of the beam up to 45°. There are both side and bottom brackets in the package. Aside from the large heat sink at the rear, there are also holes on the side. It lets the light bar remove more heat swiftly.

Buying Guide

A light bar needs to have high brightness and wattage output. But that is not the only two factors that define the best bar. If you are buying a 36” light bar, you need to be aware of these points.

It is easy to end up with a low-grade item otherwise. In the worst-case scenario, you may not even be able to do much about it if the customer service is too unresponsive.

In this section, we will try to provide some information regarding the best 36” light bars so that you can easily find them. But it may still take time as you cannot be sure whether the product description is accurate or not.

Raw Lumen and Effective Lumen

Lumen is the unit of brightness of light that the 36” light bar will produce. Here, the raw lumen is the theoretical result that the manufacturers get by calculating. But it is never really equal to the actual lumen you get.

The effective lumen is the practical output from the bar. So, why is it important? It is so because most LED light brands mention the raw lumen in their description instead of the effective one. So, to find the practical result without buying it, you need to check customer reviews.

Build-Quality of the 36” Light Bar

A 36” light bar with perfect quality means aluminum housing with PC or PMMA lens and fast heat dissipation. It must contain the least waterproof IP67 if created for outdoor use. Iron-made mounting brackets are more stable in keeping the bar steady.

Beam Pattern

You can choose between spot or floodlight for the 36” light bar. Spotlights provide long-distance, and floodlight gives horizontally wide beams.

The combo light bar generates both angles simultaneously, giving you more versatility. Some combo beam bars prioritize one type (spot or flood) over the other.

The shape of the 36” Light Bar

Between straight and curved shapes for 36” light bars, the latter is better. But the former is usually less costly. Light bars also come with different rear-shapes, including round, square, and angular ones. They not only affect the installation but also the heat dissipation system.

Number of Rows

LED bars can have one, two, three, and four rows of LEDs. As you can guess, more rows provide more lumens. Although, they take more energy too. Fewer rows are easier to fit and are less pricey. So, consider these factors when choosing one.

Ending Note

As we mentioned before, most 36” light bars on the market are inferior in quality to 30, 32,40, 42 inches and other sizes. It is so because most do not look for them, and the brands prioritize the ones that customers want the most. So, if you haven’t found any 36” bar that meets your needs, you can check out the 32” light bars or 40” light bars.

Manufacturers often design light bars with more concentration on one trait than the others. For instance, some bars are only good as a spotlight but fail to provide a quality flood angle. Check these aspects as they can help you find one that meets your subjective preferences.

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