How to Choose 350Z Headlights – Find The Brightest One

Whether you love to drift your Fairlady on the track or travel in it on road, owning a 350Z is a class of its own. On top of that, the model is almost nearing its 20th anniversary.

If you have one of these beauties, there are chances you want to facelift it. And the best way to start that is by replacing the old headlight with a spectacular new one.

Our list below contains some of the best 350Z headlights to gift your Fairlady. Our prime concern was their quality, design, price, and durability.

Some are OEM quality, while others are aftermarket products. Double-check their suitable model and year before buying one.

List Of Headlights For 350Z

1. Spec-D Tuning Chrome Smoke Led Projector Headlights

Spec-D Tuning Chrome Smoke Led Projector Headlights Compatible with Nissan 350Z

DOT and SAE Compliant. Made by an ISO Certified Manufacturer using Materials that meet or Exceed OEM Requirements!


  • It meets all OEM and SAE standards.
  • Both the smoke lens and black housing variations look astounding.
  • It has a surprisingly low cost given its components have OEM and ISO certifications.


  • While the installation is easy, you may find it difficult without past experience. There is no installation guide in the packaging.

We added the Sped-D Tuning Headlight, especially for people who want to use their Nissan 350Z on the race track or offroad. As a chrome smoke lens headlight, it can easily facelift your Fairlady.

But headlights with colors aren’t really legal onroad because of their dimmer light output. There is also a black and multi-colored version available, though.

Now to the main point. Vehicle headlight parts that meet OEM requirements are usually sold at a high-end price. But you can get the Spec-D Tuning at a surprisingly low cost.

Aside from that, you can also save some by installing the housing yourself since there is no modification needed.

As DOT and SAE compliance, the headlight follows legal standards. Spec-D constructed the item for 350Z 2006-2009 vehicle models. They added an 8-pin connector in the packaging to ease up the installation.

2. AKKON Projector Headlights For 2003-2005 Nissan 350Z

AKKON Projector Headlights For 2003-2005 Nissan 350Z

Direct Bolt On Replacement For Your Original Headlights, No Wiring or Any Other Modification Needed


  • The headlights directly fit the vehicle models.
  • They are OE replacements.


  • It gets scratches and moistures pretty easily.

We think we should add another from a popular and top-quality brand since they have a reputation to keep. The Akkon headlight designed for Nissan 350Z makes it the ideal option for your vehicle in many ways. But its biggest trait is that the headlight is direct OE replacement at a surprisingly low cost.

This chrome housing headlight supports the Xenon HID bulbs. As a result, you can only install it on 350Z from 2003 to 2005 with HID-type housing.

As we mentioned, you can fit it directly without any necessity for wiring. You may even get additional bulbs from some lighting manufacturers even though the original product doesn’t come with one.

With crystal clear lenses, your vehicle will look the part. With durable components that ensure long-lasting performance, this item is a quality low-end option.

3. DEPO 350Z Xenon HID Headlights

DEPO 350Z Xenon HID Headlights

 It does come with bulbs and ballasts preinstalled. It was a plug and play for my ‘07 replacing the factory HIDs.


  • It comes with a plug-and-play installation.
  • The headlight makes even the old 350Z look new.
  • The pair of headlights come with additional bulbs and ballasts preinstalled in the housing unit.


  • It is not the best option if you want a low-end headlight.

Now let’s look at a headlight with a bigger budget. Seeing its high price, you will think it holds great qualities. And you will be right. 

This headlight is a true beauty to behold with an excellent pattern paired with black housing. It is a luxurious gift to give to your Fairlady.

The headlight is a direct replacement for Nissan 350Z Headlights from 2006 to 2009. But it has to be Xenon HID type. There is no reason to worry about the installation as it comes with plug-and-play, which is always a pleasing thing to hear.

You don’t even need to buy additional bulbs or ballasts, as it comes with them already installed. Whether you want to facelift your 350Z for the track or have safer drives on the street, Depo got you covered with this item.

4. Autozensation HID Headlights Compatible with Nissan 350Z

Autozensation HID Headlights Compatible with Nissan 350Z

Require little to no modification needed, No yellowing, DOT & SAE Approved 


  • It contains a vacuum-molded plastic headlight that does not get messy that quickly.
  • It has an LED halo design that gives it a modern display.
  • Its LED lights are brighter than halogen bulbs.
  • The housing unit will include the turn signal bulbs.


  • It includes neither the low nor the high beam bulbs. You need to use the stock ones or buy them separately.

Have a look at the Autozensation Projector Headlight, a nigh masterpiece item that can potentially please you just with its look. Having a Nissan 350Z from 2006 to 2009 is all you need to install this pair on your vehicle.

Its black-housing with smoke lens may not be the ideal choice for on-road. But it will be quite the sight on the race track that can catch many eyes. But if you want to use it on the street, you can choose its clear lens variation.

The lens plastic on the headlight was vacuum molded for a durable body. It also keeps the headlight from yellowing after prolonged use. Meanwhile, its halo LEDs are what you need for facelifting the vehicle. It has a waterproof sealant to avoid moisture getting inside.

You can install it using plug-and-play without modifying any part of the housing. The approval from DOT and SAE tells a lot about its safety measures. Make sure that your 350Z is a factory HID type before choosing this headlight.

5. ANZO Crystal For Nissan 350Z Aftermarket Headlights

ANZO Crystal For Nissan 350Z Aftermarket Headlights

This product is an aftermarket product. It is not OEM and is neither manufactured nor sold by the vehicle manufacturer listed


  • It fits 350Z 03-05 models with factory halogen bulbs.
  • You can install them by having only some basic tools in your garage.
  • It has a whitebulb type color for higher whiteness.
  • You get a 30-days satisfaction guarantee and a 1-year limited warranty.


  • Not the item for people with 350Z HID designs.
  • Overall, not that high-quality and long-lasting compared to some pricy options.

All the previous headlights on the list only supported vehicle models with factory HID design. But some of us want to use halogen bulbs too. The Anzo Headlights for Nissan 350Z are totally DOT and SAE compliance and come with both driver and passenger sides.

Check whether your 350Z is from 2003 to 2005 to be a perfect fit for the headlights. Not to mention, it must not be a factory HID type. You can do the easy part of installation utilizing its plug-and-play method.

Above everything, this pair can definitely facelift your vehicle no matter its color or age. It contains a crystal clear lens for higher brightness and black housing to look spectacular.

6. Spec-D Tuning Black Jdm Projector Headlights

Spec-D Tuning Black Jdm Projector Headlights Compatible with Nissan 350Z

Compatible with Nissan 350Z 2003-2005 all models with halogen version headlights (Does not fit factory stock hid models). 


  • It has ISO certifications and follows OEM standards.
  • The headlights come with H1 bulbs for both high and low beams for your Nissan 350Z 03-05.
  • It contains dual-halo and LED lights to match the trendy theme.


  • The halo rings have a shorter lifespan than usual and may go out after a year or two.

Our previous Spec-D Tuning headlight was only for 350Z from 06-09. If that headlight piqued your interest, then check out this item. This Spec-D JDM is a projector headlight designed for Fairlady, released from 2003 to 2005. It is available in black, which makes your vehicle look classy.

Spec-D used matte black housing with clear glass lenses to suit the vehicle. If you are a fan of LED lights with halo, this is a perfect item for you. The headlight features a double-halo instead of one.

Many headlight housing units do not come with any bulbs, and you have to buy them separately. But Spec-D adds an H1 for low and one for the high beam to make it convenient.

Headlight parts that follows OEM requirements are always the reliable item to get. That is why this product follows those standards and also has ISO certification.

7. Spec-D Tuning SMD Led Hid Projector Headlights

Spec-D Tuning SMD Led Hid Projector Headlights

Installation Made Easy on All of Our Items! Little to No Modifications needed at Best! 


  • The headlights come with a pair of H7 bulbs for high beam and 3157 for turn-signal pre-installed.
  • Its low beam uses projector housing, making it suitable for onroad use. You will get excellent downward visibility.
  • It is really affordable.


  • You will need to buy the low beam bulb separately if the stock bulb is out.

If the last item pleased you, but you have a 350Z from 2003 to 2005 with an HID type, then this is the one for you. The brand made three colors available for the lens and housing of the headlight- black, chrome, and smoke. If you use your 350Z offroad, we suggest the black or smoked ones.

You will be surprised to see the look of your vehicle after installing them. The headlights have never even been used on any car for testing or such.

The housing unit uses halogen for its high and low beam bulbs and LED DRL. With DOT and SAE compliance, the headlights won’t face any legality issues.

The manufacturer of this headlight owns an ISO certification. Meanwhile, every component of it is in accordance with OEM standards. You can install it on your vehicle yourself if you have a little experience.

8. Spec-D Tuning LHP-350Z03JM-RS Fit Nissan 350Z

Spec-D Tuning LHP-350Z03JM-RS Fit Nissan 350Z

Made by OEM approved & ISO certified manufacturers in materials that meet or exceed strict OEM requirements 


  • It contains LED SMD DRL bulbs with chrome color.
  • The housing unit contains H7 bulbs for high beams.
  • It has a projector for the low beam.
  • The parts are all OEM quality or even better.


  • It is not the brightest option to use on the street.

Here is another headlight from Spec-D that we could not exclude from the list for its quality and design. 

The first thing you will notice is the excellent positioning of LED DRL bulbs giving the headlight its modern look. Then there is the projector setup to provide it a highly aimed beam.

The coloring they chose for the housing is black, and the lens is clear. It is to make your Fairlady look lavish while ensuring a higher lumen on the road. You will get an H7 high beam bulb with this headlight similar to the previous product.

You do not need to worry about the material qualities of it. Manufacturers with ISO certifications constructed it using OEM level parts that meet their requirements. You can find a PDF installation guide for the item by visiting their official website. The suitable 350Z models are from 2003-2005.

9. VIPMOTOZ Black Housing OE-Style Projector Headlight

VIPMOTOZ Black Housing OE-Style Projector Headlight

No Re-Wiring or Modification to Factory Harness Needed, this is an aftermarket product.


  • It is a direct fit for Nissan 350Z Z33 Fairlady from 2003 to 2005 with factory HID design.
  • The headlights have three layers to prevent messes and cloudiness.
  • Its micro-prism reflectors make the vehicle viewable from all directions to any passerby, even without blinding them.
  • You can find a detailed installation guide on their product descriptions.


  • Even after the layers, the headlights cannot tackle harsh snowy weather. You need a quality protective film to cover it.

The headlamp assembly from VIPMOTOZ is a quality pair that offers a durable build and a protective cover. Available at sterling chrome housing, you can get this attractive piece for your Nissan 350Z Z33 from 2003 to 2005. 

Your vehicle has to be a factory HID model to support the headlights. It is ideal to install it using the HID components from the stock headlight, including bulbs or ballasts.

It is a total replacement, meaning that you can literally plug the bulb and ballast in and put the screws on the housing. VIPMOTOZ pre-installed new turn signals, side markers, and parking lights in the headlights. There are two clips to adjust the focus of the bulbs. It needs a Phillip head screwdriver for that.

These headlights contain three layers of protective covers. They guard the headlight lenses against UV-rays, debris from the road, and normal weathered conditions. For a proper cut-off of the projection, manufacturers designed it with care. The lens is made from glass for better brightness and higher durability.

10. AmeriLite Projector Headlights Halo Black Amber For 350Z

AmeriLite Projector Headlights Halo Black Amber For 350Z

2003-2005 350Z 6 Pins Connector Only (DO NOT FIT stock HID), Meets DOT & SAE Standards.


  • It comes with both low and high-beam H7 and turn signal bulbs.
  • Its crystal clear lens makes nighttime driving safe.
  • It contains nicely-placed LED halo rings.


  • It is a bit complex to adjust the focus of the bulbs. It may need a professional touch.

We have reached our final item- the AmeriLite Projector Headlights for 350Z. But do not underestimate the fact that it is on the last because the headlights show high promise.

The best trait of the product is their looks. You get an amber turn signal with black housing and LED halo. It looks pretty cool when lit at night.

You can get the headlight pair as a facelift to replace the stock ones of your 350Z 2003 to 2005. However, they do not match the ones with stock HID. It is only for the 6-pins connector. It utilizes halogen bulbs as its source of light.

The headlights are an exact OEM replacement, and you can install them with ease if you own the right vehicle model. Since they meet DOT and SAE standards for onroad use, you can use your 350Z for traveling purposes too.

While this item uses Halo LED, there is one with factory style that you can get at a lower cost. But we recommend this one since it has a better display.

Buying Guide

The line between regular aftermarket headlights and OEM ones is easily spottable by professionals and experts. It also doesn’t mean that all aftermarket items are not a good option.

Here, we have prepared a buying guide that should help you know what to look for when buying a Nissan 350Z headlight.

There are several options on the market, and it is not easy to select one. Our main goal here is to aid you in shortening your list as much as possible till you make your decision.


Just because a headlight is for 350Z doesn’t mean that it will definitely fit your vehicle. The Fairlady models from different years have dissimilar headlight functions. So, make sure that the headlight is compatible with the exact model and year of your 350Z.

Some headlights are only suitable for vehicles with a particular factory bulb type. It can be HID or non-HID. Double-check these factors first before seeing the other points.


It is without a doubt that many of our dear readers are looking for a new headlight to facelift their old 350Z models.

Fortunately, most headlights available for them looks the part. But they come in various colors. You may choose from black, chrome, smoke, etc. Never select one with smoke lenses if you use the vehicle for onroad.

They are dimmer than regular ones. Meanwhile, a crystal-clear lens will provide a brighter light output. You can freely choose any colors you want for offroad and race tracks.


You will notice some certifications on some headlights. The DOT and SAE approval means that the headlight is legal for the street and follows most state laws.

Meanwhile, having OEM certifications indicates the quality of their components. Any headlight that follows OEM and ISO standards is of high grade.


If you don’t have experience installing a headlight on your Fairlady, this point is even more important. You need to look for a detailed installation process in the vehicle description or check whether it comes with one.

Unfortunately, many products do not include or explain any guide for the procedure. In that scenario, you can try it yourself if it has a plug-and-play system.

Alternatively, you can contact your mechanic and spend some money on it. If the headlight doesn’t include any bulbs, you can use the stock ones there.

Extra Features

It is always a pleasing factor to get something bonus. Any additional feature like an LED halo or layers of protective covers can give the headlight extra points. We suggest projected headlights for onroad since they have more aimed beams. Some will let you adjust the focus as well.

Final Note

It is harder to keep a headlight at the top shape than buying one in the first place. There are various steps to perform that. Make sure to provide a clear coat and UV sealant on your headlights to prevent damage from messes and sunlight.

If you are new to drifting but want to race your 350Z on the track, we advise getting a bash bar for it. It will prevent any damage to the headlights from all those sideways driving.

Before buying headlights, or any parts for your Nissan 350Z, make sure to check the reviews. You may even contact your mechanic to ensure it’s the best option for your vehicle.

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