How To Choose 32 Inch Light Bars For Your Car?

A 32” light bar gives you an advantage for its size. You see, the 52” ones are often harder to fit and mount somewhere, while the 20” bars are too small for your operation.

For your vehicle, you can even get more than one 32” bars. Since most of them come with a spot-flood combo, your off-roading experience will be safer and more fun.

But since it comes to safety, you cannot overlook the factors related to the light bar. It needs time to research.

You can explore our list of ten best 32-inch light bars, pick the one that suits your requirement, and call it a day. Or, you can take the information from our buying guide and browse through even more items to find other potential ones.

Best 32 Inch Light Bars

1. Nilight – 70004C-A LED Light Bar 32 Inch

Nilight - 70004C-A LED Light Bar 32 Inch

Fit for Passenger Car, Bus, ATV, SUV, UTV, Truck, Tractor, Trailer


  • The light bar contains an inductance of high quality for a constant current flow to the LED beads.
  • There are rubber pads, silica gel strips, and potting glue sealing wires for better water resistance.
  • The 12 pieces of fins on the heat sink allow the light bar to process a faster heat dissipation.


  • Condensation can form inside the lenses after being exposed to rain.

We are starting the list with a product from one of the best lighting brands out there. This 32” bar gives a combo beam of spot-flood angle and offers near 180W of power output.

It is an ideal item for off-roading, boats, and workplaces.

For a multi-directional beam direction, Nilight added improved reflector cups. There are 60 pieces of LED chips that can offer a high-quality light beam. A stable current is necessary for unchanging light color and brightness.

That is where the inductance helps. Nilight used its own top-grade chips to have a constant light beam of high lumen and whiteness.

IP67 weatherproof level provides an impressive resistance to water to the bar. There are also additional silica gel strips, rubber pads, and wires with potting glue sealing. They are to ensure a further waterproof impression.

Aside from the diecast aluminum housing, there is thermal grease for proper heat conductivity. The heat sink contains 12 pieces of fin that effectively get rid of excess heat.

This light bar is so easy to install. In fact, you can do it within some simple steps. By using the mounting brackets, you can adjust the angle of the beam.

2. DWVO 32 Inch LED Light Bar

DWVO 32 Inch LED Light Bar

Fit for Passenger Car, ATV, Motorcycle, SUV, Truck


  • The brightness of the light bar is high.
  • Because of the 9D design, you get a broad lighting angle.
  • DWVO used long-lasting and softer LED beads on the bar.
  • It costs so low, making it a budget option.


  • The wiring harness has poor quality with a cheaply-made relay.

We have another dual-row LED light bar with a straight design. Its highly advanced chipset produces some top-quality light beams. Since it is easy to mount on different parts, you can take it as fog light, marine light, driving light, etc.

According to DWVO, the raw lumens of the light bar is 48,000 with a LED power of 390W. Its combo beam can spread so much with the help of the 9D reflector cups. But to prevent the chance of glaring, they added glass mirrors.

The LED beads on this light bar are built to last longer than usual. They are also much safer and don’t go out for a long time.

You can drive in the rain and snow because of the IP68 weatherproof level of the light bar. But we still suggest not exposing it to too much water as moisture may still form. Its heat sink has an aluminum body and a fan shape for quicker heat removal.

There are iron mounting brackets in the package that will stay on the side of the bar when mounted. You also get a durable screw set and an Allen wrench. The wire stays on an edge which some may like and others don’t. There is also a 10-feet wiring harness in the box.

3. YITAMOTOR LED 32 inches Curved Light Bar

YITAMOTOR LED 32 inches Curved Light Bar

Fit for Passenger Car, ATV, Motorcycle, SUV, Truck


  • The spot beam angle of the light is 30°, while it widens up to 150°. It is the item you want as a fog light.
  • The light bar is energy-efficient.
  • Its 8-pieces of fins with high gaps in-between them keep the bar cool while creating a high lumen.
  • This dual-rowed bar is pretty slim.


  • There is no mounting guide in the package, making it harder for people without experience.
  • Moisture can go inside the lenses.

As we have researched light bars of different sizes before, we noticed some impressive feats from the YITAMOTOR brand. Their LED Light Bar with 32” size has a curved shape and a spot-flood combo. You can take it for your truck, ATV, UTE, 4WD, SUV, pickup, boat, etc., and mount it on any part you want.

The wiring harness you get in the package has a 10-feet length. Meanwhile, the bar has a 2.13 inches sized body, making it one of the slimmest options available.

Combining its 180W LED power with its curvature makes the light bar a perfect fog light alternative. Speaking of it, the ground ahead will get a 30° spot and 150° total flood. The former has 44 pieces of LED beads, and the latter has 16.

According to YITAMOTOR, you get a brightness of 18,000 lumens from the 3030 LED beads with a 6,000K color temperature. To tackle the heat it creates, there are 0.5 inches gap in-between its 8-pieces of fins in the heat sink. There are also side-hollows to let proper heat flow.

Its mounting brackets are made of iron, ensuring a long-lasting service than aluminum. The same is true for the screw set you get in the box. There is an ingress protection level of 68 on the bar.

4. OEDRO 32 Inch LED Light Bar Curved

OEDRO 32 Inch LED Light Bar Curved

Fit for Passenger Car, Golf Cart, ATV, SUV, UTV, Truck


  • The light bar gives a high lumen output. Although, it is lower than what they describe.
  • The suitable temperature range of the light widens from -40° to 185° F.
  • The Oxidized heat sink with higher gaps between fins made it highly effective.
  • It is a high-quality spotlight, providing a laser-like illumination to the distance.


  • Some people didn’t receive the mounting brackets and hardware in the package.
  • Some people got the wrong-sized light bar.

Now, we have a heavy-duty option for people who needs intense lighting from their light bar. The OedRo 32” Light Bar contains an astounding pattern with three LED rows that can generate a high output. According to the brand, its power is 405W, but the actual effective-wattage is a little lower.

This bar combines a curved design with an already wide beam. So, the light you get spread all-across the area in front of the bar. But if you want, you can select its straight variation. Its raw lumen is 49,350 LM. You can operate it in a temperature range within -40° and 185° F.

If you want a proper waterproof light bar, this is a decent option. The IP68 on the entire body is backed by thick rubber pads and silica gel strips. Overall, the item can withstand immersion for a long time.

Perfect heat dissipation is necessary for such heavy operation. Hence, OedRo added an oxidization technique combined with the aluminum housing to the heat sink. It swiftens the process of removing excess heat.

Aside from the 9.85-feet wiring harness, there is an Allen wrench and other mounting hardware in the pack. This harness contains a switch and a top-grade relay. You can adjust the mounting bracket up to 360°.

5. Rigidhorse 32 Inch LED Light Bar

Rigidhorse 32 Inch LED Light Bar

Fit for Pickup SUV ATV UTV Truck Roof Bumper


  • You get a raw lumen of 30,000 from the 32” light bar. The effective lumen is not far off, considering its build-quality and housing.
  • The P8 LED chips provide some high-quality LED output.
  • Its mounting brackets are universal. You can set them up to mounting-holes with ease.
  • Because of its 170° floodlight angle, it is excellent at giving a spread beam.


  • Many people didn’t receive the mounting hardware in their package.

For people who love slim design light bars, this one from the Rigidhorse brand is a perfect item. Its single row throughout the 32” bar can provide a surprisingly high lumen. It also gives you a combo between spotlight and floodlight. You can mount it on the rooftop or bumper of your SUV, ATV, UTV, pickup, etc.

The bar contains a powerful LED chip type known as P8. Combining its durability and epic light output with the multi-directional reflector cups allows you to get a beam angle you will love. The housing of the bar has aluminum alloy, while the heat sinks have effective designs.

Rigidhorse ensured an IP67 waterproof level on the bar. You can expose it with water splashes and drizzling expecting no water inside. Its 360° adjustable mounting brackets have stainless steel body that does not break, rust, or corrode. The lenses are made of 6063 PC with a higher transmission rate.

6. AUTOSAVER88 LED Light Bar 4D 32 Inch

AUTOSAVER88 LED Light Bar 4D 32 Inch

Fit for Passenger Car, ATV, SUV, Truck, Pickup Truck


  • While the aluminum cooling fins can withstand heat up to 237W/mK., their fins are wide enough to reduce energy waste.
  • It provides a high effective lumen rating.
  • The cost of the light bar is so low.
  • Its 4D lenses work excellently in giving a multi-directional light.


  • Moisture and condensation can form inside the lenses if exposed to too much water.

If you liked the previous item but need a dual-row light bar, check out the AUTOSAVER888 LED Light Bar. Its 2.36 inches slim body with a total of 34” length counting the mounting brackets, you can mount it easily on vehicles, marine vehicles, or workplaces.

The light bar contains 4D lenses that can send the light output in more directions than usual. Its wattage output is said to be 180W by the manufacturers with 15,000 lumens of brightness. The terrain ahead can get a combo beam from this bar that reaches far and wide.

Its 3030 LED beads can provide a high effective-lumen. The light output possesses a color temperature of 6,000K to 6,500K.

You can operate the light bar within -5° to 149° F. Not to mention, you can drive your vehicle in drizzling or such weather without damaging the bar. It is so because of its IP68 weatherproof level.

The aluminum AUTOSAVER888 used on its cooling fins is much heat conductive than regular ones. Its thermal conductivity is 237W/mK. On top, there is 0.47 inches fin width to lower the energy consumption on the heat removal process.

Since the mounting brackets are adjustable up to 360°, it is possible to get the desired focus you want. Every mounting hardware in the box shows durable qualities.

7. Northpole 180W LED Light Bar

Northpole 180W LED Light Bar

Fit for Passenger Car, Bus, Motorcycle, ATV, SUV, UTV, Truck


  • It is available at a low cost.
  • The components can withstand dust, water, shock, and corrosion.
  • It is easy to install on the rooftop or in front of the bumper.


  • Some suppliers or sellers may send used products.
  • The look isn’t that impressive.

If you are looking for both budget and qualities, look no further. The LED Light Bar from Northpole Light comes with a simple design yet offer epic performances. It is mountable on jeep, trucks, ATV, UTV, cars, SUVs, etc., the usual way as any light bar.

This light bar contains an IP67 waterproof level. Now, it is actually not that high. But it is still enough to tackle accidental water splashes and short rain.

The output of this light bar is 180W from two rows of LED beads. You can find both flood and spot LEDs underneath the lenses, offering a combo beam. The lumen output of this bar is 13,200 with a color of 6,000K.

You get all the necessary mounting hardware in the box. But sadly, there is no wiring harness. Every component is durable enough to resist water, dust, vibration, and corrosion. Thinking about the eco-system, the manufacturers made sure that the heat sink draws lesser energy. It works so effectively, lengthening the lifespan of the bar.

8. oEdRo LED Light Bar 697W Tri-Row

oEdRo LED Light Bar 697W Tri-Row

Fit for Passenger Car, Golf Cart, Motorcycle, ATV, SUV, UTV, Truck


  • Because of the bottom-mounted screws, the light bar stays stable even on bumpy terrains.
  • The bar provides a high lumen output.
  • Its silica gel strip and rubber pads with water resistance keep the bar safe and long-lasting.


  • The wiring harness is not that durable and can succumb to high heat.
  • Condensation can still form inside.

The last OedRo light bar we reviewed also had three rows. But this LED Light Bar Tri-Row model has a bit different traits. For example, the light output of this one is higher-quality and more solid. But it doesn’t provide as good a spotlight beam as the former one. Anyway, this item has a raw wattage of 697W.

You get a raw lumen of 48,790 from this light bar. The effective rating is not too far back either. You can operate it within -40° and 185° F. One negative point is that the actual size of the bar is one inch lower than 32”. But that shouldn’t affect the result in any way.

Like the last variation, this one has thick rubber pads and silica gels on top of an IP68 waterproof level. OedRo used their oxidization technique on the aluminum heat sinks for better heat dissipation.

The major difference between this version and the other one on our list is their mounting style. Because of the bottom mounting screws, this bar is adjustable to 45°. The durable hardware keeps the item so steady. There will be a 9.85-feet wiring harness in the package.

9. Auxbeam 32 inch LED Light Bar Side Shooter Lights

Auxbeam 32 inch LED Light Bar Side Shooter Lights

Off-Road, Truck, Pickup, SUV, ATV, UTV, Golf Cart, Bus, Van, Boat, Tractor, Trailer, Passenger Car


  • The lumen output is close to 45,000 raw lumens.
  • Because of the side-shooter lights, the bar can provide a spread beam of 180°.
  • It has a longer irradiation distance than any halogen light. You will notice no dark spots or dark ranges.


  • Its side-shooter lights are not that bright.
  • Some people received a model without the side shooter lights.

Auxbeam excels at producing some of the best quality lighting items. Their LED light bar with a 32” size comes with a bottom mounting screw design. If you want a crisp high wattage and brightness, this one will please you.

The raw power and brightness of the light bar are 432W and 45,000 lumens. We say the actual rating is not too far cry, considering its triple-row of LEDs and side-shooter design.

Its unique side-shooter design allows the light bar to have an even broader light output than many curved ones on the market. You can mount it on the rooftop of your vehicle and operate it within -40° and 176° F.

Note that its light output can reach up to 180° horizontally. However, that doesn’t make it an excellent fog light, though.

The IP67 level of the light bar can let it stay okay in a few inches of rain or such situations. Its heat sink has fins with deep grooves and designing for a faster cooling process. Its bottom slip designs keep the bar secured firmly.

10. Nicoko 32 inch 180w Straight Offroad led Light bar

Nicoko 32 inch 180w Straight Offroad led Light bar

Fit for Passenger Car, Bus, Van, ATV, SUV, UTV, Truck


  • The light allows you to switch between 72 modes on the remote and 200 modes on a smartphone.
  • By using the music system, you can sync the light color based on the music playing on the audio system.
  • The premium arc LEDs allow the light beam to reach far in the distance.


  • The color syncing is inaccurate if you buy two of them and wire them to the same system. But it only happens with the RF remote and not the smartphone app.
  • The thin wires are not that durable.

The Nicoko Straight LED Light Bar has taken a place in our list for its unique and high-quality color-changing feature. Choose from 10-color options for 72 modes with this light using the RF remote control.

Meanwhile, you can also use the smartphone app to adjust color from 16 million options in an RGB halo. It will give you around 200 different modes. The light can lift up the mode as you mount it on your vehicle, backyard, garden, etc.,

Additionally, the light has a musical syncing system that allows it to change the color based on the music playing on the audio system. Not to mention, there is the memory mode to let you get the last color without setting it up again.

The complete wiring diagram will help you hook up the system without facing many issues. Although, if you don’t have much experience, we suggest taking expert helps. The light bar comes with a wiring harness with a switch, fuse, and controller.

You can expect a beam pattern of 60° flood and 30° spot angles from this bar. It will provide a 180W of output for proper illumination.

It is possible to control both the RGB halo part and the white lights using the remote or app.

Buying Guide

If we look at it, buying a perfect electric item among many is not an easy task. It takes time to research to look through different factors. A 32” light bar is the same. Without proper attention, you will most probably get a cheap-quality one.

This section of our article mentions the factors you need to check when buying a 32” light bar. We excluded some regular points present in any product, like price, warranty, customer service, etc.

Lumen Output

Lumen is the unit of brightness from a light source. So, a higher lumen on a LED bar indicates a brighter outcome. For a 32” light bar, you may need at least 10,000 effective lumens.

As you may have noticed, we have mentioned raw and effective lumens in our reviews. Well, they are different. The raw-lumens are the result you get by multiplying the number of LEDs with wattage per LED.

Meanwhile, the practical or effective lumen is the actual brightness outcome. It depends on the build quality of the housing and lenses. Note that most product descriptions mention raw lumens. So, you may need to read reviews to find the effective-output. It is the same for wattage too.

Build Quality

A top-notch light bar must have a durable construction with aluminum housing, PC/PMMA lenses, and iron mounting brackets. Its heat dissipation should contain enough fin-spacing for proper heat flow.

It is also necessary to have the least waterproof of IP67. But if you plan to expose it to rain or such, IP68K or more is mandatory.

Shape and Number of Rows

Light bars are available in straight, curved, round, square, etc., shapes. Curved light gives you the best light angle by providing a horizontally spread beam.

Meanwhile, it is also necessary to decide the number of rows you want. More rows are more heavy-duty and take higher energy. Lesser rows are less brighter and usually easier to fit in cramped spaces. Your options are single, dual, triple, and quad-rows.


You can find light bars with mounting brackets that stay on the side and the bottom slip method. The former lets you adjust the beam angle up to 360°. Meanwhile, the latter has a 45° focus adjustment.

However, bottom slip-mounted bars remain more stable than the other type. Look for a wiring harness and a wiring diagram in the package. It will aid in the mounting process.

Beam Pattern

We cannot gloss over the beam pattern when checking a light bar. A light bar usually has one of the three-beam types. The spotlight is for long-distance laser-like beams, the floodlight is for horizontally wide and spread glow, and the combo adds them together. We suggest the third one in all cases.

There is another variation, known as the scenic pattern. While its light beam is 120° wide, it doesn’t reach very far. You can take one for lighting up large rooms.

Final Note

Whether you want a single row or more, always make sure that the mounting place has enough space for it. Account for the extra space that the mounting brackets may take. Many of us find some light bar so impressive and try to buy more than one. Don’t. First, get one, and if it actually shows a quality performance, then consider getting more.

It is always an exciting matter to get a new set of lights or any part for your vehicle. Do not let the hype carry you. False advertisement is so frequent in these products that it is hard to differentiate real info from fake until you actually try it.

If you come across reviews by other customers, try to get the correct details from them. But also take them with a grain of salt as many people complain without understanding the product well.

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