How To Choose 30 Inch Light Bars?

Among many auxiliary-light options, light bars are one of the brightest ones you can pick for a vehicle. Their intense lighting can illuminate the ground ahead, offering day-like visibility.

For the same reason, they are only usable for off-roading or work lights, or other similar tasks. 30” light bars are at the middle range without a too long or too short body.

As we browsed the market, we have found many quality bars and listed the ten best 30-inch light bars here. The process of finding them may not appear that easy. Hence, we also mentioned the factors to check when buying a 30” bar.

Best 30 Inch Light Bars

1. DWVO LED Light Bar

DWVO LED Light Bar

Fit for Passenger Car, Motorcycle, ATV, SUV, Truck


  • The 210 LEDs will allow the light beam to reach around 300 meters.
  • You get 35,000 lumens and 630W output from the light bar.
  • There is enough space between each fin for better cooling.
  • 3030 LED beads allowed the bar to have an unchanging current flow.


  • Heavy rain may still cause moisture build-ups inside the lenses.

The DWVO LED Light Bar has impressive qualities and features that you won’t easily find in many other ones. It uses advanced LEDs, giving it enough light output for off-roading, household, garage, and other places.

By using an improved chipset, the light bar can output a surprising 630W and 35,000 lumens. It provides a slightly curved design for a bit spread light than straight ones. You can mount them exposed to water and dust as IP68 waterproof level will keep them intact.

There are three rows of LEDs (total 210) in the bar. It allows you to get a light beam of up to 300 meters ahead. The beam angles are 30° spot and 150° floodlight.

You get a screw set and stable mounting brackets in the package. While the actual size of the bar is 30”, it may reach 32 inch, including the coated iron brackets. The aluminum housing and larger than regular fins ensure faster cooling. There is 0.43” space between each fin for proper heat flow.

2. 4WDKING LED Light Bar


Fit for Golf Cart, ATV, Van, UTV, Truck, Watercraft, Pickup Truck, Tractor, Trailer


  • There is a top-quality PCBA smart temperature control system to keep the light bar okay after a long time of use.
  • You won’t experience any radio interference, wind noise, or such from when the bar is operating.
  • You can rotate the beam angle up to 360 to send the light in the desired direction.


  • The color of the light output is slightly towards the blue side than pure white.

If you want to use a light bar without a screw design, check out the 30” bar from 4WDKING. This excellent product offers a double row of LEDs that can successfully illuminate the way ahead with a bright shine. It is compatible with Jeep Wrangler, Ford F150, Toyota Tacoma, and similar vehicles.

One of the best traits of the light bar is its IP69K weatherproof level that lets it stay submerged underwater for a decent time without having moisture inside. Although, we still think that too long exposure to water may be bad for the item.

Anyway, the light brightness from the bar is 30,000 lumens that the OSRAM LEDs create. The wattage of the light is 90W. Aluminum housing and durable lenses allow the light to stay okay under intense conditions or high heat. The heat sink contains 13 pieces of fin featuring a ripple design for quicker heat removal.

Aside from the mounting brackets and screw sets, you will find other necessary tools and a female connector in the box.

3. Auxbeam 30 inch LED Light Bar

Auxbeam 30 inch LED Light Bar

Fit for Passenger Car, Motorcycle, ATV, SUV, Truck


  • Because of their own customized chips, the Auxbeam LED light bar provides a more dense light at multiple angles.
  • The aluminum mounting brackets are lighter and more durable. They also secure the bar in its place tightly.
  • The beam angle of 60° for flood and 30° for spot gives safe and comfortable visibility.


  • The waterproof level is not that high enough. So, you may need to prevent the light from getting in touch with water.

Auxbeam is one of the top lighting brands for a long time now. Their 30” LED light bar offers you only the impressive traits you will like. You can take it for a wide range of vehicles, including trucks, mining, ATV, UTV, boats, military vehicles, tractors, and even factory lighting.

Its dual rows contain a total of 66 pieces of LEDs. Each LED bead provides a wattage output of 3. Because of the multi-directional reflector cup, you will get a really spread beam angle. Auxbeam uses its customized chip for a high-power operation. It also allows a higher density for the light.

The light bar has an ingress protection of 67, which keeps it safe from drizzling and water jets. Meanwhile, their diecast aluminum housing has more space between each fin for quicker heat dissipation.

There will be all the necessary mounting hardware and brackets in the package. These brackets are aluminum-made, making them lighter yet durable.

4. OedRo 768W 53760LM Quad-Rows LED Light Bar

OedRo 768W 53760LM Quad-Rows LED Light Bar

Compatible for Farm Equipment, Pick Up, Ladder Truck, Cargo Van, Suburban and more..


  • OedRo used silica gel stripes and rubber covers for better thermal protection.
  • The light bar has a wide temperature range of -40° to 185° F.
  • You get a high brightness of 53,760 lumens from the bar utilizing the four LED rows.


  • Some people didn’t receive all the mounting hardware that are supposed to be in the package.
  • Moisture can still get it even after high water resistance.

Following our list, we have the 30” LED light bar from OedRo. This item provides a shocking 53,760 lumens of light output with 768W. The reason behind that is its quad rows of LEDs. You can get a top-quality spot beam out of the bar that reaches so far.

The light bar is a suitable item for ATV, UTE, 4WD, tractors, trucks, etc. Since they operate on 10 to 30V, any vehicle can accept them. Since you get a wiring harness, it is easier to install them.

This bar can operate fine under -40° to 185° F. A weatherproof level of IP68 is provided on it to let it survive different weather conditions. Your way ahead will illuminate by a beam of 30° spotlight. Aside from the ingress protection, there are also silica gel strips to keep the temperature under control. There are also thick waterproof rubber covers.

OedRo used the oxidization method combined with diecast aluminum for a fast and effective cooling system. The bar has certifications from CE, RoHS, and FCC.

5. OFFROADTOWN 480w Quad Row LED Light Bar

OFFROADTOWN 480w Quad Row LED Light Bar

Fit for all vehicles and devices


  • The moisture breather helps the light bar get rid of any fogginess.
  • The bar is pretty energy-efficient. You get a day-like brightness from really low power consumption.
  • The plug-and-play wiring harness contains an in-line fuse and an easy-to-use switch.


  • The mounting hardware is very poorly made.

Next up, we have a LED bar that can provide you with a combination of spot and flood beams. OFFROADTOWN released their 30” LED light bar for trucks, fords, ATVs, SUVs, and any off-road vehicle.

If you want, you can also check out the 20, 40, 52, and 54” variations of the light. This 30” version displays a straight design with quad rows. And we all know that more rows mean higher brightness.

Yes, you get 48,000 lumens from 480W power. Since the beam provides a combo pattern, it covers far and wide angles. Its beam angles are 8° for the spot and 90° for the flood. You can also adjust the bar up to 45°.

Adding IP68 weatherproof level on 6063 diecast aluminum, the brand made a super stable and long-lasting body. The light has resistance against dust, rust, water, and vibration. But if moisture still gets in, there are moisture-breathers to get it out.

6. Sanman 30 Inch Led Light Bar Ultra Slim

Sanman 30 Inch Led Light Bar Ultra Slim

Fit for Passenger Car, Bus, ATV, SUV, UTV, Truck, Tractor, Trailer


  • The 170 angle of the floodlight provides a light that spreads across the terrain.
  • The direction of the beam is adjustable with ease.
  • Advanced breathing holes in the body offer a quick release of the excess vapor.


  • The light bar can get moisture inside on humid atmosphere so easily.

If you are looking for a budget option, then the Sanman LED Light Bar is a top-notch item for you. It is perfect lighting for off-roading with your SUV, UTV, trucks, tractors, etc.

This light emits a combo beam, making it possible to have both flood and spot angles simultaneously. Other versions of the bar range from 5 to 40 inches.

There are 78 pieces of LEDs throughout the slim single-rowed body of the light bar. The light color is 6,500K, also known as cool white. Its wide floodlight has a 170° angle, with the spotlight having 30°.

You can adjust the beam angle using the mounting bracket. Its IP68 waterproof pairs with rubber pads for added water protection. There are also breathing holes. Because of the slim design, the light also doesn’t get that heated.

7. Auxbeam 30 Inch LED Light Bar Offroad Strobe

Auxbeam 30Inch LED Light Bar Offroad Strobe

Fit for Off-Road, Truck, Pickup, SUV, ATV, UTV, Golf Cart, Bus, Van, Boat, Tractor, Trailer, Passenger Car


  • There are six color modes of the light bar with a memory feature.
  • It comes with a praiseworthy wiring harness with durable copper relay and water-repellent fuse.
  • You can use the light bar as fog light, spotlight, work light, and even warning and signal lights.
  • The wiring diagram on their product description can help you install the light bar.


  • There have been complaints about missing parts in the box.

We have another LED bar from Auxbeam, but it offers six different colors this time. The light bar strobe from this popular brand gives an astounding 18,000 lumens on 180W. If you cannot pick a light color for your off-road journeys, why not take both?

The six modes of light are different shades of amber and white and their mixtures. Its number of rows is two. Since it has amber colors, you can use it as an effective method to drive in the fog or rain.

Their color temperature ranges from 3,000K to 6,000K. Auxbeam added 3030 LED chips in the manufacturing of the bar.

There is a memory feature that remembers the last color mode you used. Meanwhile, the 10 feet wiring harness contains a switch that lets you turn the light on/off and change the color. This harness also has a water-resistant fuse holder.

Its relay is made of copper and PVC of the best quality. Auxbeam added two additional screws for added water protection on top of its IP68 level.

8. Rough Country 30″ Black Series Dual Row

Rough Country 30" Black Series Dual Row

LEDs are IP67 Waterproof Rated and made with Durable die cast aluminum housing.


  • This bar provides 27,000 lumens with low energy input.
  • The mounting hardware and frames are durable and have a high surviving capability.
  • It contains a white DRL with a color temperature of 6,500K.
  • Rough Country provides a 3-year warranty on the light bar.


  • The price is really high.

CREE LEDs are one of the most energy-efficient LED types out there. Hence, Rouch Country used them on their 30” light bar that contains two rows. Aside from the LED beads, there are also cool white (6,500K) DRL on the bar. The output you get from them is 27,000 lumens and 300 watts.

In the package, you will find a wiring harness where you can easily turn the lights on or off. Aside from that, there is also a durable cover and other mounting hardware. All these parts are highly durable and can withstand collisions or shocks.

There is an IP67 waterproof level on the components. Additionally, the moisture breather can prevent fogginess and condensations from forming inside the lenses. The bar also looks so modern and attractive.

9. AKD Part Slim LED Light Bar

AKD Part Slim LED Light Bar

Fit for Off Road, Truck, Pickup, SUV, UTV, SUV, Heavy Duty, Van, 4×4, Excavator, Pickup, Tractors, Trailers, Golf Cart, Boats, Marine, etc.


  • It contains the peak-grade OSRAM LED chips for a quality light beam.
  • The heat sink of the bar has 12 pieces of fins with deep ridges and more space in-between for faster heat flow.
  • This bar has a slim design letting it fit in any place.
  • It comes at a low cost.


  • The lenses can get scratches easily.

If you are a fan of slim design, AKD Part Slim LED light bar is made for you. The 30” bar is easy to fit and mount on any vehicle type for its body shape. You can use it on trucks, boats, garages, and other places that need lighting.

The light bar uses OSRAM LED chips. This chip type is one of the best for its clean and bright light beam without dark ranges and shadows. Since you get a combo beam, you can expect a light pattern that extends far and wide. It emits an 8° spot and a 90° floodlight.

For the best heat dissipation, the bar has fins with deeper grooves and a 6063 aluminum body. A total of 12 fins are there in the heat sink that holds sufficient space for enough heat flow. Aside from temperature, water and dust also seem not to affect the bar. It is because of its IP68 level.

AKD Part adds a screw set, mounting brackets, and an Allen wrench to help you install. The mounting brackets are adjustable to allow different heights and beam angles.

10. Niking Auto DJI Single Row LED Light Bar

Niking Auto DJI Single Row LED Light Bar

Fit for Car Trucks UTV ATV SUV Boat Bumper


  • This 30” light bar has two rows of LEDs in a single row design.
  • There are OSRAM chips in the bar providing a solid white light.
  • The light bar looks attractive and modern.


  • Some threads in the mounting bolts may have paints in them that need cleaning to fit in the mount.

Another slim design LED light bar that you will like to see is the Niking Auto DJI Single Row Bar. It comes at a decent price and also works pretty efficiently. Since the light has a spot-flood combo beam and IP68 waterproof level, you can use it in the fog or rain for a good amount of time.

The addition of high-grade OSRAM LED beads made the item a chef’s kiss. Because of it, you will get a 24,000-lumen output with 240W and 6,000K color. We found the light beam so spread and solid turning the night into day.

This light bar has a uniquely modern look where each LED beads are under durable protective lenses. The lenses are totally clear not to block any light particles. There are silicon strips with additional waterproofing. Its heat sink has very thin fins for proper heat removal. You also won’t hear any wind noises from it.

After mounting the light bar, you can adjust its angle to 180°. Even though the light has a single row design, it actually contains two rows of LEDs.

Buying Guide

Countless lighting products are on the market with excellent qualities and features. When buying a 30” light bar, you may come across many of them with promising details. But that doesn’t make them so reliable.

Since you want the best one, you will need to go through all its descriptions to ensure that it contains the necessary factors. As you research the light bars, make a priority list as many of these aspects are subjective.

Shape of the 30” Light Bar

Decide whether you want a slim light bar or one with multiple rows. Two 30” light bars can emit highly different brightness because of having dissimilar numbers of LEDs. While bars with higher row number gives more lumens, they are costlier and take more energy. Slim light bars are less brighter but are easy to fit and mount in many places.

Beam Pattern

Most light bars that we have found had a combo beam between spot and floodlight. But if you want to prioritize one over the other, you can notice their beam angles. 8-30° for the spotlight and 60-170° for the floodlight is the usual rating.

A lower angle on the spotlight gives a more focused light, while a higher angle on the floodlight gives a spread illumination.


Proper build qualities are mandatory for your 30” light bar to last longer. Look for aluminum for the housing and heat sink and PC/PMMA for the lenses. The mounting brackets can be made of cast iron or stainless steel. While both are excellent materials, stainless steel is more rust-resistant.

There should be a way to let you control the light focus. Most of the time, manufacturers let you do so by adding adjustable brackets.

Installation Method

There are two bracket types that you can find on 30” and other sized light bars. The mounting bracket stays beneath the bar in one of them while others keep them on the sides. Note that the latter method takes more length than 30” because of the extra space taken by the bracket.

Meanwhile, the former method often makes it harder to mount the bar in some places. It depends on where on your vehicle or workplace you will install it.

Final Verdict

As yearning as getting a new light bar is, you must be extra careful when buying it. Light bars are highly costlier than light-pods or flush mount lights. So, you want to get the perfect service in exchange for your money.

After buying, you may want to test the light bar first before drilling holes on your vehicle for mounting. If the item doesn’t work, your effort may go into vain. We should also warn you that no light bar is absolutely waterproof.

Even after a high ingress protection level, they still have a time or intensity limit for being in the rain or cash wash. Once it crosses, the bar may get moisture or water inside. So, stay careful about that.

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