How To Choose 25 Inch Light Bars?

When searching for the best 25” light bars, I have noticed that the quality ones are rarer than usual. I believe it is because not many people opt for them. Actually, I received splendid service from them. They lit up the area ahead of my vehicle with a higher brightness than the usual 20 or 22” ones.

I found the lack of many quality options a blessing in disguise. It made it easier for me to decide on one. Here, I have bought together ten of the best 25-inch light bars scattered across the markets and reviewed them. You can rely on their performance with trust.

25 Inch Light Bars Options For You

1. Nilight – ZH405 LED Light Bar 25 Inch Light Bar

Nilight - ZH405 LED Light Bar 25 Inch Light Bar

Fit for Passenger Car, Bus, Motorcycle, ATV, SUV, UTV, Truck, Tractor, Trailer


  • The light bar has high-quality LED chips that Nilight customizes themselves.
  • It has a sturdy setup, thanks to the durable bottom-slip mounts.
  • Its wiring harness is long and contains a rocker switch, blade fuse with three extras, and a durable relay.


  • There are no mounting instructions in the package.
  • The waterproof level is not that well.

There is a reason why Nilight – ZH405 LED Light Bar is at the top of the list. Not only its quality or popularity, but the thought and care Nilight puts on its product also makes it highly reliable. This 25” light bar can generate a spot-flood combo beam.

Aside from the customized chips Lumen used on this bar, they also use reflection cups with multiple angles. It can broaden the light output so much. Meanwhile, the LED chip can also reduce the energy loss for an efficient operation.

Between the two mounting types, the bottom-slip designs are more stable. And that is what you will get in this bar. It is adjustable up to 45° and has a military aluminum body. Moreover, you get the 12-feet wiring harness in the box that contains a rocker switch and in-line blade fuse with holder.

It also gives you three extra blade fuses. You can look at their wiring diagram for an understanding of it. Its power relay holds pins with high conductivity and top-grade materials for total protection.

For the body, Nilight used aluminum alloys with polycarbonate lenses. There are rubber pads and silicone strip sealing for high water resistance. They added thermal grease to the bar to increase its longevity by keeping the temperature under control.

2. oEdRo LED Light Bar 25 Inch

oEdRo LED Light Bar 25 Inch

Fit for Passenger Car, Golf Cart, Motorcycle, ATV, SUV, UTV, Truck


  • The OedRo 25” Light Bar offers higher brightness than usual due to its tri-row design.
  • It provides a high waterproof level with additional water-resistant rubber pads.
  • The bottom-slip mounts are sturdy because of their stainless steel bodies.
  • The side hollow design and oxidization technique by OedRo quickens the heat removal procedure.


  • The wiring harness is not safe and cannot handle the electrical current. Either test the ones you get with safety measurements or get another one.

We have come across some excellent triple row light bars from the OedRo brand in our search for different-sized bars. This 25” Tri-Row one is another example of their feat. You can take it for your off-road travels on SUV, ATV, UTV, truck, jeep, pickup, boat, etc.

Because of having more rows, the bar generally provides a higher brightness. According to OedRo, the raw wattage and brightness are 450W and 34,860LM. But the effective-output is not that high. It will keep its lumens constant, even between -40° and 185° F. You can expect a combination of spot and floodlight from the item.

OedRo used silica gel strops on each side and thick rubber pads on the edges that back up the IP68 weatherproof level. Meanwhile, their oxidization technique works wonders in order to keep fast heat dissipation. There are also side-hollows to ensure more airflow.

Note that the bar will length up to 25.39” with the end caps included. It features a bottom-slip mount with an adjustability up to 45° angle. You can find a 9.85-feet wiring harness in the box.

3. BMPUG LED Light Bar


Fit for Passenger Car, Bus, Motorcycle, ATV, SUV, UTV, Truck


  • This light bar provides an excellent combination of spot-flood beams.
  • You can show the ground ahead clearly with its effective lumens.
  • The light bar has a fast heat removal with an angular rear part with wind resistance.
  • It has an energy-efficient operation.


  • You do not get any wiring harness in the package.
  • The bar is not waterproof enough to withstand heavy immersion.

Next on our list, we have an excellent LED light bar from the BMPUG brand with a slick and slim design. This bar contains a single row of LEDs that it uses to produce a raw wattage of 120W. We found out that the effective-wattage is not that far off.

By using CREE LEDs, this light bar is highly energy-efficient. It can illuminate the ground ahead with around 13,600 raw lumens, which is a bit below 10,000LM in reality. Its beam pattern is 30° spot and 150° flood in total.

If you notice its body, every part has some durable construction. The heat dissipation at the rear contains a design that can resist wind and remove heat quickly through several deep ridges. This light bar has a waterproof level of IP68.

However, it failed to show this trait against heavy rain. Still, it can hold its own pretty well against drizzling or water jets.

Since the bar has a slim body with a height of 1.78”, it is easy to fit in many cramped spaces. Its aluminum brackets hold the bar so firmly while being light and corrosion-resistant.

4. Britech Epistar Single Row LED Light Bar

Britech Epistar Single Row LED Light Bar

Fit for Passenger Car, ATV, SUV, Truck, Tractor, Trailer


  • The light bar has a low-profile mounting design with a slim body to fit in tinier spaces.
  • Its spot-flood combo is 30° towards the distance and 60° angles on each side.
  • The bar has a crisp light output of over 8,000 lumens that ensures clean visibility.
  • It comes at a low cost.


  • IP67 level is still not perfect in protecting the bar in heavy rain or such weather condition for that long time during off-roading.

The 25” light bar from the Britech Epistar brand has a slim body that stays so close to the surface even after mounting. It allows you to insert and install it on vehicle spaces that you couldn’t with a usual bar. It runs on 12-24V and is mountable on any off-road vehicles and boats.

If you look at the bar, you will notice a series of 24-pieces of LEDs throughout a single row. There are spotlights on the middle and three floodlight LEDs on each side.

The brightness you get is around 8,800 LM with 6,000K color, and we were happy that the manufacturers added an accurate description. Like many other products, this bar also provides a 30° spotlight and 60° floodlight on both sides.

With a waterproof level of IP67, the bar stays intact in the rain and snow. Its PC lens doesn’t let optical loss and keeps a long-lasting impression.

This bar offers a pair of stainless steel mounting brackets that stays on the sides. Many of its users, us included, were pleased by its effortless installation process.

5. Willpower 25 inch 120W Single Row Light Bar

Willpower 25 inch 120W Single Row Light Bar

Fit for ATV UTV SUV Truck


  • The cost of the light bar is so low.
  • Its low-profile mounting system allows the bar to fit in behind the grille.
  • The usage of the PMMA lens made it sturdier than PC ones.
  • You won’t see any condensation inside the lens even after a long time.


  • Some people received the bar with a lower color temperature than 6,000K.

The 25” LED Light Bar from Willpower is a really promising deal at such a low price range. Its single-row design gives you the advantage of fitting it anywhere. Meanwhile, like the previous item, it has a low-profile mounting system that looks stunning.

The raw LED power of the bar is 120W, and the effective rating is around 54W. But it is understandable considering the cost. This bar has certifications from CE for its IP67 waterproof and wide operating temperature range.

The beams you get from it are crisp, clean, and comfortable to the eyes, with a color temperature of 6,000K. It combines 30° spot and 60° flood to give a far and wide illumination.

It is possible to mount this bar behind the grille of your vehicle. You may need to remove the grille entirely for some models to install the light.

They added a PMMA lens on the bar, which is more durable than PC ones. However, its light transmittance rate is at the same level as a polycarbonate lens. Its cooling fins have a diecast aluminum body that can prolong its lifespan. It works well between -40° to 140° F.

6. Bangbangche 5D LED Light Bar

Bangbangche 5D LED Light Bar

Fit for Van, Motorcycle, ATV, SUV, Truck, Trailer


  • The light bar contains a slim and low-profile body shape.
  • Its 5D design allows the light to go in many directions, creating a wider illumination.
  • The mounting hardware is highly durable that keeps the bar in its place tightly.


  • It may be hard to mount it on some vehicle parts with the mounting bracket style. But getting different brackets will work.

Following our list, we have another slim light bar with spot-flood combo beam output. The Bangbangche 5D LED Light Bar gives a wattage of 90W. You will like to mount it on your truck, pickups, jeeps, boats, ATV, UTV, etc., as a fog light alternative.

You can mount it in front of your bumper or behind the grille and use it as a low-profile lighting source. Its 1.45×0.94” body dimension makes it possible. You can get a light that reaches far and wide, ensuring your safety.

Bangbangche used quality LEDs on the bar with 5D reflector cups that can send the beams in multiple directions. Its heat sink on the rear has some large fins while the stable mounting bracket stays on the side. Its waterproof level is IP67, making it suitable to use on damp areas.

7. SUFEMOTEC 25 Inch 120W Curved Led Light Bar

SUFEMOTEC 25 Inch 120W Curved Led Light Bar

4WD Boat Truck ATV SUV 4×4 Off Road Flood Spot Combo Led Barra Driving Work Lights


  • The light bar features a curved design that looks the part, spreads the light wider, and is easier to fit on vehicle curvature.
  • Its lamp cups can help spread the light output.
  • It has a high-quality finishing on top of the aluminum body to survive harsh weather.


  • It isn’t suitable for any application other than off-roading and boating.

Curved light bars are highly ahead of straight ones in spreading their light output across the terrain. The SUFEMOTEC Curved LED Light Bar is one example of that. Its body shape also makes it suitable to easily fit in trucks, ATVs, SUVs, 4WDs, boats, etc.

SUFEMOTEC used lamp cups with unique designs that can send the light even wider. It lets you see both sides of the path clearly. According to the manufacturers, each LED provides around 450 lumens.

But that doesn’t mean much as the overall effective lumen also depends on other factors. Anyway, you get a combo beam from this bar that stretches far and wide. Its angles are 30° spot and 60° flood on both sides.

They used 6063 aluminum alloy on the housing and heat sinks for higher thermal conductivity. It received a perfect finish on the body, making it possible to survive harsh tests like salt spray. The brand used CREE LEDs to create energy-efficient operations.

The light bar comes with mounting brackets, a screw set, and an Allen wrench in the package. Aside from the other advantages, the curvature of the bar also makes it look attractive and modern.

8. BraveWAY LED Ultra-thin Light Bar

BraveWAY LED Ultra-thin Light Bar

Fit for Truck ATV, UTV, SUV, Cars


  • The light bar has a modern and cool look that anyone will love.
  • Its 6D lenses allow more spread light than 3D, 4D, or 5D.
  • The light bar has ventilation holes to remove moisture from the inside.
  • Its heat dissipation works so fast.


  • The price is a bit high.

Now we have the BraveWAY LED Light Bar that looks astounding and displays an ultra-slim body. This 25” bar can serve you, whether it is off-road, on a boat, or in other workplaces. The single-row body allows you to mount it anywhere you need.

The chips they use output around 3W each. This bar has polycarbonate panels that keep the LEDs from corrosion or wearing issues. The usage of 6D allows the bar to broaden its beams.

Since a proper heat dissipation system is mandatory, BraveWAY used large fins with enough spacing in-between to ensure the best possible cooling outcome. They also used silicone gels to control the temperature further. It also has air holes for more ventilation.

It is possible to change the beam focus of the light. The highly durable mounting bracket is capable of holding the bar steadily on the surface.

This bar contains ingress protection of 68, allowing it to tackle heavy rain and dust. Its operating temperature range is from -40° to 150° F. It also has a shock resistance.

9. SKYWORLD Single Row LED Light Bar

SKYWORLD Single Row LED Light Bar

Fit for ATV SUV UTV Truck


  • The light bar is really bright for a single-row one.
  • Its body has a durable impression and can last for a long time.
  • It has high rustproof, dustproof, and shockproof.


  • Its water resistance does not work well as water still leaks inside. Best not to drive in the rain.

The SKYWORLD LED Light Bar excels at two things, providing a bright light and being durable. The 120W raw wattage they promise is almost equal to the effective-power you get. And it is easy to change its focus up to 360°.

This 25” bar combines the best from both spot and flood angles. As you install it inside the grille or on the bumper of your UTV, ATV, SUV, truck, pickup, etc., the ground ahead can receive a crisp and super bright light of nearly 12,000 lumens.

For handling the heat produced from the heavy-duty operation, the bar has a large and fast cooling system. Its deep ridges have such patterns that get the heat out so quickly. While the brand promised an IP67 level, we still found water leaking inside. But its resistance against dust, shock, rust, and vibration is top-level.

The light output can reach around 400 meters ahead of the bar. It also stretches wide with a 60° flood angle. Whether you mount it on your front or rear bumpers, it will be a wonderful purchase.

10. Angel ma Dual Color Straight LED Light Bar

Angel ma Dual Color Straight LED Light Bar

Perfect for any Wrangler ,Car, Truck, Tractor, Boat, RV, SUV, ATV, UTV, 4×4, Off Road,Pickup and many more


  • The light bar has two colors- white and amber, with three color modes.
  • You get a comfortable light output with a 30° spot and 60° flood on both sides. It works as an excellent fog light.
  • Its aluminum body has powder coating with IP68 waterproof level for a long lifespan.


  • The light output is not that bright.

Last but not least, we have a 25” light bar that contains two colors in a single row. This item from the Angel ma brand white and amber glow that it can use for spot and floodlight combinations. The bar gives almost 120W of power.

Because of its color, it is a perfect fog light alternative on your off-road vehicles. When mounted, the bar measures 27.99” in total, including the mounting brackets. It also gets a height of 1.97”, which is not that high and can let you fit it in cramped spaces.

This light bar contains a large heat sink that can create a fast-cooling process. The entire body of the bar is durable and contains IP68 waterproof. For additional survivability, the bar received powder coating on its aluminum housing.

There are 36 LEDs in total on the bar. 12-pieces among them emit white light and are in the middle for a 30° angle. Meanwhile, each side has 12-pieces of flood LEDs with amber color and a 60° beam. You actually get the option of controlling the separate color sections. Use the three modes- White Light Only, Amber Light Only, or All Light to get the color you want.

Buying Guide

As we mentioned, there are fewer quality 25” light bars on the market than other sizes. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t have that many options. You can still sort out around 15-20 light bars of this size with decent qualities.

Not to mention, even if you have only a couple of choices, you still should check and compare them to clutch the best one. Below, we have explained the factors that define an ideal 25” light bar for you.

Some of these points are objective, while others depend on your preference. So, we often suggest our dear readers make a priority list before exploring the products. It makes it easier to filter out ones that you don’t want.

Number of Rows and Shapes

Usually, you can get LED light bars with one, two, three, and four rows. People take more rows for more brightness, fewer rows for easy fittings, and low cost. We have noticed that most 25” light bars are available in a single-row body. But there are still some quality ones with a higher number of rows you can find.

Meanwhile, the shape of the bar can affect your experience with the mounting process. Single-row light bars usually have a slim body to slip behind the vehicle grille. There are square, round, and angular rear shape options. Pick the one that your mounting space will fit without any issue.

Finally, choosing between straight or curved bars is also a task. Curved 25” light bars are better in many angles. They provide wider light and are easy to mount on the curvature of the bumper. Straight ones are less pricy.

Beam Output

While there are light bars with spot and flood beams separately, we suggest getting one with a combo beam. It is necessary when using the bar on a vehicle. But for stage or boats, a spotlight is excellent. A floodlight beam is mandatory if you mount it on farming vehicles or in a spacious room. 30° for the spotlight and 150°+ for the floodlight should be present on a light bar.

Brightness Rating

Lumen is the unit of brightness coming out from a light source. You can expect between 8,000 and 15,000 lumens from a single row 25” light bar. However,  the issue is that there are raw and effective-lumen ratings.

The raw rating is the theoretical output manufacturers calculate and put on the product descriptions. It is wrong in almost all situations as the actual (effective lumen) brightness depends on many other factors of the bar. It is lower than the raw lumen in every case.

The same also happens in the wattage output. Pay attention to the customer reviews to get an idea of the brightness level of a bar before believing in the product description.

Durability and Installation

The light bar must have an aluminum-made housing and heat sinks with polycarbonate or PMMA lenses for a long-lasting service. Stainless steel and iron mounting brackets have a prolonged lifespan than aluminum ones. The bar should have a fast heat dissipation and a minimum ingress protection level of 67.

It is also necessary to pay attention to the mounting design. There are side-mounting brackets and bottom slip ones. While the former allows 360° beam aim adjustment, the latter ensures a sturdier setup. So, pick one carefully out of the two.

There should be other mounting hardware and a wiring harness in the box. Some low-cost 25” light bars don’t have the harness, but it is understandable. But a pricey bar must come with one. Check if you can get a wiring diagram and mounting instructions from the manufacturers, as it makes the processes a lot easier.

Final Note

Notice that most available 25” light bars with high quality feature a slim and low-profile body shape and mounting style. There is no specific reason for that. But it is best to use them as a secondary light bar while you have another dual, triple, or quad row bar on the vehicle rooftop.

It is true that light bars from popular brands are more reliable most of the time. But it has its drawbacks too. While most of these brands need to keep their reputation, some actually stop improving their products or services after gaining enough loyal customers.

Meanwhile, the new brands often try to offer better quality and deals to create a customer base and a community. So, you shouldn’t underestimate any brand and check any 25” bar that seems promising.

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