How To Choose 22 Inch Light Bars?

Did you know that a 22-inch light bar can emit a light up to 30% brighter than a 17-inch one? That is why it is a wise move to get one or multiple of them to mount on your vehicle for additional lighting sources. Alternatively, they are also useable in other workplaces because of their high portability.

But you don’t want any random one. For the best experience with your newly bought item, you need the best 22-inch light bar. In today’s article, you can find some of the peak ones on the market.

Their manufacturers did not only talk the talk but walk the walk by proving their feats with the quality of these bars. Although, they still inevitably have drawbacks. Have a look for yourself.

Best 22 Inch Light Bars

1. Nilight – 70003C-A 22″ 120w LED Light Bar

Nilight - 70003C-A 22" 120w LED Light Bar

Fit for Passenger Car, Bus, ATV, SUV, UTV, Truck, Tractor, Trailer


  • The light bar has a high-quality light that is comfortable to view.
  • Its inductance keeps the current flow to the LEDs constant to avoid dimming them.
  • Its mounting process is so simple and easy.
  • The bar is not that costly.


  • Its waterproofing doesn’t work well as moisture can still form inside in heavy rain.

When it comes to LED light bars, Nilight always stays top for its reliable qualities, performance, and responsive customer service. The Nilight – 70003C light bar contains a combo between flood and spot that you can use for work, off-roading, boating, or similar applications.

The light bar can provide a raw wattage output of 120W. There are a total of 40 pieces of LEDs throughout the two rows that provide a solid beam. For a constant current flow, Nilight used high-quality inductance. Also, there are reflector cups with multiple directions. It can send the light particles towards many angles.

In order to prevent fogginess, there is an IP67 level on the bar with its wire being sealed by potting glue. There are also rubber pads for further sealing.

Mounting has never been easier than with this 22” light bar. You can finish it within some quick steps. It is also possible to adjust the beam aim up to 360° utilizing the mounting brackets. These brackets have a high sturdiness to stay okay over bumpy roads.

2. YITAMOTOR 22 Inch Light Bar

YITAMOTOR 22 Inch Light Bar

Fit for Passenger Car, Motorcycle, ATV, SUV, Truck


  • The light bar gives a wondrous beam pattern of 30° spot and 150° flood.
  • Its heat sink has 0.51” gaps in-between the fins for faster heat removal.
  • They chose the best materials for different components of the light bar.


  • The LEDs are not that long-lasting and may start to die out after a year or so. It is understandable for the price range.

YITAMOTOR is another brand that is known for its high-quality lighting products. Their 22-inch light bar has two rows containing both spot and floodlight beads. As you get a 10-feet wiring harness with switch and fuse, it is easy and safe to install on ATV, UTV, truck, jeep, boats, etc.

The light bar has a beam angle of 30° spotlight and 150° floodlight. As a result, it provides the best output whether you want a far-reaching or a spread illumination. By using 3030 LED beads, the bar emits a crisp and solid light of 6,000K. According to the brand, the wattage and brightness are 120W with 12,000 lumens. The effective lumen is somewhere around 6,000-8,000LM.

Rain and storms are usual events in many places. Hence, the bar has an IP68 waterproof level to withstand these weather conditions. Its heat sink has 8-pieces of fins with a 0.51” space in-between. It allows the body to remove the excess heat at a faster rate than usual light bars.

YITAMOTOR used iron for the brackets instead of aluminum to get more steadiness on the setup. Meanwhile, the aluminum case has resistance against collisions and corrosion.

3. Rigidhorse 22 Inch LED Light Bar Single Row Flood & Spot Beam Combo

Rigidhorse 22 Inch LED Light Bar Single Row Flood & Spot Beam Combo

Off Road LED Light Bar Driving Light for Pickup SUV ATV UTV Truck Roof Bumper


  • The light bar has an attractive slim design with a single row of LEDs.
  • It has a heavy-duty construction to last for years.
  • Its light output is denser and brighter than average single-row light bars.
  • Its power cord is lengthy and comes out from a suitable place not to get in the way.


  • Some people received the bar with tool-marks on the housing.
  • It has pretty cheap paint that is can easily wash or fade away by weather conditions.

For our readers who want a slim light bar with a single row, the Rigidhorse 22” light bar should be able to win your mind. The light bar contains a straight shape with flood and spot combo beams. It is also one of the brightest among single-row bars.

Whether you want to mount it on the rooftop of your vehicle, in front of the windshield, or bumper, it is possible with ease. Rigidhorse uses its capable P8 LED chips that can survive for a long time.

Aside from that, there is the aluminum housing with an IP67 waterproof on it. Its heat dissipation system also works with the proper speed that it should. Well, single-row bars do not generate that much heat in the first place. Anyway, its brackets have stainless steel body to survive long and hold the bar more firmly.

Rigidhorse uses 6063-PC lenses with high durability with a more light transference rate than PMMA ones. As a result, the light output remains dense. The raw wattage and lumens of the bar are 180W and 20,000LM. The actual ratings are pretty close behind.

4. DWVO LED Light Bar Curved 22 Inch

DWVO LED Light Bar Curved 22 Inch

Fit for Passenger Car, ATV, Motorcycle, SUV, Truck


  • It has a curved body and wide reflector cups for a more spread light output.
  • The light bar has LED chips that are softer, safer, enduring, and more effective.
  • Its mirror glass can prevent glaring.


  • Some people received defective wiring harnesses. We suggest checking it with safety measures before using it with the bar.
  • The actual brightness and wattage are nowhere near the raw ratings on their descriptions. It is still not that low, though.

DWVO excels at manufacturing excellent light bars for its customers. The 22” LED light bar from this brand has a dual-row body and a slightly curved shape. As a result, it can give you an even more spread light on top of its already wide floodlight angle.

Reflector cups were another way for them to get an even broader light output. But such light often creates glare. DWVO used a unique mirror glass to prevent that. Meanwhile, They used customized beads to ensure that the light output is clean. These chips can last long, are waterproof, and are much safer.

An ingress protection level of 68 is present on the bar. It can work with decent effectiveness but not to the point of total water resistance. The light bar has large heat dissipation with an aluminum body and fan-shaped heat sinks for a quicker heat flow outside.

With the help of durable mounting hardware, the light bar is mountable on almost every suitable vehicle part. You can adjust it up to 360°. While the raw lumens are 45,000LM, the effective rating is not even close, sadly.

5. Nilight – 18016C-A LED Light Bar 22Inch

Nilight - 18016C-A LED Light Bar 22 Inch

Fit for Passenger Car, Bus, ATV, SUV, UTV, Truck, Tractor, Trailer


  • The light bar can send its beams in many angles for total visibility of the area ahead.
  • Its aluminum heat sinks have thermal grease and 12-pieces of fins for faster heat removal.
  • It is easy to mount.
  • The light bar looks so stylish and modern.


  • As we feared from the experiences of the previous item, this light bar also cannot stop moisture build-ups.

If you want an energy-efficient light bar with a triple row design, Nilight has something in store. Their 18016C-A Light Bar contains a modern-looking spot and floodlight pattern. It can let you traverse through difficult terrains on your off-road journeys with complete safety.

The raw wattage and brightness of the bar are 270W and 27,000 lumens. On the side, there are floodlights with multi-directional reflector cups that can send a broader beam. Meanwhile, the three rows full of spotlight LED beads provide an intensive laser-like beam that reaches far into the distance. Its inductance keeps the current flow stable.

Like other Nilight bars, this one also has waterproof IP67 with rubber pads and sealed wires. Sadly, it wasn’t enough to prevent moisture totally. Apparently, its heat dissipation system contains thermal grease. It keeps the temperature under control with the aluminum housing. There are 12-pieces of fins in the heat sink.

As mentioned in the previous Nilight bar review, this one has an easy installation and durable mount with 360° adjustability.

6. oEdRo LED Light Bar Curved Quad-Row

oEdRo LED Light Bar Curved Quad-Row

Compatible for Farm Equipment, Pick Up, Ladder Truck, Cargo Van, Suburban, Backyard Lighting Projector, Off Road, Motorcycle and more


  • The light bar has a quad row design with a bright light that you will love.
  • It works as a wonderful spotlight.
  • The oxidization technique on the heat sinks quickened the heat dissipation.
  • The bar can prevent condensation well.


  • It makes noise.
  • The stainless steel mount is so easy to remove that it is too easy for someone to steal the bar by unscrewing it.

Next up, we have the quad-row light bar from the OedRo brand that excels at giving an intense light output. It is not only because of its high number of LEDs. This bar also has a curved body for spread visibility. The placement of their spot and floodlight beads impressed us. It is perfect for pickups, jeeps, SUVs, ATVs, trucks, etc.

It is not surprising to get a brightness of 36,400 lumens for a quad-row 22” light bar. But we are afraid the actual rating is a little less than 20,000 lumens. The brand prioritized the spot beam over the flood. So, you can expect a laser-like light with a 30° angle.

It is okay to operate this bar within -40° and 185° F. For a proper heat removal process, it contains aluminum housing with an excellent fan design. OedRo used oxidization techniques on the heat sinks to improve their workability.

There are rubber pads combined with silica gel strips to block water from going inside through the joints. The bar holds a waterproof level of IP68.

Even though the light bar has mounting brackets that mount on the sides, you can adjust it to 45°. But the installation was almost effortless, though. You get an 8.25-feet wiring harness with a switch and other mounting hardware.

7. Auxbeam 22 Inch Side Shooter LED Light Bar

Auxbeam 22 Inch Side Shooter LED Light Bar

Fit for Off-Road, Truck, Pickup, SUV, ATV, UTV, Golf Cart, Bus, Van, Boat, Tractor, Trailer, Passenger Car


  • The light bar has side-shooter lights, creating one of the widest outputs in the list.
  • This bar has a high-quality waterproof and thermal resistant body.
  • You get a pretty bright light beam from the bar.
  • Its bottom-slip design is more stable than brackets that mount on the sides.


  • It is not easy to adjust the beam focus after installing the light bar.
  • Some people received a variation without the side shooter lights.

Auxbeam releases some high-quality LED light bars on the market. Their Side-Shooter light bar offers you a spot-flood combo from its triple row design. If you love off-roading, you can take the bar as it has a stable bottom-slip mount.

This bar gives out a raw output of 288W LED power and 28,800 lumens of brightness. Now, the original wattage and lumens are not that far behind. The bar has an operating temperature range from -40° to 176° F.

The unique feature of this bar is its side-shooter LEDs. As a result, the light bar can reach up to 180° floodlight angle, one of the highest on the market. Other than that, you also get a 30° spotlight angle simultaneously.

For tensionless off-roading, the bar contains both IP68 waterproof and rubber sealing on top of that. Its radial designed heat sink gives a higher cooling area with a decreased noise.

8. AUTOSAVER88 22 Inch LED Light Bar Curved

AUTOSAVER88 22 Inch LED Light Bar Curved

Fit for Passenger Car, Golf Cart, SUV, UTV, Truck


  • The light bar has a pairing of 4D lenses with a curve body for a spread output.
  • Almost every part of the light bar features durable constructions.
  • The fish-eye lenses let no optics loss.


  • The light output is not very dense. You get a low LUX on the ground.
  • The lenses are not that durable.

Following our list, the AUTOSAVER888 contains one of the best-curved styles with high-quality LED filling it. If you combine the curvature with the 4D lenses, you get a pretty wide light output. Not to mention, you also get a combo beam.

AUTOSAVER888 used the popular fish eye design on the lenses, which proved to be more effective than the usual shape. It gives you a higher distance and a wider range. The beam pattern of the bar is 30° spot and 60° floodlight. Meanwhile, there are 3030 LED beads ensuring a bright and constant light.

Aside from the aluminum housing, the light bar has air holes near the brackets for a proper breather. Meanwhile, its heat sink fins have a unique sawtooth surface style for more cooling space. On the other hand, the bar has waterproof sealing of 2cm and a PC cover in front of the lenses. The top and bottom sides of the bar have 304 stainless steel components for added durability.

9. Willpower 22 inch 324W Triple Row Flood Spot Combo Beam Led Bar

Willpower 22 inch 324W Triple Row Flood Spot Combo Beam Led Bar

Fit for Motorcycle, ATV, SUV, UTV, Truck, Tractor


  • The light bar gives a heavy-duty mount design that keeps the bar so stable.
  • Its LED beads are so high quality.
  • It has an effective brightness of somewhere around 18,000 lumens.


  • It is more compatible with indoor use rather than outdoor and vehicle usage. It is so because of its little to no weather resistance.

Triple row light bars usually come at a really high cost. But the Willpower Triple Row LED Bar offers an affordable rate. The bar is compatible with SUVs, trucks, ATVs, UTVs, jeeps, etc.

It is saddening that the effective lumen of the bar is far lower than the raw lumen and wattage. But the brightness seems still fine. Willpower uses its customized LED chips to get a highly dense light output. There are mutiny angle reflectors that can cast the beams more broadly. Its spot-flood combo beam goes both far and wide.

The aluminum housing and heat sink can stay intact after prolonged operations and high heat. Its heat sink has many fins and a side-hollow design to let a high amount of heat flow outside. The fins contain a sawtooth surface that works well.



Fit for Passenger Car, ATV, Motorcycle, Truck, Tractor


  • The light bar contains a spot-flood beam angle of 30° to the distance and 150° horizontal in total.
  • It has a unique white color that makes it look extraordinary and attractive.
  • Its heat dissipation works effectively and efficiently to keep the light bar in peak shape.


  • The mounting and wiring are so complex.
  • The LED beads have less lifespan than usual light bars.

This LED light bar from the YITAMOTOR brand has a unique appearance. Unlike almost all bars on the market, this one has a white housing color. The 22” bar has a raw wattage of 120W and a well-balanced spot-flood combo.

After installing and operating the bar on your vehicle, the ground ahead will get a beam angle of 30° spot and 60° flood to each side. The light is totally crisp white as its color temperature is 6,000K.

Like the previous YITAMOTOR bar on our list, this one also contains a high weatherproof level of IP68. It handles rain and snow well. Its 6063 diecast aluminum and 8-pieces of cooling fins work together in order to keep its temperature under control. The fin spacing is 0.51 inches which ensures fasters heat flow.

YITAMOTOR tried to give you a sturdy setup for the bar. Hence, it has iron-made mounting brackets with 360° adjustability.

Buying Guide

One does not simply want a low-grade 22” light bar after spending the money. If you are taking the bar for additional lighting and safety measures, it must have the proper qualities to ensure your safety on the ground or water.

Whatever your application is, the bar shouldn’t be any cause of worry after you mount it. But unfortunately, no 22” light bar can ensure you a flawless build and performance. Even not the ones on our list.

So, if you want the best 22” light bar, you need to check many factors to find the ones with so many handy qualities. Here are some questions about a perfect 22” bar that you need to ask yourself when buying it.

How Many Rows of LEDs Do You Need?

There are LED bars with one, two, three, and four rows of LEDs. While more rows have more LEDs and brightness, they are costlier and take higher energy. Meanwhile, lesser-rowed ones are dimmer but cheaper in price and fit in spaces easily.

Do You Want a Straight or Curved 22” Bar?

Light bars can be available as straight or curved shapes. If you are looking for something simple with a low budget, the straight ones will do. Meanwhile, the curved light bars are easier to mount on the bumpers and provide a more spread light beam. But they are pricier. So, decide on one.

What Beam Pattern Is Ideal for Your Application?

LED light bars can have spot and flood beam angles. The former can reach the beam very far in the distance. And the latter keeps the light within a horizontally wide angle. It is better for fog lights.

Spotlights are better for applications that need a laser-like beam, like boats or stages. And floodlights serve well in fieldwork, farming vehicles, and factories. For off-roading, go for a combo beam light bar. It is so because you need both beam types on complex terrains.

Look for a 30-degree beam angle for a spotlight and 150-180-degree for a floodlight bar.

How Durable It Needs to Be?

Depending on the application, a light bar may need extra durability. For example, a bar for off-roading must be heavy-duty with aluminum housing, stainless steel brackets, PC/PMMA lens, and waterproof.

However, one for indoor use can ignore some of them as long as it can last for a long time. If you plan to use the bar for a long time, it needs a fast heat dissipation.

How Bright Your 22” Light Bar Should Be?

While it depends on many factors, a single row light bar usually has a brightness between 5,000 to 15,000 lumens. More rows can give a brighter light. Yes, you probably noticed products on the market that promises over 45,000 lumens.

We may sound like a conspiracist, but most of them are false. What the manufacturers do (and they admit) is calculate the theoretical lumen output (raw lumens) of the bar and add it to the product descriptions.

But the effective lumen is usually far lower than it. Check reviews from YouTube or other customers to have a proper idea of the actual lumens of a bar.

What Mounting Type Do You Want?

Light bars contain two mounting types, the side-mounting brackets and the bottom-slip ones. The former is necessary when you need to change the beam focus up to 360°. They are also easier to mount.

The latter option provides a sturdier setup and keeps the light bar intact on bumpy roads. They usually allow a 45° adjustment. But bottom-slip mounts are almost always harder to mount.

Final Verdict

When buying a lighting product, like a 22” light bar or a LED light bulb, you need to stay extra careful. When reading the customer reviews, you may often notice people complaining about false advertisements.

It is true in most cases as product sellers and manufacturers describe the products with their theoretical outputs. So, you can rely on our suggestions of the best 22” light bars to avoid getting tricked like that.

If you want to look for one yourself, be sure to check our buying guide thoroughly. We tried to explain everything you need to know to find the perfect LED light bar of this size.

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