How To Choose 21 Inch LED Light Bars?

Between 20 and 22-inch, 21-inch light bars are not really a choice that many people look for on the market. But it doesn’t reduce the qualities and epic performance they can provide all of us. In fact, this is one of the most versatile among all the other size options.

Because of the lack of popularity, many manufacturers don’t pay too much attention to it. But we still managed to find some 21” light bars with top-grade qualities. Buying the best product needs some time and effort, and you still may not get what you want.

So, here we have eight of the best 21-inch LED light bars available online to give you a wide range of choices to explore.

List of 21 Inch LED Light Bars on the Market

1. Nilight – 40004C-A LED Light Bar 21 Inch

Nilight - 40004C-A LED Light Bar 21inch

Single Row 9000LM Off Road 3D LED Fog & Driving Light Roof Bumper Light Bars for Jeep Ford Trucks Boat


  • The light bar has 3D cups to spread the light.
  • Their LED chips have a better radiation angle for a brighter output.
  • The bar offers two mounting types where one keeps the bar at a higher place and the other at a low profile.
  • Its heat sinks have large fins with 0.26” spacing for quicker cooling.


  • Its water resistance seems almost non-resistance as water still leaks inside.

Nilight is a brand that we couldn’t ignore when browsing for light bars of different sizes as they have it all and are of the best qualities. Their 21” light bar has a single row design with a low-profile style, providing both spot and flood beam angle.

This light bar has a raw power and brightness rating of 100W and 9,000 lumens that can prove useful on your off-road journeys. We were able to mount it on the rooftop or behind the grille as the bar can spread its light in multiple directions with its 3D cups.

Nilight used their high-quality customized chips with 5W power each that can cause the overall light to be so bright. But the overall effective-lumen output is still not equal to the raw rating on their description. Anywho, these LEDs have excellent radiation angles that help the bar brighten its beams.

Since waterproof is necessary for off-roading, the bar contains silicone seals and rubber pads to keep the joints blocked and prevent water from leaking inside. Meanwhile, its heat sinks are 0.06” and have deep ridges with 0.26” spacing in-between to remove the heat fast.

We received two mounting bracket types in the package. One lets you mount it at a really high spot, while the other allows a low-profile style. Both can be handy, depending on your application.

2. DaTangPai LED Light Bar – Dual Row and Efficiency

DaTangPai LED Light Bar – Dual Row and Efficiency

Waterproof Led Work Light 12v LED Light for Truck Pickup SUV ATV UTV Jeep Boat


  • This light bar has a waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof body.
  • Its light output is so high quality because of the LED chips that DaTangPai uses.
  • It works efficiently and lets no optics loss. It is to gift an intense light to the user.


  • While having a crisp and clean light, the overall effective lumen rating is not that high.

The LED Light Bar from DaTangPai has a classic design with a crisp light output of raw 120W and 12000LM. It features dual rows of unique style and lets us off-road with safety using the spot-flood combo beam.

It is possible to wire it to 12V on a pickup, truck, SUV, ATV, UTV, jeep, boat, etc., and mount it easily. This bar utilizes the unique LED chips manufactured by DaTangPai that ensure an intense beam.

It also lets the light last without dimming or flickering. Meanwhile, the chips draw lesser power than usual for high efficiency.

This light bar contains an IP level of 68 that allowed us to drive in the rain with it. For a well-functioning heat sink, they used thermal grease on diecast aluminum. The number of fins is 9 in total to let enough heat flow. It can work perfectly within -40° and 176° F.

We got two durable mounting brackets in the package with a high-profile style. There is also the mounting hardware.

3. Northpole Light LED Light Bar

Northpole Light LED Light Bar

Fit for Off-road, Truck, Car, ATV, SUV


  • The light bar offers a fast heat dissipation with its capable fins.
  • It has a light of near 8,800 lumens.
  • The heat sink drains low energy.
  • This bar is available at a low cost.


  • It should have had silicon protections to get better water resistance.

Many of us either look for quality or budget options. The Northpole Light LED Light Bar offers both. Its dual row design with stable housing and fast heat dissipation at the back doesn’t make it look cheap, though. The bar is compatible with all the off-road vehicles that my friends and I own.

This bar contains top-grade LED chips under quality reflector cups for a comfortable light. According to Northpole Light, its raw wattage is 120W. However, it is actually lower than that but not too low. You can expect a lumen output close to 8,800LM.

Aside from its capable heat sinks, this item has a decent waterproof level of IP67. Its housing is made of aluminum and has resistance to shock, corrosion, and dust. The brand made sure that the heat sinks drain a low power to save energy.

This bar features a mounting bracket that stays on the side. They are stainless steel-made and keep the bar steady. There are PC lenses on the bar for more light transmittance than PMMA.

4. BraveWAY 21 Inch Ultra-thin LED Light Bar

BraveWAY 21 Inch Ultra-thin LED Light Bar

Fit for Passenger Car, Bus, Motorcycle, ATV, SUV, UTV, Truck, Tractor, Trailer


  • This light bar has excellent spot-flood angles of 30° and 150°.
  • We took it on a bumpy ride, and the bar remained intact for its sturdy mounts.
  • The breathing holes near the heat sinks allow the light bar to get rid of any condensation inside.


  • Some of us received defective items.
  • The light output is not as bright as some of us expected.

Following our list, we have the 21” LED Light Bar from the BraveWAY brand with a super slim body shape. But the bar has dual rows of LEDs, though. This excellent lighting source can emit both spot and floodlight simultaneously for the utmost safety.

This bar has a square shape with a 360° adjustment. It remains steady even on bumpy terrains. It doesn’t matter if it is raining or snowing, as the bar will be pretty okay with its IP68 weatherproof level. But make sure not to keep it in the rain for too long.

It is mandatory for LED lights to have a proper cooling system. Hence, this bar features a 6063 heat sink material with more gap between fins than regular bars. If moisture ends up forming inside, it has breather holes to evaporate them.

The ground ahead will get both spot and flood beams. Its beam angles are 30° for the former and 150° for the latter. We didn’t notice any dark range or shadows in the light.

5. MICTUNING Magical M2 21 Inch Aerodynamic LED Light Bar

MICTUNING Magical M2 21 Inch Aerodynamic LED Light Bar

Fit for Cruiser/ Touring, Scooter, UTV, Personal Watercraft, Snowmobile, ATV, Adventure, Jeep Wrangler, Pickup Truck


  • This bar can tackle any weather condition without much issue.
  • We got literally everything we needed in the package. It included the mounting hardware, wiring harness with switch, relay, fuse, and a detailed instruction manual.
  • There were two ways for us to mount the bar.
  • The bar both looks so modern and is shockingly sturdy.


  • The light output doesn’t reach far. It is more suitable for workplaces, farms, or any application that needs a spread light only.

When buying a light bar, it is necessary to get everything in the package. Well, the MICTUNING Magical M2 comes with them while also having an astounding heavy-duty body. Not to mention, the bar also looks so attractive and can turn some heads.

The 21” light bar features a quad row design that can output around 180W and 12,680 lumens. It is surprisingly close to the actual ratings.

Its aerodynamic design makes it wind-resistance to suppress any wind noises. Even with that bulky body, we didn’t hear anything under 100km/h. The IP67 waterproof level on the bar works so effectively. We also didn’t notice any condensation inside.

The sturdiness of the bar is surprising. It can survive the weight of a car. While it may be a bit exaggeration, the actual durability far surpasses any regular bar. We received a 10-feet wiring harness in the package with a switch, relay, and fuse.

Its mounting brackets have two designs. So, we could mount it using either the side-brackets or bottom-slip ones.

6. Chelhead 21 INCH Led Light Bar Single Row

Chelhead 21 INCH Led Light Bar Single Row

Fit for Passenger Car, Bus, Motorcycle, ATV, SUV, UTV, Truck, Tractor


  • Its aluminum housing, shatterproof PC lenses, and durable two mounting bracket types are what my friends and I need for a steady setup.
  • The light bar uses OSRAM chips, which create a super clean and solid light beam.
  • The bar provides a yellow light using 12-spotlights and 4-floodlights on each side.
  • Its slim design makes it easy to mount in tight places.


  • The packaging was horrible, with the screws scratching the bar.

The Chelhead LED Light Bar offers yellow light output from its spot and flood combo beam. Now, yellow lights are rare from light bars. So, this single-row slim item was one of our best bets. It is an effective fog light alternative that came in handy on our off-road adventures.

Chelhead uses OSRAM LEDs on this bar. If you didn’t know, this chip type creates one of the cleanest and comfiest light outputs without any dark range. There are 12-pieces of spotlights in the middle and 4-floodlights on each side. For widening the beam angle, they used 3D optical lenses.

Aluminum alloy has high thermal conductivity, and it is the housing material for the bar. So, the heat sink can operate smoothly and fast to keep the bar on and intact during prolonged use. The bar also has an IP67 sealed design with silicone that prevents water or mist from getting inside.

We got two pairs of mounting brackets. One allowed us to mount it at a high altitude, while the other was for a low-profile setup. Both the body and brackets had powder coating with corrosion and abrasion resistance.

7. YITAMOTOR Waterproof 54W 20 Inch LED Light Bar

YITAMOTOR Waterproof 54W 21 Inch LED Light Bar

Fit for Passenger Car, Van, Motorcycle, ATV, SUV, Truck


  • The light bar provides a solid wide angle of around 180° floodlight.
  • This 21” bar offers quick cooling while taking less energy.
  • The bar is easy to fit and mount in cramped spaces.
  • The wiring harness contains a switch and relay with conductive pins.


  • The advertisement says it is purely a spotlight, but ironically, it is actually a total floodlight.

YITAMOTOR always surprises its customers with new and innovative designs on their LED light bars. The 21” bar we are talking about has a single-row design with a spot and flood beam output. It can generate a wattage of 54W. Install it on your off-road or marine vehicles like we did and experience the wonder.

This bar provides 5,400 lumens of crisp light. That may not sound like a lot, but we found it quite bright. It is so more because the light is pretty dense without scattering.

We got a 30° spot and 180° flood angle from this item. YITAMOTOR also used reflective cups to spread the light even further.

The brand adds a 10-feet wiring harness in the package with a switch and relay. This bar is so easy to mount with its side brackets. Its IP67 level keeps it safe from water and dust, while the aluminum heat sink ensures swifter cooling. We also liked the packaging style as it was carefully packaged with no room for damage.

8. MIRUNNY 21Inch Led Light Bar

MIRUNNY 21 Inch Led Light Bar

Fit for Passenger Car, Motorcycle, ATV, SUV, UTV, Truck


  • The bar has an RGB halo around 40-pieces of LEDs with color-changing ability.
  • It is possible to set the music mode to change the color based on the music on the system.
  • This bar sends a light that reaches far. The middle LEDs still provide white light.
  • Its smartphone apps gave many options for us to explore.


  • The app may not respond or show bugs often.
  • The bar doesn’t provide any proper flood beam.

If you are looking for a color-changing light bar, look no further than the MIRUNNY LED Light Bar. Its 21” slim body has two rows of LEDs. We were able to change their colors using an RF remote and our smartphones. While the former option limits the colors, the latter lets us choose from millions.

We got around 54W of output from the bar with different color combinations. But this isn’t the only feature of the bar. The item has 40-pieces of LEDs to emit light that reaches far. Note that the part that changes color is only the RGB halo near the borders. So, the LEDs in the middle still illuminates with a white glow. Also, its beam reaches surprisingly far in the distance.

The smartphone app it needs has some useful features. For example, we were able to adjust the brightness of the RGB halo. There is a music mode that changes the color based on the music on the audio system.

Its heat sink has deep grooves with an aluminum body for a proper heat dissipation process. Other parts of the bar are also durable enough to withstand harsh weather. Its ingress protection is 68.

You can find a wiring harness in the pack. The bar utilizes side-mounting brackets with durable construction and decent height. There is a wiring diagram to help us in the wiring procedure.

Buying Guide

The fact that there are not many quality 21” light bars on the market is a blessing or curse simultaneously. We needed to be extra careful to avoid low-grade items for this reason. But it also shortens the list we need to browse through.

So, how did we find the 21” light bar to add to our list? There are some criteria that the item must match before you consider purchasing it. As enthusiasts of these products, we are sharing our way of completing this task below.

Check the Shape of the Bar

You can find LED light bars with straight or curved shapes. Curved ones are usually better, but we haven’t come across so many of them. So, we only needed to go for the straight ones here.

Meanwhile, we also choose from round, angular, or square rear shapes. While they are not necessarily worse than any other, they can affect the mounting experience. Its appearance must fit the space we want to mount it.

Also Check the Number of Rows

As you may have noticed, we have single, dual, and quad rowed quality 21” light bars on our list. Know that higher rows can generate higher brightness. But they are way costlier and have more energy consumption. The single-row ones can cost less and are easier to mount but usually are less bright.

Build Materials of the 21” Light Bar

From what we have seen so far, a top-grade light bar usually contains these materials of choice for different components-

  • Housing and heat sink – 6063 diecast aluminum for higher thermal conductivity.
  • Lens – Polycarbonate for more light transmittance, PMMA for higher durability.
  • Mounting brackets – Stainless steel or iron for holding the bar firmly. Aluminum ones are usually more fragile.
  • Waterproof Layers – Silicone strips and rubber pads.

Aside from these factors, the bar should have the least waterproof level of IP67 if it is intended for outdoor use. All of us agree that a light bar can still get water inside with these protections. It is either false advertising or poor build quality.

Check customer reviews to understand the water-resistance of a bar. Also, the heat dissipation is actually not that much of an issue since most light bars actually come with quality heat sinks. But bars with more rows must have larger heat sinks.

Different Beam Patterns

While there are three beam pattern types on LED bars, we found only the combo beam ones. We pay attention to their angles. A 21” light bar should have a spotlight angle of 30° and a floodlight angle of 60° at both sides.

Mounting Types and Accessories

Decide on one between the side or bottom-bracket mounting types. The former allows 360° adjustment of the beam focus while the latter is usually steadier. Bottom-slip mount is almost always a bit harder to do.

If the bar comes with an additional wiring harness, switch, relay, fuse, and instruction manual, that shows how much the manufacturers care for their customers.

Beware of Raw Wattage and Lumen Output

You probably noticed that we often added ‘raw-lumen’ and actual or ‘effective-lumen’ on our product reviews. They are different. Most manufacturers add the raw or theoretical lumen rating on their product description to gain more attraction.

They basically calculate the number of LEDs with wattage per LED. But the actual or effective lumens aren’t that easy and need appropriate devices to calculate. It is almost always a lot lower than the raw lumen.

We have tried to mention the effective lumens of the products on our list. But you can also try reading other customer reviews to find out. Do not put blind trust in the quantitative measurements given on the product descriptions by the manufacturers always.

Final Note

It may be tempting to get an attractive-looking bar at a high cost. But remember that some of them are only good on the outside and not on the inside. So, research its stats well in order to understand the credibility of the 21” light bar.

When faced with too many options, we often create a priority list containing the feature my friends and I want from a light bar. Then filter out the ones without the top qualities.

This way, it becomes easier to pick one. Try not to gloss over any top-tier 21” light bar. Our list and buying guide above can help you short out your options.

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