How To Choose 20 Inch Light Bars?

Having a light bar on your vehicle or with you during an off-road journey or hiking comes in handy. The light bar can give you better visibility, whether it is a dark area or precipitating. There have also been cases where people use them for signaling others.

But for these scenarios, a 20” light bar is convenient because of its slim, tinier, and more portable body. But a 20” light bar must have what it takes to survive those aforementioned conditions. Unfortunately, many items on the market fail to provide durability, performance, and user-friendliness, even though they promise it.

List Of 20 Inch Led Light Bars

1. Nilight 20Inch 126W Spot Flood Combo Led Light Bar

Nilight - 60005C-A 20Inch 126W Spot Flood Combo Led Light Bar

Off Road Lights, Boat Lighting, Fog Light, Driving Lights, LED Work Light for Trucks


  • The customized chips from Nilight work wonder to keep a constant intense light beam.
  • Its heat sink with streamline design has wind resistance and processes a faster heat removal.
  • The light bar has a durable bottom-slip mounting design.


  • It needs a wiring harness separately.

Let’s start with an item that gained so much attention from light bar customers and reviewers. The 60005C-A Light Bar from the Nilight brand has an attractive display with 126W of raw wattage. You can mount it on trucks, pickups, cars, boats, etc., with a steady setup.

Nilight uses customized LED chips on their light bars that intensify the light output and keep the brightness constant throughout the operation. Because of the multi-directional reflector cups, the light also gets a spread light. Its light is denser while consuming lesser energy.

For higher longevity, the brand utilized aluminum alloy on the heat sinks. It has a streamline pattern that can tackle wind pressure. Meanwhile, the 9-pieces of fins can keep the heat flowing fast and efficiently. The light bar has a weatherproof level of IP67. There are EVA strips and rubber pads that prevent water from getting inside.

The light bar comes with a durable set of mounting hardware that allows a bottom-slip mounting design. It is steadier than the ones where the mounting brackets stay on the side. You can adjust it up to 45° in order to change the beam focus. Nilight chose military aluminum for a higher sturdiness.

2. Nilight ZH409 Triple Row LED Light Bar

Nilight ZH409 Triple Row LED Light Bar

42000LM LED Light Bar with Heavy Duty Off-Road Wiring Harness


  • This light bar can provide a bright output that goes towards many angles with the help of the reflector cups.
  • Because of its inductance, the light beam stays constant without dimming or flickering.
  • You get a high-quality wiring harness with fuse holders.


  • Because of the short brackets, you only can mount them on a horizontal surface.

Our next light bar is also from Nilight. But this time, it has a triple row, unlike the dual-row design from the last one. It also includes a wiring harness with a switch and stable mounting hardware. If you want an off-roading or workplace light, this item can provide excellent service to you.

With a theoretical output of 420W and 42,000 lumens, this light bar provides a 6,000K color. However, you can go for the other variation with amber and white color modes. Anyway, the effective lumen rating of the bar is not too far off from the raw output.

In this 20” light bar, there are 20 pieces of LED beads. As we mentioned previously, Nilight uses customized LEDs. It is very effective in providing intensive light output. Meanwhile, the inductance can keep the current flow stable to the LEDs. Aside from these, the light bar has reflector cups with many directional angles. It allows the light to send its beam in a broader way.

On top of its IP67 waterproof level, the light bar has wires with potting glue seals to resist water. Obviously, there are rubber pads and silica gel strips as well.

The easy installation can be completed within some steps. You can adjust the beam angle up to 45°. Meanwhile, its wiring harness contains fuse holders with water resistance for more safety and longevity. You can look at their wiring diagram for an understanding of it.

3. CO-Light 20 inch Light Bar 90W Single Row

CO-Light 20 inch Light Bar 90W Single Row

6D Lamp Cup Off Road led Light Bars for Trucks Boat SUV Bumper ATV Trucks Roof Cabin


  • The light bar has a slim and attractive design.
  • Its 6D light reflector cups let the beams reach 150° to the sides.
  • The PMMA lenses allow the lenses to stay intact without shattering or scratches.


  • The rubber gaskets for water protection only cover 3-quarters of it.

We have come across light bars from the CO-Light brand before, and their unique design never failed to please us. The 20” light bar from them offer 6D reflector cups with more directional beam than 3D, 4D, and 5D.

The correct length of the bar is 19.68 inches. Its angular rear design has more wind resistance, allowing better heat removal. It is best for both vehicles and work fields.

Because of its epic beam angle, the light can reach around 500 meters with a width of 25 meters to both sides. It is possible due to the 30° spot and the 150° floodlight combo from the light bar. CREE chips were their choice, which preserves so much energy.

This bar has a waterproof level of IP68 that can tackle dust and water particles well. However, heavy rain still seems to harm it. CO-Light uses PMMA lenses on the bar, which are more durable than PC ones. You can operate this item within -40° and 185° F.

4. 4WDKING LED Light Bar Single Row

4WDKING LED Light Bar Single Row

Driving Fog Lamp IP69K Waterproof Fit for Ford F150 Polaris RZR Jeep Wrangler


  • The 5W OSRAM LEDs allow the light bar to have a solid light beam without dark ranges.
  • Its fans with ripple patterns allow a faster cooling than usual.
  • It has breathers that remove moistures.


  • You may hear a hum with a high pitch when the bar is on.
  • Water can still leak inside.

Next up, we got a LED light bar from 4WDKING, another leading brand on the market. Its slim design with a single row makes it perfect for Ford F150, Jeep Wrangler, and similar vehicles. As you get a spot-flood combo, you won’t need anything else.

Its theoretical output is 100W with 14,000 lumens. Sadly, the practical lumen rating you receive is way below. But nonetheless, it is not too low. 4WDKING uses 5W OSRAM LEDs in the making of the bar. This LED type provides one of the best clean and solid illuminations.

The brand tried to provide an IP68 and IP69K waterproof level on the light bar. It works in most cases. Although, we still noticed a bit of condensation after submerging it in the water. Anyway, this light bar contains a 6063 aluminum body with DuPont coating for added durability. Its fans have a ripple design for fast cooling.

There are also breathers on the bar that remove fogginess from the inside. This light has a unique screw-less design and a Lexan with shatter and scratch resistance.

5. 4WDKING LED Light Bar Dual Row – Screwless Design

4WDKING LED Light Bar Dual Row – Screwless Design

Fit for Golf Cart, ATV, Van, UTV, Truck, Watercraft, Pickup Truck, Tractor, Trailer


  • The light bar has a screwless design for a cleaner look.
  • It has OSRAM LED chips for a quality light output of 6,000K.
  • Aside from its IP69K weatherproof, the light bar has military breathers to remove moisture.
  • It doesn’t interfere with radio signals.


  • The end caps of the bar have some extra length, aside from the 20” bar and mounting brackets.

This LED Light Bar from 4WDKING displays two rows with a screwless design. As a result, the light bar looks extra solid and modern. You will get a safe ride on the rough terrains after installing it for off-roading on a truck, jeep, Toyota Tacoma, Ford F150, Jeep Wrangler.

You never know what your off-roading journey will take you. Hence, the light bar has an IP69K level for advanced waterproofing. As you can get a spot-flood combo beam, you will see both far and wide. It lets you track an area more quickly.

4WDKING uses OSRAM chips on this bar too, ensuring a more solid and clean light. It also eliminates the chance of getting dark spots or dark ranges. Its wattage is around 60W with a lumen output of 20,000.

There is DuPont Coating on the 6063-aluminum housing for better heat conductivity. Like the previous one, Its rear has a large heat dissipation system that enables more heat to flow outside. If moisture still ends up forming inside the lenses, its breathers can vaporize them.

For its body, manufacturers used a Lexan with non-break and non-scratch durability. The bar has intelligent thermal control.

6. oEdRo LED Light Bar, 20Inch 300W Tri-Rows

oEdRo LED Light Bar, 20Inch 300W Tri-Rows

Spot Flood Combo Driving Light, Fit for Off Road Truck Boat ATV UTV Car Jeep Pickup


  • The light bar has steady bottom slip mounting brackets.
  • You get two additional 4” light pods in the package with wiring harnesses.
  • The cooling system of the light bar works both fast and efficiently.


  • The mounting brackets have a design that doesn’t let you install the light bar on many surfaces.

You may have heard of the OedRo brand if browsed for lighting products before. Their 20” light bar contains three rows of LEDs. Now, we all love to get something extra. OedRo adds two LED pods in the package to help you get even better visibility at night.

Both LED pods are 4” in size with raw 27W power. Meanwhile, the light bar is 300W powerful in theory and calculation. The actual output is still high enough. Aside from the pods, you will also get high-quality wiring harnesses in the pack. According to the brand, you will get 11,200 lumens from the bar, and it is surprisingly close to the effective lumens.

All the lights feature bottom-slip mounting designs. If you didn’t know, this mounting method is more stable than side-mounted brackets. But you can only adjust the beam aim up to 45°.

OedRo added IP67 waterproof level on the bar and pods. It has additional rubber pads and technologies that prevent water from leaking inside. Its heat sink has an energy-efficient design. Manufacturers also paid attention to having a faster heat dissipation.

7. Zmoon Led Light Bar 20in Signal Row Light Bar

Zmoon Led Light Bar 20in Signal Row Light Bar

120W 12000lm Spot Flood Combo Off Road Light


  • Its beam pattern provides a 30° spotlight and 170° floodlight for a far and wide illumination.
  • The light bar has a slim design allowing it to fit in cramped spaces.
  • It comes at a low cost.
  • Its heat dissipation has a design for higher wind resistance.


  • The effective wattage of the bar is around 37W. Considering the price, it is understandable.
  • The waterproof level does not work as intended. Better not expose it to water.

If a slim light bar with a low cost is what you want, then the Zmoon LED Light Bar may interest you. Its 20” body has a 1.88” width and 1.65” height. As you can see, it should fit in any cramped space in your truck, jeep, SUV, ATV, boat, etc.

At such a low cost, you will get a raw wattage of 120W and lumens of 12,000LM. However, the effective lumens are really lower. Since you get spot and flood combo beam, you can use it on both applications. Its angles are 30° for the spotlight and an astounding 170° for the floodlight.

Its heat dissipation system has 0.26” space in-between the 0.06” thin fans for more heat to flow outwards. Also, its angular design lets it resist wind pressure, letting the air move the heat quickly. The light has IP67 weatherproof with aluminum housing and anti-oxidant treatment. It has shock resistance as well.

Aside from its adjustable mounting brackets and other hardware, you get a manual with proper instruction.

8. AKD Part Combo LED Bar

AKD Part LED Light Bar – Best Quad Row

Fit for Trucks ATV UTV SUV Pickup Boat


  • The light bar comes at an affordable price.
  • It has quad rows of spotlights in the middle and triple rows of spot-flood combo in the side.
  • There are moisture breathers to eliminate fogginess.
  • It is so easy to install.


  • The effective lumen rating is not that high. It is even below 10,000 LM.

The AKD Part LED Light Bar is incredible for its brightness, quad-row design with a modern look, and beam patterns. With a spot-flood combo outcome, it is mountable on pickups, trucks, ATV, UTV, boats, etc. Do not take it for workplaces unless you want a laser-like beam with a wide light.

This light bar has the best from both worlds. Here, you get the spot beam of 30° in the middle with four rows of LEDs. Meanwhile, there are floodlights on the sides with a 120° and spotlights surrounding them with a 15° angle. The raw brightness and power of it are 15,000 LM with 150W.

For keeping its heat under control, the light bar has a housing of aluminum and cooling fins with deep ridges. It also contains a moisture breather for removing condensations.

Apparently, you can adjust the beam focus with the mounting bracket up to 360°. These brackets show super durability. The ingress protection level of the bar is 68, letting you drive in rainy weather or places with shallow water.

9. Northpole Light LED Light Bar

Northpole Light LED Light Bar

LED Work Light Bar Off Road Lights Driving Fog Light with Mounting Bracket for Off Road, Truck, Car, ATV, SUV, Jeep


  • The light bar has a slick and modern look with a round shape.
  • It comes at a low cost and uses CREE LEDs for efficient operations.
  • The light bar contains sturdy bottom-slip mounting brackets of stainless steel.
  • It has an efficient heat dissipation system.


  • The brightness is not that high.

If you want a light bar prioritizing quality and budget, the Northpole Light LED Light Bar should be your go-to. Not only does it come with a surprisingly low price, but it also uses CREE LEDs, saving further energy costs.

Its 2.55” slim body contains a round shape, easy to fit in many cramped spaces. You can mount it on the rooftop or in front of the windshield. The only thing that may cause a problem is its bottom slips with tinier mounting brackets than usual. However, it keeps the bar more steady than regular ones.

The light bar has two rows, providing a combination of spot and floodlights. According to the manufacturers, the lumen output of the bar is 10,500LM. The practical lumen is somewhere around 4,000-5,000.

Northpole Light did an impressive job on the build quality of the bar. Aside from its aluminum housing, there are lenses with shatter resistance. Its IP level is 67 and can withstand different weather conditions.

There are stainless steel mounting brackets for a stable performance.

Aside from using CREE LEDs, they also designed the heat sink in an energy-saving way. It quickly removes heat without consuming too much power.

10. Nicoko Curved Led Light Bar

Nicoko Curved Led Light Bar

Strobe Flashing Spot Flood Combo Beam IP68 Waterproof Free Wiring Harness for Off Road Truck


  • The light bar has a color-changing mode that allows you to control it using an RF remote or smartphone.
  • Its music function allows you to sync the light based on the music you are listening to on the audio system.
  • The light bar has an excellent beam pattern that reaches wide because of the curved design.
  • Its heat dissipation has side ridges and exhaust valves to increase its longevity.


  • We experienced many bugs on their smartphone app.
  • The RGB often activates when the bar gets a heavy shock or on bumpy roads.

When it comes to color-changing light bars, nobody can top Nicoko. Their 20” LED light bar actually measures 22” when you count in the curvature. You can shift its color among ten options using an RF remote or 16 million on an RGB halo using their smartphone app.

The curvature of the light bar spreads the output widely without losing any optics. Its wattage is 120W, according to Nicoko. Its spot and flood combo beam are so excellent that it can easily be the main feature of the bar over its color-changing ability.

Aside from its large cooling fins with deep groves, its back has side-ridges for additional heat flow. There are exhaust valves to remove moisture. Its mounting brackets stay on the side and allow you to adjust the beam aim to 360°. They used 40 pieces of premium arc LEDs throughout the two rows. It gives a clean light towards the ground ahead.

You will be pleased to see the musical function of the bar. It lets the light change its color based on the music you are playing on the audio system.

You get a wiring harness in the box that includes a switch, fuse, and controller. If you don’t have enough experience in wiring, you can take help from their wiring diagram.

Buying Guide

Finding a decent 20” light bar is easy, but the best one is not. Like most electronic products, you need to check some ratings and stats to certify their qualities. It is on top of the build-qualities and other factors.

Our buying guide below contains some such points that you need to consider to spot a perfect 20” light bar among many options.

Most of them apply to other sizes as well. Also, some depend on your liking. So, it is ideal to create a priority list to follow. Take your time in the research to avoid getting a low-grade item.

Performance of the 20” Light Bar

A 20” light bar must provide a solid-light output with a wide and bright view. There is a difference between the brightness rating that manufacturers mention on the product description from the actual brightness.

The brands simply calculate the wattage and lumens from all the LED beads. It is the raw lumens. Meanwhile, the effective lumen and wattage are the stats you actually get from the housing. Manufacturers seldom mention them as they are almost always lower than the theoretical output.


Decide on an option between the straight and curved light bars. The latter is better in providing a broader light. The rear of the light bar can have round, square, angular, etc., shapes that may affect the mounting process.

We suggest triple or quad row bars if you want more brightness and wattage output. Note that they consume more energy and are costlier. If a slim design and budget option are what you are going for, a single or dual-row light bar may meet your need. But, they are usually less bright.

Beam Pattern

A light bar can have a wide or far beam pattern, depending on being a floodlight or spotlight. The former provides spread illumination, while the latter sends the beam far in the distance. Go for the light bars with combo beams. It allows you to get both simultaneously.


The durability of the light bar depends on having an aluminum housing for higher heat survivability, a PC/PMMA lens for endurance, and stainless steel mounting brackets for stability.

If you want to use it outdoor, look for at least an IP67 weatherproof level. Meanwhile, its heat dissipation system should have enough fin-spacing and technologies to let more heat flow outside.


Light bars have two mounting methods. Some have mounting brackets that mount on the sides, while others have a bottom-slip design. The former allows a 360° beam focus adjustment, while the latter provides higher steadiness. Aside from the brackets, you need other hardware and a wiring harness to install the light.

Concluding Message

Since light bars are so handy on dark terrain, their usage rises as time passes. Manufacturers are also upgrading the technologies. However, like many other products, planned obsolescence hinders it from its potential.

By pairing that up with false or tricky advertisements (like the factor about raw lumens we mentioned on the buying guide), it has gotten hard to find a 20” light bar that actually holds all the best qualities you want.

Hence, try to go through honest reviews and ratings from customers or YouTube to ensure the credibility of a 20” light bar. You don’t want to buy so many of them to try and find the best one. Leave that job to us.

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